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  1. I hope you don't have the same issue that I had... My 2012 made similar sounds on a trip this season. The very next ride after I noticed it, the main beaing grenaded through the side of the tranny, just two months out of warranty. I took mine to Langston Motorsports in Perris and the warranty lady called Polaris relaying the issue. Polaris covered the nearly $4k replacement at no cost. Thank you Polaris.
  2. I should have clarified, but I was using a 3/8" ratchet barely applying pressure, nothing else.
  3. Sooo... Bought a wheel and sand tire set from Fullerton Sand Sports at the SSSS. Started the install and when I went to tighten the lug nuts, a lug stud from the rear passenger side sheared off. Argh. Bought a stud for $1.03, drilled out the old, and replaced it. Put on the wheel, began tightening, and a different stud sheared; holy shiat batman! Some cats over on RZR forums say they come from the factory with 90' lbs of torque, which seems about right because they were a pain in the six to remove. I called the local dealer and asked what the mfg recommends and he said 30' lbs. Have any of my fellow sand dwellers had any experiences like this or am I the only one?
  4. Awaiting for delivery of: GLAMIS D Couldn't believe it was available.
  5. I will be set up in Wash 11 by sunset tonight (Thurs)! Dune Therapy
  6. Looks like 11 will be kind of crowded. "...and his crew." Party of 1, me !
  7. X2 plus super cool peeps = good times

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