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  1. Doubleduty

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    In your price range
  2. Doubleduty

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    I have a buddy selling a 17' Whaler Newort Edition. Call Miles at 949-357-2358 for more info. Boat is in South OC
  3. Doubleduty

    07’ Rhino- might recognize this

    Posting for a buddy: 07’ rhino 660 four seater. Resi shocks, four point harnesses, stereo. Vinyl lettering Call +949-357-2358 for more info. Pretty sure this was a GD members car years ago. $4300 Title and current reg. in hand.
  4. Doubleduty

    RZR Rental

    Good for you. I rented a 2019 Can Am xrs turbo that had already been put on it's side in it's first trip out. The renter has three xp1k turbos and all three were put on their side in one weekend. He says the renters always pay and he makes his money off the rent. If it works for you, great. Good luck, the guy I rented from has his Can Am booked every weekend into April and the Fire Department rents his rzr's out weekly for fire road patrols.
  5. Doubleduty

    Teacher Strike 3: Freddy's Revenge

    Mr. Cole: a reading class for 10-12th graders that was the only critical thinking class set up like a college course back in the 80’s. The man nicknamed every student and remembered them for years to come. He treated the students like adults, held us accountable to debate the subjects and made a positive impact on many. Guy was a trust fund baby and gave his pay checks away. The fact he rolled in a new vette every two years was cool too lol.
  6. Nah, I’ve never stood down to anyone or hide what I do. It’s an off weekend, highly doubtful there will be issues. No no one likes Bomb Techs, we’re off already, I’m used to the scared looks lol
  7. Doubleduty

    Sand toy market soft?

    I’m not so sure about abilty to fix things ten years ago vs now. There were plenty of rhino owners in 06-08 that couldn’t change tires, or find a dipstick lol. I’ve experienced hard pack off roading to break parts more frequently than sand, thus forcing owners to learn repairs more often. Off road Cars =routine service, sxs’s can usually get by with less maintenance. same correlation to high performance boats vs sea doo’s.
  8. I did up to 2016, still ride occasionally down there. Moved up to Havasu (vac. Spot)
  9. Doubleduty

    Camp Fire Permit - Happy New Year!

    Thanks, Now I won't start a "sand fire"? lol
  10. I'm going back to G for the first time since 2011. An off weekend and should be very quiet, lol. I will be making contact with ICSO and introducing myself to get a Watch Comander's name, just in case any issues arise. I 've read some of the BS over the last year going on out there. Some things never change. I missed the sand but know I've had 0 issues off roading in Parker AZ. the last 8 years.
  11. Doubleduty

    What did you get yourself for Christmas?

    .22 pellet air rifle👍
  12. Doubleduty

    Never Talk to the Police

  13. Doubleduty

    Never Talk to the Police

    We don't do written declarations in LA. It's must appear and LAPD HAS to appear. It's amusing to watch those in traffic court that are hedging their bets that the Officer won't show up. Other agencies don't write up their Officers for not showing up to traffic court, ours does. I've seen ten people walk out free and clear because a CHP didn't show, then the guy for mine is like "what?" when I answer "present" on first call, lol. I had a rich woman from Australia actually hire an attorney and delay the case 12 months (stop sign ticket). She still lost when it finally came to the commissioner. Had to be the most expensive citation of my career if you count the attorney's fees for all five appearances where he asked for a continuation. So be it.
  14. Doubleduty

    Never Talk to the Police

    The video is factually correct. Anything over a traffic violation, best to invoke your right to an attorney. On the other side of it, citation wise, after 26 years in the field. If I stop you, you are getting a citation, and we can debate it in traffic court, or you can pay the fine. In the world of cameras, everyone wanting to argue everything because of self entitlement, the once wide valley of "discretion" in moving violations has been filled up with complaints and lawsuits. Pretty much letter of the law now. And any disputes can be easily proven true, or false, by reviewing the video. Makes the traffic stop much quicker for everyone and to the point. No need to discuss anything any longer on stops, everyone is worried about time, so be it. "Press hard three copies"
  15. Doubleduty

    2006 Rhino

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