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  1. Would that be a Glamis night ride in August? yes, but, looks like we may have a boat so may be on the water that weekend.
  2. I don't remember the size, but I do remember they had to use spacers to get this bolt pattern to work.
  3. get everything in your name this time around, including the insurance. you can look in the cars and trucks for sale section here, you may find something.
  4. post their webiste please. been to ensenada but never heard of this place.
  5. looks like k-bo bought a boat, so we may be at the invasion for this weekend??
  6. We usually start the morning when the sun comes up and finish it by about 9 to 9:30, too hot after that to ride. Usually start riding again in the very late afternoon/evening, during hte night, then first thing sunday morning, then go home. sounds like you should get some sleep after work, then drive out and get here about 4 to 5pm saturday afternoon and stay until sunday after the morning ride.
  7. YSA motorsports on cave creek rd. I think they said it was a plate holder for a motorcycle.
  8. NEW PIC"S Patty, why are still following me on the internet??? Move on!
  9. BeerMe


    why do you guys seem to pick the same weekend as the august night ride at glamis for this?????
  10. Got the toyhauler and figure it would be a good idea to park it for the summer at an RV resort on the water and come out on weekends with the boat. You guys have any suggestions to the better places to stay and roughly how much they are charging? I'm thinking from Laughlin south to Blythe...however, we're talking about a Chapparal Sunesta so being in the shallow river is probably not a good idea. Leaning toward Havasu somewhere. Thanks!
  11. I checked out the AVI RV Campground last week. Other than not having any shade it seems pretty nice. I think they were charging about $105 a week, full hookups including cable tv. You get all access to their launch ramp, pool, beach, and of course the casino and restuarants. We had the Friday night seafood buffet for about $13 per person and it was good.
  12. I don't want to break anything just yet!!!
  13. it feels stronger than a rhino and a ranger. we'll test it at the august night ride.
  14. I just love the meats this thing rolls on!

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