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  1. chopshop

    Wheel size suggestions

    If your running a Douglas star . They are also available in 5.5 wide
  2. chopshop

    Welding location for shock tube advise

    Food for thought . Going to 14 inch coil over from 12 . Depending on motio ratio . I think that’s what it is called . Your 2 inch longer collapsed length may equal 4 inches or so of up travel susp . Extended coil over length approx 4 inch longer . You may need. Limit straps . Cause your CV angle may be limiting factor
  3. chopshop

    Welding location for shock tube advise

    Not sure what your plans are mounting it to the tube , but they should be double shear mounted . If your not planning on it .
  4. chopshop

    Douglas front rim upgrade "only have one" , &/ or I buy your rim

    15 x 12 2.5 BS w hardware $100 for both you pay shipping from NorCal uou can send ship tag or may cost about $60 ? I’m not sure both were welded in som spots one cracked again between the welds . Should have been weld full circumfrance
  5. chopshop

    WTB looking for Fox 2.0 bypass

  6. chopshop

    WTB 10.75 x 15 STU Sand Blaster fronts

    Another option. 35 MT Baja Pros shaved I love mine . I like better than the STU . Matched with 33 Blaster rear . Can get new cheaper than the STUs
  7. chopshop

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    Post some pictures of it . Manufacture and specs . I’m sure you will get input on it
  8. chopshop

    WTB 18" 3.0 600lbs springs

    Not mine but was on RDC
  9. chopshop

    Steering rack nonsense

    I still think a Heli- coil . The insert will create more thread surface in aluminum being its now larger dia than original 1/2 bolt
  10. chopshop

    Momo Steering Wheel

    Pm sent
  11. chopshop

    Steering rack nonsense

    Can you just do a heli-coil to repair ?
  12. chopshop

    Front tire size

    My BAJA pros are 35 inch I bought new from Grant at Funco
  13. chopshop

    WTB looking for Fox 2.0 bypass

    Yes I was the one that texted you about yours . If need I may buy new . But I’d like to find clean used as I will tear down rebuild re valve and cerakote them
  14. chopshop

    Front tire size

    FYI ... M/T Baja pro shaved on a 15x7 Method 50 lbs Tire alone is 28 ish lbs bathroom scale so not super accurate
  15. chopshop

    WTB looking for Fox 2.0 bypass

    Thanks for heads up .Too far I live in Northern Ca

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