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  1. OMG that is crazy!! It looks like that guy totally lost control.
  2. Thanks for clarifying. I didn't know that an Excursion was considered an F-250.
  3. Thanks for writing the story. I think he was already in trouble with the Excursion towing a 32 footer with a 4 seater SxS, and the loading was the straw that broke the camels back.
  4. Thanks for the excellent advice. I had never heard the "stopping them is hard" advice, and I will do more research on the 5th wheel hitch. Plus I will be looking into weight distribution hitches.
  5. I have an Armada 2WD, which I believe is comparable to a 1500 Titan, and a Dodge Ram 1500 4WD. Both have big V8's. I have towed my SxS on a Playcraft 12 foot dual axle trailer with BOTH of them, with the Dodge being the strongest. I'm thinking about buying either a 24 foot toy hauler, OR a 24 foot travel trailer (keeping the Playcraft). Most importantly, I'm thinking about installing a 5th wheel hitch in the Dodge, feeling that it will help stability and and give me better choices on what to buy. Any opinions are welcome. I'm a novice with trailers.
  6. This evening I hiked a mountain In Glendale AZ at Pinnacle Peak and 59th Ave. Turned back at 3/4 to the peak because I've been biking for too long and my feet and ankles weren't used to a trail that was rockier than the Mars landscape. Good thing I have great hiking boots. Right now I'm drinking Chalkboard Mendoza Malbec 2020, reading and posting on multiple websites. I'm simply in my bedroom. I don't have the backyard layout that @dbart has, but at least I have a view out the 2nd floor window. @dbart sorry to hear about the funeral. I hope your wife's trip goes well.
  7. Thanks for the excellent video. Really nice to see Devin in the video!!!!
  8. Thanks for the cool photos ABC. I'm happy to see that Robbie Gordon was doing what made him great (racing), and also his UTV looks awesome!!
  9. I rode my bike today sometime after 10:30AM when it was already too hot. I road approx. 8 miles on the New River Trail and Skunk Creek Trail. This was the first time I got onto the Skunk Creek Trail and I could see from the map at the trailhead that there's a lot of future riding to be done there. Now I need to buy a road bike and have a little more cruising fun than I've been having with my old mountain bike, because these are all paved trails.
  10. Good luck SandTrap. Let's hope 2022 is a better year for Can Am with their new clutch and stronger frame. This may be the year I decide to sell my older model and buy a 2022 X3 DS RR.
  11. The urinals at my EOS Fitness gym can be pretty sloppy even though there's a floor mat. I have to assume a wide stance to avoid the puddles. But what really pisses me off at that same gym (similar to Bobalos "some pretty disrespectful POS's" comment), which is actually in a very upscale part of town, is the FRESH GUM ALL OVER THE PARKING LOT. I've stepped in it twice lately, and now I have to look for it every time, and I've complained to management about it, suggesting a sign be posted. I'm shocked that there's so many disrespectful adult gum chewers at that gym.
  12. I saw Larry Elder speak this morning at a live outdoor function that the local Phoenix Fox News channel picked up. I was very impressed with what he had to say and how he said it. He seems to be well in the lead in the polls, but I'm not sure if the Keep/Remove polls are going so well.
  13. That seems like a pretty decent increase to me. Thanks for finding that info!

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