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  1. Aside from the donations link through Firepolicemx... Direct mail donations can be made to either family fund through; F & A Federal Credit Union PO Box 30831 Los Angeles, CA 90030-0831 Please note either or both accounts; GONZALES Family Fund, Account #596910 BESTWICK Family Fund, Account #596920 If you are a member of F&A, you can also use the account transfer option via the on-line services. F&A FCU F&A does not have a link available on-line for donations but thought that perhaps LA Co. FD may have something in a couple of days. We are all praying for you guys...APD/AFD
  2. This one hits not only close to home, it is home. This family have been friends, fellow campers and former co-workers to our circle for years. Tears are an understatement. Prayers a must! All I can ask of everyone on this board is for caring thoughts for the family right now. There will be plenty of time for Monday morning quarterbacking, opinions, suggestions and a good debrief...give them some space folks. Too many comments in the last few pages are full of opinion and lack in fact. Even the IV Press quotes the vehicle as being a Jeep...even in tragedy, we can learn. Lets just do it later... Everyone please just say a prayer and keep them in your thoughts!
  3. This is a great question. I think it only works on the full Class A commercial. But I will make a phone call to the DMV and see what they say or dont say on Monday. I will post the papers as soon as I get home from work. NO,,, you fall under regular Class C rules..."non-comercial" and not for hire...
  4. High ho, high ho, it's off for beer we go, high ho, high ho, high ho, high ho!!!! Coors Light Please!!!
  5. Memorize the pre-trip inspection sheet and spout it off when asked...drive slow and easy on the skills test, no hurry!!! and stop so you can see the wheels of the car in front of you on the drive test!!!
  6. Most of the local DMV offices are a little lacking in knowledge when it comes to what is required and what is not. I took my written and did all the paperwork at the Pasadena office and they had to call Sac to check it all out...that was in November. Took the driving/skills and inspection test at San Bernardino Commercial office in Feb...all good. Up here the two commercial offices are in Montebello and San Berdo...
  7. The nice thing with Discount or America's Tire is they will usually match or beat the price if you bring in another price from the internet or paper...the guy at their Glendora shop has done me right several times.
  8. Allie and I cruised through on Fri...missed ya but saw Linda and toured the new stuff. Nice changes bro! Should be able to off load quite a few. Found a couple of mods that I want to toss on the 07 as well...good luck! Q
  9. That was a good one Slap! After all..I did like the EsConfusion!!!
  10. "Peanuts....Get your Peanuts...buck a bag...Peanuts"
  11. The hell with Esco, check out those nice cans behind! (In the white) The look Esco gave the last guy talking about his daughter!!! Thems fightin words...
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. And the Boardmanville scoreboard flashes..."Chargers Lose"
  14. I thought cats only spit up hair balls!!!

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