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  1. you could insure and park it in the back of the offroad shop. I think they have had some machines leave without a trace. JK.
  2. Inboard Pontoon Boat is a bummer to work on. Outboard is the way to go. everything is easy access. Plus repowering take about 2 hours, unbolt old, bolt on new. Dean
  3. A Tri-Toon is your best bet for Speed, fuel economy and turning. A Dual Tube pontoon boat leans to the out side while turning. The 3 Tube pontoon boat leans to the inside while turning, much like a regular boat.
  4. Honda and Suzuki are the Same 4 x 110. Yamaha is different Bolt Circle 4 x 115. - If the wheels are flat aluminum and not Machined out, New lug holes can be drilled 45 degrees from the original Yamaha spacing. where are you located? Pismo with low air pressure and knobbies will work. Make sure to Spray everything down with WD-40. Use a lot of WD-40. Wash equipment as soon as you get home with Fresh Water. Your gear will become Rusty if you don not clean up good afterwards. Dean 714-264-6151
  5. does anyone run 28 volt Milwaukee? Dean
  6. Did you actually get 55k for that coach?
  7. I missed the asking price. Do you know how much? Dean
  8. It sounds like JoeyNY has some decent skills if he built 4 or 5 street cars. And he sounds like he has an engine in the garage, so just needs a trans. So it will cost a few bucks, but he can do all of the work and only has to buy some of the parts, it might not be completely crazy expensive. Trans 5k to 6k / Rear Bypass 2k / headers 800 / still about 8k to 10k. How much did you pay for the car to start with? You guys are right, nothing in this sport makes financial sense. Maybe better off leaving the car alone.
  9. Very impressive for both drivers and the Camera Man deserve an "atta boy" as well! Dean
  10. The cheapest and easiest is to change all fuel filters, air filters and spark plugs. In the Computer Driven engines, if even 1 spark plug is iffy, the computer will over react and the motor will do some strange things. Spark Plugs are cheap and easy to change. Make sure you have the right spark plugs for your motor. Maybe the last time they were changed, someone cross referenced the wrong ones. We have fixed some very strange problems with simple and inexpensive parts changes. You can also conduct a cylinder PSI check when you have all of the plugs out. Make sure to write down the PSI for each cylinder and keep for reference later. Dean
  11. $100,000.00 sand rails are great. But that's not in the cards. Just going to the Dunes and Driving anything that runs is fun. Heck an ole home built pan car with a single hoop would be a good time. Dean
  12. Changing to a taller tire will change the final drive gear ratio. It may take the fight out of the pulling power. additionally, there could be clearance issues, especially the front turn radius.
  13. I like to use Starch. Clean up is easy, the starch is at Wal Mart about $3.00 for a 2 quart bottle. Works great.
  14. Post a few pics of the boat.
  15. Let me know when you get the title. We will come take a look and bring money. Call Me. Dean 714-264-6151

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