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  1. Simply not true as stated. ICE agents are making street arrests everyday, despite what Mr. Crane claims. The threshold for placing an alien into removal proceedings has changed in recent times but, again, not as describe by Mr. Crane. The politicians and the union both seem to be playing to the public using the same tactic. Ever heard of the "misinformation effect"? What is their motivation for lying? Are you also questioning the fact that there are a large number of Illegals in the US? A the vast majority here on expired visas, a smaller percentage here that will never be checked or deported? Again, I said misinformation not lying. Each side wants to push their own agenda forward at the expense of the other. I know better than most how many illegals live in this country. The vast majority never applied for or ever held a visa of any classification. True, a very large percentage will never be checked or deported due to proposed changes in the Immigration and Nationality Act. The latest proposed changes AKA "The Dream Act" will give a large number of currently illegal aliens an opportunity to become legal immigrants without having to deal with the tedious process currently in place. What I have said in my comments comes from my 17 years of experience working within the system. From what was formerly the Immigration & Naturalization Service, to the United States Border Patrol, to what is now Immigration and Customs Enforcement. I have supervised agents on the Border and in the Interior. What is being put out in the media is a partial truth that is being twisted by those who have an agenda to serve. The rest of us go about our functions and continue to uphold the oath we took when we began federal service. How do you explain the current Administration counting the illegal aliens that are chased back south or "got aways" have been counted as "being removed'? It's not the first time that the Immigration apprehension numbers have been cooked. http://www.justice.gov/oig/special/9807/exec.htm I believe the Union as the Administration has a motive....Case Closed
  2. Automotive Specialties (951) 296-5574
  3. I love the Yagi's idea and have great gain. You can also use PVC tubing instead of wood and mount it on a flagpolebuddy off your TH ladder or; mount the wood to the top of an extendable painter's pole to make a DIY mast. 10ft above a TH is 25ft and should get all the available OTA DTV feeds. Here are the FCC DTV projection maps. http://www.fcc.gov/mb/engineering/maps/ You should at least, get the 3 major network feeds with 8+ signal.
  4. Cottonseed Oil, most large food manufacturing plants use it. http://www.pycoindustries.com/csoil_vs_peanutoil.pdf
  5. You haven't done the "Egg Timer" thing first thing in the AM yet.... One WORD.....Video
  6. Not connected to a trip but my dogs ate some Corky's snail bait and went into severe seizure within 10-15 mins. Two nights at the vet and a bunch of $$$ cured them. I found out later that they purposely coat the snail bait with molasses(attractant) and the dogs think it's food. I'll never buy snail bait ever again.
  7. That's for all the wives, (after they see the harbor Freight receipts piling up)... Mr. Dune, Please let us know how that unit works out for ya.
  8. Either of the these two; Maxxis have a 5 year warranty that includes weather cracking. Michelin XPS Ribs have a six year warranty that also includes weather cracking. I'm a Michelin fan. They have excellent wear both for TV's and trailers.
  9. Just wait. Every 14-30 days women's opinion of a real man changes, (days adjusted for PMS)............. Just sayin'
  10. Possibly, If the intellectual property(Yoshi's design or product) is registered with the Patent and Trademark Office, the Copyright Office or the subject of a United States International Trade Commission exclusion order.

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