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  1. Need to do mine . How many mils thick would you think it is ?
  2. If you don’t add bypass I would at least consider remote revisor or piggy back . Over your current emulsion coil over
  3. My experience ... Seems especially Dodge owners
  4. chopshop

    CV issues

    It’s easy to change flanges . It’s just the side case bolts . How thick are the adapters?
  5. I didn’t remove bell housing . Just picked both out and 2 new ones in
  6. Did you put 2 seals in input shaft ? Trans guys have said double them up
  7. My go to hitch no need for me to have 3 or 4 . When not in use it tucks behind flush . 2 inch is rated 10k 2.5 inch rated 14k 3 inch rated 21k
  8. Just wonder why you need to replace . If your bed is not lifting evenly . Most likely is one of the straps are folding in half . So inside of 1 inch wide it’s 1/2 wide . So when it is lifting and winding up the diameter of spool is getting larger in diameter taking up more length in one turn cause bed to rise in level . Hope makes sense
  9. If it’s a dual pass wouldn’t the coolant no longer be able to flow across then back ? It would just circulate top to bottom ? If he put the fittings on the other end
  10. People all mention the VIN on the trans tunnel. VW things have 3 factory places with VIN numbers . I retained the 2 on the body . One is a plaque the othe is a sticker . And it is reg and in’s street legal
  11. Funco with coil overs ? Is that a first ?
  12. I would think if it meets or exceeds OEM safety and street legal should be good . I would argue that is no different then a 32 Ford coupe on a full custom chassis ? All there using is the shell
  13. I’m personally think if it had a turbo at one time . Now it doesn’t and hasn’t been retuned go N/A now . That’s part of your problem if not all . Don’t know about white milky film . You should do a leak done test as others have said
  14. Not sure what you have but I’m my Ford . To switch to 4low it needs to be in park or neutral foot on brake to engage 4 Lo .

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