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  1. Dean

    going under the knife

    Get Well soon. Dean
  2. I missed the asking price. Do you know how much? Dean
  3. It sounds like JoeyNY has some decent skills if he built 4 or 5 street cars. And he sounds like he has an engine in the garage, so just needs a trans. So it will cost a few bucks, but he can do all of the work and only has to buy some of the parts, it might not be completely crazy expensive. Trans 5k to 6k / Rear Bypass 2k / headers 800 / still about 8k to 10k. How much did you pay for the car to start with? You guys are right, nothing in this sport makes financial sense. Maybe better off leaving the car alone.
  4. Dean


    The CVs at the Trans were warmer then at the Wheels. I think because of the ambient heat of the trans carried through and helped to warm up the CVs? So I am happy that I shouldn't worry about anything less than 200. Thank you Romans and Rockwood
  5. Dean


    Not to High-Jack the Post, But for Romans and Rockwood: At what Operating Temp should you worry about CVs? We ran from Gordon's to the Swing Set. One of my CVs was about 130 degrees the other was about 90 degrees. WE stopped and cooled down. Ran to the washes and it was about the same. When should you worry? Dean
  6. Dean

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

    Very impressive for both drivers and the Camera Man deserve an "atta boy" as well! Dean
  7. where are you located? How much money are you looking to get out of the tank? Dean 714-264-6151
  8. Dean

    Going under the knife.

    Sounds like you are in good hands. I pray for a speedy recovery. Good thing you were not driving when the pain hit you. Take care, Dean
  9. Dean

    2008 25' Jon Boat

    I believe the outboards are Suzuki 50 hp four-stroke. Suzuki sold 4 stroke motors to Evinrude/Johnson back in the day. Dean
  10. Dean

    1973 Baja Bug

    Baja Bug customers are a different breed. They will spend $3,500 on a clapped out non running machine with a nice set of rims. Spend untold thousands trying to build what you have, but never get to where your car is now. I would try The Samba. That site is World Wide exposure. Try bringing the car to a couple of Car Shows with a For Sale sign. The car needs to be out in public. The guy that buys the car doesn't know he wants it - until he sees it, especially because he wasn't looking for a Baja Bug. It will just grab his interest as he walks by it. Hang in there, someone will love that car. Dean
  11. Dean

    WTB-Shipping Containers

    Thousands of Shipping containers, yet not one of the big sellers actually mentions a real price. It is a very interesting market. Seeing two with prices above is a rare deal. It would be nice if just one of these sellers (and there are a lot of them) would list a few of the dented ones with a price. They must be in the "Container Buying Club" and someone will burn down their house if a container with a "For Sale - Buy it now Price" is listed in print.
  12. Dean

    Interesting "Pop" out of an LS1

    The cheapest and easiest is to change all fuel filters, air filters and spark plugs. In the Computer Driven engines, if even 1 spark plug is iffy, the computer will over react and the motor will do some strange things. Spark Plugs are cheap and easy to change. Make sure you have the right spark plugs for your motor. Maybe the last time they were changed, someone cross referenced the wrong ones. We have fixed some very strange problems with simple and inexpensive parts changes. You can also conduct a cylinder PSI check when you have all of the plugs out. Make sure to write down the PSI for each cylinder and keep for reference later. Dean
  13. Dean

    High school sports question

    High School Coaches do not play the best player of the sport. They play the best player of the game. Dean
  14. Keep it, he will grow. Dean
  15. Please delete, this was sold. Thank you. Dean

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