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  1. CaptNkllm

    Glamis camp photos

    Amazing how he does uphill like that.. no slip?
  2. CaptNkllm

    What would you do

    Company driver was involved in a crash.. girl with headphone ran into the street right in front of him.. almost killed her.. Lawyer said do not send flowers or check on her as it would look as an admission of guilt.. I see their point but..
  3. CaptNkllm

    How to bake salmon

    big wood board.. fillet the Fish with cross hatch cuts.... Pepper, spices and everything nices all over the fish and the board.... Bake 450 for 45 min Take out of the oven.. walk over to the trash and slide the fish off and eat the board... best I have for a recipe..
  4. CaptNkllm

    Nike makes a great move

    Excellent Perspective https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/09/04/nike-and-levis-strauss-political-business-strategy-the-much-bigger-geopolitical-and-trade-picture/ Makes sense
  5. CaptNkllm

    Trump Meets With Kim

    economic update from Sean Spicer Funny how some still dont get it.. Just think if Rubio or Cruz made it.... Well I dont think it would be this good by a long shot. Almost 4 million new jobs have been created since President Trump’s election. African-American, Hispanic-American, and Asian-American unemployment rates have all recently reached the lowest levels in history. Women’s unemployment rate has reached the lowest level in 65 years. Veterans’ unemployment rate recently reached its lowest level in nearly 20 years. The unemployment rate for Americans without high school diplomas is at the lowest level ever recorded, and the Trump administration’s new workforce initiative will deliver job-training to more than 4 million Americans. Manufacturing jobs are being created at the fastest pace in over three decades. Nearly half-a-million manufacturing jobs have been created since the president took office. In the month of July alone, nearly 40,000 new manufacturing jobs were added. Almost 3.9 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps since President Trump’s election. The president crafted the largest tax cut in a generation, which led to savings for more than 80 percent of households and pay raises and bonuses for 4 million American workers. President Trump protected American taxpayers by asking Congress to rescind $15.4 billion in unused appropriations. The president has hired/nominated an impressive number of women to senior positions in his administration, including the first female director of the CIA, Gina Haspel. He’s appointed two Supreme Court justices, and the Senate has now confirmed 26 appellate court judges of his choosing, as well as Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. He successfully negotiated the return of four American hostages in one month’s time. President Trump’s Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Action has exceeded the 2:1 mandate, eliminating 22 job-killing regulations for every one new regulatory action. President Trump signed the “Right to Try” Act to give terminally ill patients a chance to try lifesaving treatments. The Department of Homeland Security arrested 796 MS-13 gang members and associates in FY 2017, an 83 percent increase from the previous year. The president signed the VA Mission Act, which allows veterans who don’t live near a VA facility or can’t get an appointment in a timely manner to seek medical care from private health-care providers. Signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which provides an $82 billion funding increase for the Department of Defense over the current period, including a $617 billion Pentagon budget, $22 billion for the nuclear weapons program and $69 billion for U.S. military efforts abroad, as well as new tanks, ships, and planes. The package includes a salary boost for service members, about a 2.6 percent raise—the biggest military pay raise in nearly a decade. Numbers don’t lie, so in the name of a free and fair press, we implore all journalists to start sharing them—instead of their own personal biases. Sincerely, Sean Spicer Senior Adviser and Spokesman America First Action Author of “The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President” Tommy Hicks Jr. Chairman America First Action
  6. CaptNkllm

    Older Model RV Loan...

    American First did my Coach also.. 2002. 7%
  7. CaptNkllm

    Pick This Pocket

    Headed to Italy in October. Will need to remember this
  8. CaptNkllm

    Pro’s and cons of Ricochet cars?

    You are shorter than I thought you would be!! Booster seat?
  9. CaptNkllm

    Pro’s and cons of Ricochet cars?

    Geometry is of if original.. Friend had to redo front and back suspension.. Still couldnt get it exact so he sold it after a few years of messing with it..Other than that he had no other complaints.
  10. CaptNkllm

    Well...Call me Granddad...

    We had ours 3 months ago... AWESOME to say the least.. Its like having kids without the responsibility!! cant explain the love you will feel when They are born.. It is special.. Congrats!!
  11. CaptNkllm

    Interesting Discussion Of "Devices"

    Got a Samsung huh?.. its ok we understand
  12. CaptNkllm

    The Future Is Now

    hope they produce soon.. they have been on this for a while..Lithium seems to be stuck at expensive.
  13. He helped my friend set up his maverick over the phone.. really helped and for free.. Keep looking
  14. CaptNkllm

    Trump Meets With Kim

    I think you all will be surprised in 2020 on how divided we are NOT. I think America is waking up and seeing the light (so to speak).. guess we will see how the next election cycle goes and when we hit 2020 election. I think the Mask is being pulled off the establishment daily and WE the American people can see just what has been going on for the past 50 to 100 years. Put a businessman in charge and things get done.. Peace in the world? Not sure that will ever happen with the Palestinians Born to breed war but he North Korea Summit is a good start of something no one else could ever do!! They are to busy propping themselves up and stealing from their country!
  15. CaptNkllm

    Trump Meets With Kim

    Bump... Little Kim met with Trump .. so far so good.. Wonder what Obama would have done with a chance to meet Kim and work thinks out, oh Nothing... Dennis Rodman said he tried but Obama was to busy Golfing and just didnt have the time for the bigger stuff... Oh the pettiness...

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