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  1. My friend is selling this . 102 wide x 20 ft long . Has torsion arms . 6x dually wheels . Steel inner . Weld Wheel outers . Line x top Black emeron rectangular tube outer . I think he is asking 5 ish . If interested I can send his info
  2. Kartek has some rebuild kits for some left . They said they are also in the process of making kit branded by them they said
  3. How do you figure . A 5-6 ft flag on a SXS is at least 8ft . Which is the requirement BTW I don’t own a SXS
  4. My first thoughts looking at this are . You would need to relocate upper mount . Otherwise the coilover would allow susp to droop to much and limit and loose up travel . Tie rod / steer rack would be limiting droop . More droop your suspension geometry might change . The current set up lower mount is most likely stronger than re working your lower mount inward . What are you trying to accomplish ?
  5. Possibly check the bearing the steering shaft goes thru right at the dash bar . Few I know had that issue . It was a Tatum billet unit clamped on to tube . Bearing seized
  6. I run a 33 blaster on a 15 x7 with 18 psi . Love them
  7. Just curious where the placement of pyrometer probe is . I know back in 2000 Banks had you put in the down tube right after the turbo . Which will read cooler than in the exhaust manifold .
  8. I don’t ever remove my steering wheel in places . Mainly if your the only one carrying a steering wheel at the Diner , Vendors etc . That lets the thief know if your in his line of site trying to steal it .
  9. What’s up with out of state tags ? Is that new ?

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