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  1. Friends and family.. no refunds
  2. http://firstrowge.eu/ Free ... I use it all the time.. usually link #2 Been using it for years ..Anti virus or what might come up but never had an issue
  3. Paint Honda on the fuel canister.. should work.
  4. Cant please them all but THAT ^^^^^^^^ is a great start... Capitalism ... King no... he will be gone 2024... Then what? Pence.. hope we have someone else lined up..
  5. Got this in my mailbox this am .. Maybe something is going on with the economy. Maybe I missed it. We also learned this morning that US housing starts were 5.7% higher in April, with solid revisions higher in March as well. Housing has led our post 12/24 capitulation move higher. This is MOST important to us, as housing makes up an important component of the OurInvesting System. When the US housing market is vibrant, the US economy is on solid footing. Period.
  6. Hard to convince flat landers... Just because the moon and the sun are on the same side of the planet doesnt mean the world is flat but I wont get into that either. State your issues.. hard to have a discussion with my wife... I am wrong for all the right reasons but she wont tell me why shes mad..
  7. https://twitter.com/GracieLovesUSA/status/1128193938026668033/photo/1 Thinking this might have been overlooked.
  8. Take a look at how many Republicans that did not run again for re-election because of trump.. Swamp draining and you missed it.. probably pay a little more attention behind the scenes and not whats being flaunted in your face and you might see how good this guy is.. Investment Exodus / Shifting Supply Chains – China Walks into Trump’s “Golden Ticket” Trap It was a geopolitical chess match ..missed? watch this It is a slow go when everyone is against you... cant just ask the DOJ or the FBI to do their jobs.. Dirty from the top down... Think about the FBI angents working with Mueller.. not one stepped forward and said hey this investigation is garbage? Not one? Mueller knew Russia had nothing to do with anything in just a few days.. why did it take 2 yrs to come to a final conclusion? Terrible investigating skills? No, all part of the Dirt from the top.. Stand by as you have been... things I think will start taking shape.. Starting to like Barr but time will tell. Find some honest people to do what is right is not as easy as it seems anymore .. the Rule of law happens to be who donated more money and to whom at this point. Hes doing a great Job and to your point" The economy is rarely a direct effect of the President" ... think again... Obama killed the middle class and manufacturing.. single handed... Policy has an impact.. Focus on Tariffs and you see manufacturing get a flint of life.. remove EPA rules a little and that spark turned into an ember. See what manufacturing is doing now? Trade reset is coming.... China will hurt for a long time... Companies will be forced to leave china nad move to other Asia countries in this reset.. Stand back and see the forest through the trees.. get out of the weeds..
  9. Sometimes the metal discolors from the heat... Tube steel will turn a golden brown color under the clear. Heat does strange things.
  10. try the clear then report back.. obviously clean first
  11. Get the koni FSD shocks if replacing and they have some that fit your chassis.
  12. I have 226k on mine and it runs perfect..

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