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  1. Nice option, just hard for me to spend $27K plus on a 20'. I'm more likely to go bigger for a few grand more. Norco RV has them listed at $25K
  2. The attitudes have a patent on their flooring that is supposed to make it last longer than other brands. Haven't heard of any complaints yet.
  3. I have a guy in our group with a Dunes trailer. Well built for the price. They are more spartan than most but that can be a cost savings when things break. I'm a fan of the quality but the pricing gets high for bigger trailers. They want to do 5'er's for 14' and over. I stick to bumper pulls so I am looking elsewhere. My buddy has had a 2019 Attitude Iconic 2715 for a year, six glamis trips and left it at Havasu all summer. 0 issues. Only complaint is it is narrow width for can ams so you have to put paddles on at G versus prior. They do have some non slide outs or kitchen slide outs that take away the width issue.
  4. Buy a 2019 and pop an EVO 3R flash in: 200hp, 163 at rear wheels, do a clutch mod and you are in line with a 2020, lol. Check different dealers and the old walk out trick works good with off road stuff vs new cars.
  5. I have a buddy selling a 17' Whaler Newort Edition. Call Miles at 949-357-2358 for more info. Boat is in South OC
  6. Posting for a buddy: 07’ rhino 660 four seater. Resi shocks, four point harnesses, stereo. Vinyl lettering Call +949-357-2358 for more info. Pretty sure this was a GD members car years ago. $4300 Title and current reg. in hand.
  7. Doubleduty

    RZR Rental

    Good for you. I rented a 2019 Can Am xrs turbo that had already been put on it's side in it's first trip out. The renter has three xp1k turbos and all three were put on their side in one weekend. He says the renters always pay and he makes his money off the rent. If it works for you, great. Good luck, the guy I rented from has his Can Am booked every weekend into April and the Fire Department rents his rzr's out weekly for fire road patrols.
  8. Mr. Cole: a reading class for 10-12th graders that was the only critical thinking class set up like a college course back in the 80’s. The man nicknamed every student and remembered them for years to come. He treated the students like adults, held us accountable to debate the subjects and made a positive impact on many. Guy was a trust fund baby and gave his pay checks away. The fact he rolled in a new vette every two years was cool too lol.
  9. I’m surprised anyone who can afford to go to Glamis would live in LAUSD jurisdiction. I’d move north to canyon country or aqua dulce, same pricing as SFV or less and out of LAUSD. I’d give up all toys and trips to keep my kid out of LAUSD.
  10. Nah, I’ve never stood down to anyone or hide what I do. It’s an off weekend, highly doubtful there will be issues. No no one likes Bomb Techs, we’re off already, I’m used to the scared looks lol
  11. I’m not so sure about abilty to fix things ten years ago vs now. There were plenty of rhino owners in 06-08 that couldn’t change tires, or find a dipstick lol. I’ve experienced hard pack off roading to break parts more frequently than sand, thus forcing owners to learn repairs more often. Off road Cars =routine service, sxs’s can usually get by with less maintenance. same correlation to high performance boats vs sea doo’s.
  12. Few things that pertain only to LA strike: 1. The district needs an overhaul, period. Too much doubling of Resources: a. School PD: over 350 officers that have all the costs, lawsuits, equipment issues, any city PD has. Merge them into LAPD, anyone who does logistics understands the cost savings of vehicles, equipment purchasing when streamlined. 2. Contract services: From transportation, IT systems, to building maintenance. Either sub the work out to private industry, usually is cheaper, or merge again into other city orgs. (Example: General Services for building maintence). 3. Charter Schools: a decision has to be made by the city council on how charter schools are funded and transparency. I don’t have a dog in the fight but it is true the public and the teachers union do not know what is being spent on charter schools. 4. City funding: the big elephant no one in LA politics will touch. The airport and DWP are cash cows. Both have huge pools of funds that sit idle and could be used for other city departments without affecting those department’s daily ops. 5. Pension reform: It will happen. Our system for first responders is already getting changes and I wager will get cuts in the next few years. Every other City pension plan will follow our lead so there will be savings there. Just my observations from working in that city 27 years.

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