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  1. That would be great if you could let me know what the code is. Where are you located?
  2. do you know what the date code is on the front tires? would you be willing to separate them?
  3. Would you ship them to 91710 for $350? if so i will take them
  4. kushed909


    Price? And location?
  5. He said that he turned in front of a quad to fast at the hill and that he threw a roost on him Has to be more to it if the guy got arrested. This guy? I took these a few days ago at the hill. yes that is johnny branch.... out there doesnt seem the leos need much of a reason to arrest.
  6. Not the post i expected to see on this topic. It seemed to me and my group that the BLM was out in typical fashion PROFILING. My first encounter with them was driving down wash road in my truck to go to a friends camp. As i passed another vehicle pulled over by a ranger one of the officers was staring at me coming up the road. When i passed he jumped in his truck went around another truck behind me and pulled me over. He pulled me over for tinted windows.. In Glamis I was surprised about this considering the truck he passed behind me also had tinted windows. none the less asked me for ID then informed me he was going to have a dog search my truck. I asked what his reasoning was. He stated he did not need a reason that I was on federal property and he could search my vehicle at any time. I have nothing to hide so i exited my vehicle got searched and taken to the back of my truck. They searched my truck with the dog and found nothing. Inconvenienced me for about an hour. And gave me a written warning for window tint. Complete waste of time and resources. Then leaving the washes Sunday morning they had a checkpoint setup to check for stickers on bikes. My friend has a powder coated frame. Had his green sticker visible but because the officer wanted to run the vin and it is not clearly visible being powder coated they impounded the bike and he had to go sand the vin plate so they could read it. I am totally for the rangers out there to control the crowds and keep drunks from driving but being a young dunner is not a crime. But it is a reason for rangers to mess with you. Just my 2 cents they need to worry about idiots flying through camps than tinted windows.
  7. on the 930 cv cages the race prepped cages have round edges where the ball rides. the stock cages have more of a square cut to them. 930s on a v8 car will not last long if driven hard. hope this helps
  8. I will be there. wish i woulda thought to check this out sooner. woulda been cool to meet up with a group.
  9. Bring them by Funco. We can charge them on or off the car. We are located in Rialto.
  10. Those are no way new cv's I have seen many 930s on ls cars that dont look like that after two seasons. you need to go to a reputable service shop
  11. just finished her the begining of this season. still need to lace the sides and do panels.. built in my garage.
  12. white 6'2 black hair blue eyes. Had on a hat and black t shirt. And i look young
  13. Don't get me wrong I like to sit in camp and have a few beers or some captain and cokes. But the LEOs this weekend were out for blood. You did not have to be driniking or doing anything wrong for them to mess with you. On Friday I was pulling into was road and saw two rangers sitting on each side wash road. I pulled by going under the speed limit. One of the LEOs pulled out behind me pulled up next to my drivers window looked over and stopped. He pulled in back behind me and lit me up. I am 27 and drive a 2008 gmc 2500hd and was towing my 40ft toy hauler. He came up and said he pulled me over for tinted tail lights.( which they are barely tinted and legal according to California vehicle code) Asked for license reg. and insurance. Which I provided. He went back ran me. I've never been arrested period. Came back to my truck and asked me to step out. And asked if I had any guns in the truck cuz a lot of people have been bringing weapons into glamis. I said In my truck there is nothing. HE said well we are going to search it. I asked for probably cause. He informed me that I was on federal land and he does not need cause or a warrant. So they searched my truck. Found nothing. Then he told me that he wanted to search my trailer and once again said that because I am on federal land he can search it. I then told him there is a gun in the cabinet in the trailer. By this time he had 8 officers for back up. They got the dog ran it through and tore up my trailer. All they found was my gun which I told there where it was. They pulled it out ran the numbers finally figured out it is legally my gun. Checked every round I had in the Clip. Gave me a ticket for my tail lights. And said have a good weekend. Then to top it off. I was pulling out of wash 3 on Monday morning and got pulled over again. Same thing LEO went around my dad who was behind me. Pulled up next to my truck and stopped. When I went by he pulled in behind me and lit me up. Came up to the truck and I asked my he pulled me over. HE said my window tint. Mine are dark, My dads are limo. Asked for all my info went back to his truck ran me. I came back clear. He then asked if i had any weapons in my truck. I told him I already went through all this on the way in. He went and confirmed and came back said have a good day. If i was doing anything wrong I could see getting pulled over. But not once but twice in the same weekend. I was profiled. By law enforcement. This is not what my tax dollars and season pass fees are supposed to be going to. They need to be going after criminals. The drunk drivers. Not the people not breaking a single law just want to harass younger people. Just my experience with the LEOs this weekend and it was not a pleasant one to say the least.
  14. is there a reason nobody runs a honda v6 in a mid engine setup? i have a honda motor im thinking about putting into a mid engine chassis. is there any draw backs to this combo? i want to be able to run a vw box not have to spend the money on a 4d. Thanks guys..

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