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  1. Living the Deleted def free life in my 2016 Dodge Cummins.
  2. Bringing this back from the dead. Lol. I have bought this project from the guy who was having this built. I am now posting it for sale.
  3. I am not sure who originally built it. I bought it in pieces. I did not get any rear suspension with it. My avatar picture is of it complete when it was originally built. I am just trying to get it back together to sell it. I have another one in the works. Thanks for fixing the pictures. I have no idea how to post any pictures that are not sideways. Lol.
  4. Here is a couple of pictures of it so far. I bought it in pieces.
  5. Got a couple of quads going.
  6. Lost Friday 11-28-14. Kind of a long shot on finding it. But I figured that I would post it up here anyways. Message me here or call text me @ 6269267161. Thanks
  7. I pay $2.69 per gallon for it out of the pump at the truck stops.
  8. I recently bought the frame from eBay and have since had a friend who I've known since jr high school do some powder coating for me. His shop is located in Fontana and his prices are very reasonable. So far we've done the frame, sub frame, handlebars, and front and rear bumpers. Here are a few b4 and after pictures. More to come as we put it together more. The color is called wet black. Very high gloss.

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