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  1. Here are some.. make you think..
  2. CaptNkllm

    Son inlaw

    This tues was his 3rd shot. Hair falling out.. every shot comes with stronger side effects (he’s getting weaker so the effects are stronger).. the insurance company cut off his antibiotic.. says it’s not needed because he is not sick .. just cancer !! They don’t want to pay for the shot.. so he asked to pay for it cash and the hospital said they can’t allow that (not sure why).. a lot of deaths are from what the patient catches not from the actual sickness ... his spirits are good.. 1 more shot in 3 weeks and they test his blood to see if the cancer is in remission.. he said he was feeling better inside but last week he said he was hurting...praying for his blood work to come back with zero cancer ... if that is the case he will need 2 more treatments after that to finish his treatment plan, if not, we look at the next steps.. so far so good.. all I can say .. GOD IS GOOD!!! thanks to all that donated, prayed , well wishes.. much appreciated.. great community !!
  3. Friends and family.. no refunds
  4. http://firstrowge.eu/ Free ... I use it all the time.. usually link #2 Been using it for years ..Anti virus or what might come up but never had an issue
  5. CaptNkllm

    Son inlaw

    Step mom just past away from cancer this fri 2 days ago .. sister had neck surgery in March with a quack doctor.. paralyzed from the chest down.. been a busy start to a new year.. we will tackle each 1 as they rise and move forward.. not sure what else to do.. God is good!! He orders my steps.. keep my head up and march on.. hate airing my laundry .. some ppls have bad and then others have it BAD!! Life is still good.. just another bump in the road..
  6. CaptNkllm

    Son inlaw

    Received his first chemo shot Monday .. and another shot on thurs.. $2,000 shot.. out of pocket.. he was feeling well enough for my daughter to drive to st George for a show at Tuacahn .. he is still nauseous but he did good.. sitting in Zion .. sitting!! Enjoying LIFE .. what a blessing as this was a scheduled get away for the family and we do this every Memorial Day and Labor Day. We we are very family oriented and it’s really not as fun with out them.. but they are here... thanks to to everyone that has helped.. the 5$ and 20$ donations really add up and help.. my daughter told me the cancer he has is very rare.. so rare that the cancer center in Phoenix has never treated it before. Dr said it will never be healed.. he will always need treatment.. sad.. tough situation .. wow . New there was bad stuff out their but ..
  7. I think they should have a 10 month class on abortion before it can happen.. Just what I think..
  8. Paint Honda on the fuel canister.. should work.
  9. CaptNkllm

    Son inlaw

    THANK YOU everyone!!! They are really good kids... He is a great Dad and Husband and son inlaw... Daughter is a also pretty good lol... This is hard.. very hard.. Im typically a strong guy and understand how life works.. but... Hes 24 yrs old.. Not 65 or 80 If you could just forward the links as I am not on any sites socially.. None so I am pretty useless on that front. I have dumped my money and time into this and will continue to do so as its needed.. Somethings are worth the added expense.. We were to go to Tuacahn this fri for a play and then to Zion for the weekend.. they stay with us in the motorhome.. He started his 1st Chemo last night and not so much good news today... waiting to see how it pans out.. I typically dont get nerve issues but this has my stomach in knots.. WE are a tight Family and we try to do everything together as a unit even though they live in Phoenix.. I pay for them to visist about every 4 to 5 weeks so we can se the kids nad the baby... or we make a point to go down their.. It all helps.. and a big THANK YOU to everyone..I really mean it.
  10. CaptNkllm

    Son inlaw

    This is my daughters story.. Not spam. If you would forward this.. We are praying for a miracle.. For my Son inlaw and my daughter.. and my beautiful Grandbaby ..Ran into some big issues this week after a few visits to the hospital .. My Son inlaw ( really my son He is Family). Love him like my own.. I am not on Facebook or really any other social site.. I am anti social lol… We could use some prayers and good wishes or whatever else you would like to call them.. 24yrs old and has a rapid spreading lymphoma Cancer.. it has grown 1cm in 2 weeks and he is stage 4…. Any help would be appreciative.. I have entered a state I can not explain.. I never ask for help but I am willing to take a knee on this one.. I understand life isnt fair but I also understand there are good people out their. Plz forward if you can.. thanks from the bottom of my heart https://www.gofundme.com/ryan-loes-lymphoma-journey https://www.thehighsandtheloes.com/ My daughter has Lupus steming from an accident we had 4 yrs ago.. It caused her body to attack itself with an auto Immune disease but thats not the story.. Terrible News and looking for an outlet.. If you guys could just forward the links that would be awesome.. thanks everyone in advance..
  11. Cant please them all but THAT ^^^^^^^^ is a great start... Capitalism ... King no... he will be gone 2024... Then what? Pence.. hope we have someone else lined up..
  12. Bet if you was to actually penalize them it might... steal and you lose a finger.. 2nd time caught lose a hand and so on... if caught in the act of rape or wahtever.. bullet to the head... cut your crimes in half overnight.... Or you can keep making laws that dont work.. Let me tell you this ... When I lied and got caught.. I didnt worry about the police getting me.. I worried about my mom Kicking my backside... Maybe you should Fine the parents for bad parenting.... Or you could just fill the prisons up... 3 square meals and roof.. cmon that isnt working!!
  13. It hasn’t worked so no you can not legislate morality.. put it on the books all you want .. it will not work.. as proven time and time again. It will never work so hence.. you can not legislate morality ..
  14. Government can’t legislate morality!!
  15. Watch this.. if you can still argue it..

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