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  1. Looking like I may be in for this one as well as Superman19 (AKA Brandon AKA YFZ4KT's kid)
  2. ISBB

    Help in Vegas!

    What hotel are you staying at? You can drop them In my side yard for the weekend. If they haven't stolen my focus im sure your barrels will be fine lol
  3. Axle mounts lasted the longest for me. However I eventually leaned towards the whip in the camelpack method. Was quick easy and never bothered me even when I dumped it.
  4. Damnit Johnny.. I need another 500 now!
  5. im goin next year for sure. My XR will be prepped and ready to roll :D This newborn shit got in the road this year..
  6. headed to the gun store tomorrow. gonna use my obama phone in trade for more ammo
  7. ISBB

    New Duner!

    It's been aawhile since iIhave posted on here but iIjust thought iIwould share my new little duner. Caleb Allen was born 8lbs 3oz and 19" long.
  8. and i managed to get in there somehow... FREAKIN hilarious dude!!!!
  9. Hmm headed that way saturday AM ill have to swing in and check em out :D
  10. Did you sell the 500 Nick? Yep...
  11. There is a cam chain tensioner that will allow you to drop the cam chain down and you can pull the head and cylinder off as a whole assembly
  12. Salt pepper and slit the meat all over the place and jam in garlic slivers :D then cook ohhhh yumm.. wait ill have some saturday woohoo..
  13. that banning canyon is always fun in a small plane!!
  14. i dont think they had one since that one?

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