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  1. chopshop

    Good Paddle for 250R

    When I had my. 250r. I loved sand skate 1s 8 inch dia wheel . Spun great slid well . But never really looked as cool as haulers
  2. chopshop

    2003 Fleetwood 34'.

    Price ?
  3. chopshop

    Lets see those SCU's

    The red one is qmuder24 ⬆️ ... He just had Emil do the new aluminum work on it
  4. chopshop

    Lets see those SCU's

    Few of mine and some friends
  5. chopshop


    Jeff Pont has or had a 51ft 4 axle he was selling awhile back
  6. chopshop

    Glamis this morning

    Harold you be there between Christmas - NewYears ?
  7. chopshop

    Shock Spring Length Question

    Flip your spring divider so tall side is up . That should be close to 2 in differene and go 16 inch
  8. What’s the rear door opening on Universal Trailer
  9. chopshop

    Tips on how to remove Mendiola 2d fom north star 4.6

    There’s just 4 nuts to remove to separate the trans axle . 2 on each side . You can not and dont have too remove the ones to the back of the block where normal transmission are bolted . That’s the adapter plate , 2 on each side like pic
  10. chopshop

    Douglas Star bead locks 15 x 12

    Yes ... I will be in Glamis Nov 15- 24
  11. When you tested relays . You checked power. In / out and trigger wire ? is there a circuit breaker ?
  12. chopshop

    New Genny

    Bringing this to the top .... Everyone still likes there purchase of the Predetor ? Meaney77 Did you ever get your issue resolved ?
  13. chopshop

    Douglas Star bead locks 15 x 12

  14. chopshop

    Opinions on best Cv joints?

    A Kartek prepped 930 w/ 300m star and cage is $290 each
  15. chopshop

    Opinions on best Cv joints?

    How much are RCV 930s with 300m. Star and cage ?

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