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  1. My Thor TH'er had a switch by the pump also. Timer up front switch by the pump. We bought it 1 year old and was told the pump did not work. Found the other switch and bingo.
  2. When "Walts" was "Walts" I got them there with short pieces of the pipe. They are easy to use.
  3. Here is an old pinned topic. http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index....howtopic=127836
  4. I would sell the old tires to one of those "El Cheapo" tire shops. Your trailer tires might help out someone who just needs one to get a trailer back. If they have tread they will buy them. I sold my "RAGS" to be used around town on a landscaping trailer. He understood the age of the tires.
  5. Oldman

    Thanks Jd

    JD has another happy Lap Top client. My wife needed one for work and he got her a real nice HP with a 15" screen Thanks again. D.L. and Lynn
  6. Unplug the wires on the heating element and see if it is bad. I have replaced 3 of these in 30 years of RVing.
  7. Fullerton Sand Sports   Tire Shop Address: 8322 Standustrial St, Stanton, CA 90680 Phone:(714) 484-5996 Yep Yes!!
  8. Oldman

    Lost Pass

    After you contacted us (ASA) we encouraged everyone not to put the pass in the blue bag. Also we started putting the pass number on the cc receipt all though the BLM said they would not replace them even with the number.
  9. I know the feeling. We got the call 01/14/14 that our 22 year old grandson had passed. He was our pride and joy. My heart is aching for you and Debbie. Take care my friend.
  10. Found this today on my Face Book. They sell rebuilt cooling units. http://www.arcticold.com/
  11. Permits / Lawyers / Lawsuits against BLM for events on BLM land (permit process is INTENSE now! / Big Guberment / INSURANCE Costs! Both Treshombre & Pete (from Dumont Dune Riders) tried to get permits for an atc 70 regatta aand FORGET IT / Hoops of fire.....Lots of $$$$$$$$ / Insurance SUCKS!!!! These are the same reasons that the Orange County ATV had to stop doing the poker runs.
  12. Oldman


    My wife has this problem. If she tilts her head back and looks up it will start an episode and it will last for days. She did this last Thursday and was sick for 3 days.

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