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  1. Robert (Sandrhino) You need to get in line after me !!!
  2. Just one more camp fire story, more to come!!!
  3. I use a 1/2 " spacer works great, had to cut stock rims to fit over dust cap
  4. I am running a Ford about the same HP have a Dual Disc. The Dual Disc doesn't disengage as clean kind hangs but if you change the angle of the slave move it up for a straighter angle it works great if you don't you get 5 or 6 trips on each clutch two of us in my group found this out the hard way simple fix clutch lasts well 3 seasons so far.I can post photo if you need. Single disk 6 puck works well just has 500lbs of peddle so a little hang up on disengage is nothing. Go at least stage 3 or 4 ether way. We have people running single and dual they will work fine. If you go dual disk fix the angle and save your self some time and a lot of money.
  5. I guarantee no way 20lbs of air will rip a tire apart.
  6. Tom Face He does great work! Great guy will take care of you for years to come. Thanks Tom for helping me out time after time.
  7. Car Looks great hope you have a lot of fun
  8. RTsand

    Dakar Pics

    Thanks missing the Dakar on Direct TV this year.
  9. Hope things go better prayers are going out.
  10. This is looking great. Keep up the great work
  11. Derek will do a great job at a good price. Give him a shout.

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