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  1. FYI . A 2.0 King c/o takes a 2.5 spring . 2.5 King c/o takes a 3.0 spring . not sure which you have
  2. Could deliver to SoCal this week possibly
  3. I have some parts from my build in the day . I know I have a billet cool head . Also have a desert tank . Have a Quad Tech real carbon cover for the desert tank I might part with but won’t be cheap . Since it probably almost impossible to find one . The last cover I seen on EBay went for $450
  4. Seen these might not be what your after but cheap
  5. I’m curious in latch mode . Once you hit the brakes it turn engine brake on . So to use the engine brake down a long grade do you need to have pressure on the pedal the whole time ? Also my CAT 3126 . When the engine brake first engages does your motor rev to like 2400-2500 for a second then come down ?
  6. Christmas special 26k !!!!!!!! will be on Pad 5 tomorrow thru Jan 3rd
  7. Will be in Glamis between Christmas and New Years ! obo
  8. Will be in Glamis between Christmas and New Years with it
  9. Will be in Glamis between Christmas and New Years
  10. Will be in Glamis between Christmas and New Years
  11. Heart goes out to you . It’s something you can never prepare for . I love my dog mote than I like people
  12. Kennedy Stage 3 . 9 inch clutch . I ordered a whole new clutch before disassembling mine . The rear main leaked ruining disc . I opted just to use all new . Old one is in good shape . $125 ship on your dime located in Northern Ca
  13. chopshop

    Bent wheel

    Send it to OMF they will straighten and then. Weld a stiffener in

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