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  1. $500-$650 per square foot here depending on neighborhood/view/single story/ etc. in Laguna Niguel. Current house payment is around 7k per month. but the weather in the dog days of summer about 3 miles from the beach is
  2. Sonos One $179 with $50 amazon card.
  3. But you will be after you hear all the shitty reviews Just cutting to the chase
  4. Try a Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid. Best bed I have ever owned. Always used to wake up with a sore lower back. This bed fixed that. They have a store in Costa Mesa.
  5. I've had good luck with my goto combo of Wolf's 3.0 Paint Sealant topped with Collinite 845 and Beadmaker
  6. My son started the first steps of his career this week. He is doing an internship with Deloitte in Downtown LA. He'll have a job offer when he graduates next year. Its been fun watching him run the gauntlet just to get the internship offer. Lots of hard work already. It's funny though, he called me to tell me how tired he was after commuting into Downtown (he lives in Westchester) and working several 10 hour days. He's getting used to the grind but he's having a blast. The hard work will pay off. This will tell you what it takes to get recruited at Deloite https://news.efinancialcareers.com/us-en/239038/getting-a-job-at-deloitte Lounge in Deloitte LA
  7. 3D printed Titanium set inside a carbon fiber rim
  8. My oldest son came home for a long weekend. He lives in LA and is going to be a senior at LMU next year. We went to the shooting range. We went shopping for a few additional clothing items to set him up for his summer internship at Deloitte. He brought his truck home and we washed, decontaminated, polished and resealed the 9 year old Tacoma. We went to the HRE Open House. We got dinner and took a walk on the beach down the street from the house. It was a busy weekend but a great weekend. He just took off back to LA. I'll see him again on Father's day but I miss him already.
  9. I'll stick to Jescar Powerlock and Collinite 845
  10. Put some finishing touches on the garage. Hung the TV and ran some electrical. Also, a bunch of other Honey do's around the house to get ready for Easter.

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