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  1. SandyTaco

    Loud Rattle At Low Speeds

    I hope you don't have the same issue that I had... My 2012 made similar sounds on a trip this season. The very next ride after I noticed it, the main beaing grenaded through the side of the tranny, just two months out of warranty. I took mine to Langston Motorsports in Perris and the warranty lady called Polaris relaying the issue. Polaris covered the nearly $4k replacement at no cost. Thank you Polaris.
  2. SandyTaco

    Wheel Lug Stud Failure '12 Rzr Xp

    I should have clarified, but I was using a 3/8" ratchet barely applying pressure, nothing else.
  3. SandyTaco

    10th Annual Veterans Day Tribute

    X2 Awesome Scat, you ROCK!!
  4. SandyTaco

    Wheel Lug Stud Failure '12 Rzr Xp

    Thanks for the info fellas
  5. Sooo... Bought a wheel and sand tire set from Fullerton Sand Sports at the SSSS. Started the install and when I went to tighten the lug nuts, a lug stud from the rear passenger side sheared off. Argh. Bought a stud for $1.03, drilled out the old, and replaced it. Put on the wheel, began tightening, and a different stud sheared; holy shiat batman! Some cats over on RZR forums say they come from the factory with 90' lbs of torque, which seems about right because they were a pain in the six to remove. I called the local dealer and asked what the mfg recommends and he said 30' lbs. Have any of my fellow sand dwellers had any experiences like this or am I the only one?
  6. SandyTaco

    Scotty Crashed He's At The Hospital

    Get well soooooon, brutha.
  7. SandyTaco

    Scotty Crashed He's At The Hospital

    Hoping for the best, Scotty!
  8. SandyTaco

    Personalized Plates...let's See Um!

    Awaiting for delivery of: GLAMIS D Couldn't believe it was available.
  9. SandyTaco

    This Weekend ?

    I will be set up in Wash 11 by sunset tonight (Thurs)! Dune Therapy
  10. SandyTaco

    This Weekend ?

    Looks like 11 will be kind of crowded. "...and his crew." Party of 1, me !
  11. SandyTaco

    August Blue Moon Ride

  12. SandyTaco

    June 2012

    X2 plus super cool peeps = good times
  13. SandyTaco

    June 2012

    True dat!

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