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  1. scarabb

    Want To Build Narrow Tandem 2-seater

    The width of most cars is dictated by suspension and wheel and tire packages. There is plenty of rood side x side in a 2 seat race car. Look at class 10 and 12, or 1600's. If there was an advantage, they would be currently racing the. But cool project, like the long wheel based cars. But the large tires of the unlimited classes are starting to swallow the small cars. Honda/mendeola 5 speed, 2 seat a-arm, 3.0 bypasses front, 3.0 or 3.5 rear, nice light, fast, fun car!!!
  2. scarabb

    Battery Question

    One of the sixes goes bad and U are f'd. (2) 6v and a 12 v with a battery isolator for the charging side. Just another opinion.
  3. scarabb

    Father's Day Came Early.

    The epoxy anchors are better than the red head type fasteners. Epoxy, if done right, will not pull out. The red heads are not ok for structural things for a reason. They do not hold great, ok for mailboxes etc, but if you can get that big safe rocking, you may be able to pull the anchors/red heads out. But again, just another opinion, and nice safe!!!!
  4. scarabb

    Convert Long Stub To Micro Stub?

    The only flaw in the theory is that you most likely will not get all of the down travel before the chassis hits the ground. Most well set up cars, engineered for propper travel and ground clearance with 930 cv's, midboard hubs etc, will get a safe 20 to 21" of usable clean travel, and they are using 33 to 35" long axles to get this. Just another opinion, LOL
  5. scarabb

    Torque Converter Cooling Question

    Liquid to liquid is the best/fastest means for dissipating heat. Initially, the 280 degree trans fluid hits the 210 degree engine coolant supply, probably reducing the trans fluid temp to 240 degrees. Then the next cooler, liquid to air, has a higher temperature differential. Outside air say a max of 130 degrees depending on cooler location, decreases the trans fluid temp another 20 to 30 degrees, but no matter what, the trans temp is never lower than the engine waters temp. The air to liquid exchanger has the fan, that can cycle on and off as required. Plumb them in reverse, get the trans fluid to run cooler, should not matter. Its heat that is the enemy to trans fluid!!! But yes, call Doug at Fortin! Or Jeff Fields at Transaxle Engineering in Chatsworth
  6. If you truly want to hammer down in hardpack, those arms are not designed even close to proper, to last major abuse. Way to wide for the length. Extend the torsion housing so the effective angle is less \ and decrease the cars width, Yes wider is better but this is to much!! Loose some travel and gain some reliability and the fun factor goes up huge. Just another opinion, but that is why they make 3 x 5, 3 x 7, 6 x 9 over arms, but rarely do you see 12 wider and 3 longer.
  7. scarabb

    Axle Length & Clips

    1/4" is fine but run the clips, the racers who race this set-up broach the stars so the clips don't pull off if the limit straps stretch. But just another opinion. LOL
  8. scarabb

    Bypass Shocks Or Longer Trailing Arms?

    I have thought of bump stops but when I talked to king about running them on my car they said they don't recommend it with light sand rail. They said it will stress the frame too much. All about how you re-enforce the installation, they are the same in theory as the by-passes, they provide a bump zone before bottoming out.
  9. scarabb

    Oil Cooler Location

    Lots of stuff coming off the tires in that location!!
  10. scarabb

    Bypass Shocks Or Longer Trailing Arms?

    Consider finding a relatively inexpensive set of bump stops, 2.5" x 4" would be great. Use your current set-up, with valving. Use the bumps as your last ditch "back saver" on those total g-outs. Then re-fit the car, longer and wider arms, longer axles etc, done the right way. Most likelt the bypasses you but for the 3 x 3 arms you have now will not be good for the 3 x 9 arms you may use in the future. Just another opinion. LOL
  11. scarabb

    Anyone Tried A Billet Throttle-body On Honda Motor?

    Karl at Vtec performance in Oregon put the larger throttle bodys on them as an option. Call him and see if they did any dyno testing on it.
  12. Looks like a job for a black painted wine cork!! LOL
  13. Are those 5/8" bolts in the front lower arms??? Or 1/2". Just wondering! Keep up the good work.
  14. scarabb

    What Width Wheel Should I Get

    Use a BTR 4", because if you don't have 2" hollow front spindles, the 7" will be a bearing/spindle killer.
  15. scarabb

    Trailer Build

    Weight is not that bad, my 36' Ragen, single slide, long travel v-6 car, (2) quads inside and a 50 in the storage hatch, full of fuel and water/firewood, with a Ford f-350 4x4 4 door weighed in at 27855 lbs in Mojave.

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