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  1. Did you go to T&T??? Sure did... those guys are awesome! Thanks for that referral. In talking with them they said they also do a ton of WW wall sag fixes too. Which would be good for some people on this forum. Do u have a # for T & T ?
  2. I headed out to Glamis a while back and jumped in with a group of rails near Osborne... The guy leading the pack was driving a Santana (the singer) painted sand rail. The guy picked some of the best lines and the ride was one of the best rides I've been on. Just wondering if that guy and his buddies frequent the boards here. hopefully this didn't come across corny, just trying to hook up with some folks for New Years duning since my normal group is not able to make it this weekend
  3. I see the blue Extreme that you "dialed in" last weekend....Just out of curiosity, how outta wack was it ?? I also have an Extreme and have been contemplating having you tune the suspension.
  4. Victor, I appreciate the response .... I did not set out to bash Mendeola, however I do believe there are issues that should be addressed... Anyone who runs a search on a 2d will be overwhelmed with complaints about the reverse. I can understand all the variables about what the 2d's use was intended for... I know that Mendeola is aware that there are many complaints about the reverse, and to date no alternatives have been made available to have a dependable reverse other than spending the extra $5000 for the S4. I am not the type of person to constantly complain, and if you check my post count, I very rarely put my two cents in....i mostly just sit back and read other people's posts... But when you pay $60,000 plus for a car, including $8000 for a transaxle, you would hope the trans would last at least 2-3 years without pullin it out for repairs, not 4-5 trips and in some cases the first trip...
  5. Why is it that Mendeola's people always ignore posts when people ask questions about the 2d or its obviously flawed reverse gear..... I am also in the boat of duners who will have to pull out my Mendeola transaxle and have it sent to Wright's gearbox so that it can be fixed (reverse gear).... I put five trips on the car with minimal usage of the reverse gear (backing out of trailer and pulling out of a cramped area at camp) and now I must pay to have the transaxle removed by Extreme, sent to Wrights for repair, and then put back into the car... Which will ultimately cost $2000 plus dollars, whatta scam !!! I have read many posts concerning the 2d and I understand the risks with having one in my rail, but if I am going to have to pay $2000 to have it fixed for the 2008 season, I would definitely appreciate a response from Mendeola regarding any alleged upgrades to the reverse before I spend the money to have the transaxel fixed. I know with my luck that I'll get it fixed and then Mendeola will come out with an upgrade in the beginning of 2009.... I'm sure this post will go ignored like all the others, as it seems Mendeola seems to pick and choose which posts they respond to so that they dont have to confront the issues at hand....... Looking forward to your reply, Shawny Mac
  6. Here's a pic of my 07 Extreme DTD.... and just for the record..... GO STEELERS !!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm heading out to Glamis this weekend.... Ed, When will you be back out there ??

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