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  1. https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR_SALE:ACECO-Dune-Buggy-Sand-Buggy-Sand-Car-157493
  2. NEW ... King 3.0 16inch stroke triple bypass finned res . 26 collapsed 42 extended $2300 obo with deposit may bring to SSSS located in Nor Cal
  3. Looking to buy some 15 x 8 or 10 inch wide aluminum beadlocks . With 6 x 5.5 / 139,7 mm fits Chevy or Toyota anyone have or know some for sale ? Thanks
  4. Check out Trail Ready wheels . They have a wide 5 buggy wheel and other off road / HD truck wheels . I believe only cast wheel that is made in US . They replaced this wheel and another free no questions asked . Off a Class 1/ 1500 car . The wheel bent it did not crack or shatter for a cast wheel .
  5. You can get the app on your phone to change back light, name switches , and turn on and off , more etc by phone
  6. That’s seems like a pretty shit bag move to burn someone’s MH or toy hauler down for ghost camping . Even if he is a regular or maybe his first time . That’s just my opinion
  7. He said between tires was 96 not WMS so my understanding is he would be 108 . Which yes I know some people with custom stackers built that wide
  8. That’s seems pretty wide . Does you state not have 102 “ wide law ? That would mean your wheels and tires are 3 inches wide
  9. I have used Jasco gel paint stripper . Then a course wire wheel on grinder
  10. What are the dimensions of the fuel safe tanks
  11. Need to do mine . How many mils thick would you think it is ?
  12. Thanks .. Received the coil carriers today . New like you said . Thanks also for staying in communication . Since your in Florida
  13. If you don’t add bypass I would at least consider remote revisor or piggy back . Over your current emulsion coil over

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