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  1. Dust_Bunny

    :) Long Time No Post... Need Help With Graphics.. Please

    no, not at all. he just posted on my FB cry for help that I should post on GD and then he mentioned you. Esco is wise..
  2. Dust_Bunny

    :) Long Time No Post... Need Help With Graphics.. Please

    ha! I had a feeling I would get a response from you. I have Esco to thank for that..
  3. Hi.. Been a while.. Esco suggested that I post on GD for some help I need with some editing on some graphics for my company logo. I need to pull out a background and have it be "clear" I am trying to order holiday cards but when they sent me the proof it looked like garbage because our logo is on a white background and we want it to be just the logo imported over their image so that their image background comes through, does this make sense? I really need to have this done asap, today if possible because I have already paid for these cards and I need them to go to print. Please let me know if anyone is able to help! Happy Thanksgiving.. email me nicole@traffictech1.com and I will send you the logo.. Thank you!!!
  4. Dust_Bunny

    Supercross Pics

    nice pics..mine came out ok for sitting in the bleeders..man ya'll missed a bad ass fight up there..haha..dumbshits! anyway, anyone catch the retard who ran onto the track with his head in a halo and then totally tripped over a bail of hay..that was funny! I was LMAO watching that..anyway here are my pictures.. Supercross 2006 BTW Frank, Darlene..it was great running into you guys. Sorry you didn't get to stay longer. I hope you were feeling better the next day Darlene..
  5. Dust_Bunny

    Atv Rentals

    thanks everyone for the info..
  6. Dust_Bunny

    Atv Rentals

    Ok, I know this question has been asked a million times. But does anyone know of any place in the Inland Empire that rents quads? I did some looking online but didn't find anything of any help. I searched yellow pages too and to no avail..I'm not looking for myself but a friend who would like to get into the sport but wants to try one out before he goes out and buys one. Smart move I suppose. Any information would be great..thanks guys! DB
  7. Dust_Bunny

    Help With Dinners

    my suggestion is to make some caseroles..like tamale pie..frozen lasagna..spegetti..thats pretty easy..tacos..get some tamales and chilli..frito chilli pie stuff..lol I can't think of then name..Carne asada..seriously if you make things up ahead of time you will save yourself some serious headache..you can resort to hamburger helper one night..they make a good enchilada one.. (can you tell I like mexican food?) Let me know if you want the recipes for any of this stuff..you can make burritos too..like just a can of rosirita beans a couple cans of shredded beef in a can w/gravy (drain the gravy though) some potatoes diced small a can of diced green chillies (ortega brand) and some onions..brown the potatoes and onions until potatoes are tender..add beef and chillies..cook until hot..heat up your beans spread on your tortilla..slop on some meat and roll 'em up..oh don't forget the cheese!
  8. Dust_Bunny

    Glamisdunes.com Partys Gone Wild

    God I need the video from the first evil room party..that was the best..taboobies!!!
  9. Dust_Bunny


    bringing this back to life.. I caught the bug thanks to my friend Allison.. so here.. http://www.myspace.com/glamisdustbunny
  10. Dust_Bunny

    Looking For An Old Friend

    Thanks guys! I will take a look..Oh and I tried something I hadn't thought of doing and I probably should have..I sent him an email at the only email address I had for him..so stupid!!!! we'll see if it bounces..I've only been half looking for him for 3 years and never thought to email him...DUH!
  11. Dust_Bunny

    Looking For An Old Friend

    Hey Kerin!! I tried classmates..nothing..he wasn't too thrilled to be at that high school so I doubt he'd ever really associate with it..anyway I tried contacting a friend of his but he never wrote back. Aaron had lived in NY for almost 2 years he was going to some hockey school out there..anyway he got sick and his mom made him come home and finish school with me..he didn't have too many friends at school besides me and the guy I contacted.. and I didn't know his friends outside of school, we had our own little world..I know that he worked for Ice Town in Riverside for a while but when I went there (my cousin plays there) and asked if anyone knew him they looked at me like I was crazy..it's almost like he's fallen off the face of the earth..
  12. Dust_Bunny

    Looking For An Old Friend

    I know his moms name, Robin-Ann, but she had divorced his dad and moved to Riverside and was dating someone so I don't know if she remarried..and as far as his dads name I thought it was Martin/Marty but when I looked on privateeye.com the only parent name they show is his moms and I think his grandfathers..
  13. Dust_Bunny

    Looking For An Old Friend

    Hey guys..I know that this isn't a people finder website..but I've been seriously missing my best friend from high school and I can't seem to find him and I'm not sure where to start..Figured maybe someone here has been in the same situation and can offer some advice or maybe we have someone on here who does this sort of thing for a living..HELP!!! I've looked on classmates..reunion..white pages..yellow pages..I've called his old numbers and they have been disconnected..from what I've been told he doesn't live at his old place anymore and to be honest, I'm a tad chicken to just roll up and knock on the door to see if he's there..I haven't seen him in 4 years and the last time I talked to him was just before I moved back to the IE in 2002.. Anyone have any ideas on how to go about locating a person??? I'd just like to see how he's doing..and maybe have a beer or two with him and talk over old times...Any information would be helpful.. His name is Aaron M. Holliday (he's 25) and the last city I knew he was living in was San Bernardino Ca..and we both graduated from Rialto High School in 1998 Thanks for any help..
  14. Dust_Bunny

    Just Saying Hello

    Thanks Cortni!!! You are awesome! Love you girlie!!!!!!!
  15. Dust_Bunny

    Just Saying Hello

    Welcome to the board! Let me know if you need anything! Nicole

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