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  1. I only use the axle clip on the Trans side. I do not run the clip on the wheel side (mostly because the clip groove has been cut off). Never had a problem. I too had to cut my axles, used a chop saw and then a paddle sander to buff/smooth the edge. Slides smooth in the CV. Did this on 2 different cars, and I still have and run them both. Dean
  2. Go that way really fast.....If something gets in your way....Turn.
  3. Our group had 10 LT80s in the hey day. I would lead those kids from the washes to China Wall, to the Flag Pole (no swing set back then) to Hill 3, over to Olds and back to the washes. The Suzuki will go anywhere as long as the kids have skills. (nothing beats controlled/successful seat time) Not straight up the hill, but you have to lead them in a serpentine route. It was awesome to see the faces on the guys with High Dollar - Big HP cars over at China and here comes an old swing axle car with 10 kids on Suzuki 80s following. Kinda takes the wind out of their sails. Those were some good times. Dean
  4. Maybe the truck was imprisoned for entering the Ford Dealership illegally. And this guy was actually gaining access so the truck could live freely and not in a cage. The truck will be looking for free maintenance and lift kit so that it can assimilate in public without feeling underprivileged.
  5. So this just started a few weeks ago. I figured the Web Guys would have it fixed, but it is not. A lot of the posts in the For Sale Forum do not populate for me until about 1/2 way down the post. So I miss out on the typed Description and a bunch of the pictures. Is anyone else having this issue? Or is it just me? Is there a known fix? Please advise, Dean
  6. Way too many "Whiners" that lawyer up for this to go smoothly. you have the potential of 249 law suits. Put the right price on the vehicle and it will sell. Most likely at a loss for what you have invested in the car.
  7. Did you see her purse/bag landed and stayed on the left fork. You couldn't do that if you tried. Dean
  8. I say dig more whoops in wash road. It keeps the riff raff out.
  9. Pick up your trash in a reason manner of time. A camp of aluminum cans all over the ground is un-sightly and brings the attention of Johnny Law Dog. Please refrain on dumping Gray Water all over the place. Also brings unwanted LEO attention. (I trust no one is dumping/burying the Black Tank. Is it even still acceptable to call that tank Black in this political environment?) Please fill all of your machines up with gas (including your kids ride) when we get back from a ride, otherwise the whole cam is waiting for you to gas up your dune buggy and 3 ATVs. Have your kids place all of their riding gear in a location they can find when it is time for the next ride. The whole camp doesn't want to watch the Chinese Fire Drill of your kid looking for their helmet and a left had glove. In a nut shell, please have your act together. Dean
  10. Make sure you have a release from the PD, that you received back your property and it is no longer stolen. Selling an item years later that was once stolen, sometime can still be on the sheet as stolen. Very hard to clear that kind of paperwork up years afterwards. Dean
  11. I will be curious to know the real world difference between the 3.0 and 3.5 when you get out to the dunes. Keep us posted. Dean
  12. you could insure and park it in the back of the offroad shop. I think they have had some machines leave without a trace. JK.
  13. Inboard Pontoon Boat is a bummer to work on. Outboard is the way to go. everything is easy access. Plus repowering take about 2 hours, unbolt old, bolt on new. Dean
  14. A Tri-Toon is your best bet for Speed, fuel economy and turning. A Dual Tube pontoon boat leans to the out side while turning. The 3 Tube pontoon boat leans to the inside while turning, much like a regular boat.

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