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  1. CaptNkllm

    04 Travel Supreme diesel motor home

    Which Trans? 3k or 4k?
  2. CaptNkllm

    whats your favorite expression?

    So, Here we are..
  3. Been a while and no updates.. Are they still selling , living? Sent an email a couple of times and no response but was wondering Updates on pricing?
  4. CaptNkllm

    What older DP motors and brands to look at?

    I have 226k on mine and it runs perfect..
  5. CaptNkllm

    What older DP motors and brands to look at?

    Buy quality like mentioned ... Spend it now on good bones or spend it later in upkeep.. I have a 2002 Foretravel and could not be happier... Solid! ISM 450 pulls like a freight train.. one larger kid on the sofa... Blow up mattress on the floor..it works.. We go to zion every year and Flagstaff with the family.. Wife , myself, my son and my daughter/ soninlaw and now our grand baby.. going to need bunks soon but looking at another foretravel.
  6. CaptNkllm

    SOLD **Toyota FJ 2007, set up to flat tow behind RV

    Please explain the flat towing part.. How its done and in what order.. I see you disconnect the driveline..How much time does it take to set up and reset up?.. thanks.. wondering how easy/hard to do..
  7. CaptNkllm

    BFD - has sold

    Race Desert Pics are no good Low res.
  8. CaptNkllm

    Anyone Have An Amazing Mattress?

    I bought the aireloom after our crash as my bed wasnt working anymore... had it for 3 years and was having issues again.. spent close to 5k with all the protections and such... Changed to a Purple mattress in the motorhome.. its awesome.. the original purple.... Wife just changed the aireloom out of our room and replaced with a purple 3... its good but I like the original purple in the coach better.. 99 day trial and you can send it back... worth the trial.. dont like it and you just send it back.. My aireloom was just to hard now after my surgeries..
  9. CaptNkllm

    2005 Carr One

    Maybe he doesnt read the replies or maybe the print is to small like his pics?
  10. CaptNkllm

    CBD oil

    The CBD needs to be in coconut oil.... if not it will not absorb or something.. It does help.. wife bought one that taste like pot.. nasty taste but she swears by it.. I took it and I felt like I smoked something.. I hate smokers.. Worth a shot but buy from a quality supplier.. and again watch for the coconut oil mixture..
  11. CaptNkllm

    Want the wall built?

    https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/01/26/speaker-pelosi-sets-impeachment-stage-with-tweet-what-does-putin-have-on-trump/ Saddle up... WE RIDE AT DAWN!! I am beginning to really dislike all democrats!!
  12. CaptNkllm

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440

    I really Like it so far.. Very nice and Congrats!!
  13. CaptNkllm

    2005 Carr One

    My eyesight must be getting worse .... Looks like some mini clips off my old flip phone.!!
  14. CaptNkllm

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    maybe he was diabetic and needed some food for his sugar? Assumers always assuming
  15. CaptNkllm

    Diesel Repair Needed Near Brawley/El Centro ASAP

    Freeze plug? not familiar with the area but a guess?

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