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  1. Thanks! Its pretty darn perfect. I built it for my son years ago, its got maybe 20 hours on it.
  2. No one? Price too high? Reduced! $900! Runs perfect! Brand new tires.
  3. 1979 ATC 70 ground up restoration. Powdercoated frame and front forks, painted tank (gas leak screwed up paint). All bearings and wear parts new. 88 cc kit. $1000 firm Eric 602-285-9959 Phoenix
  4. My Banshee was stolen by two mexican males who came to look at it from a craigslist ad. They asked for a test ride and took off. If anyone sees it come up in a for sale ad please contact me at 602 285 9959. Its been reported to police.
  5. When we purchased our ranch in Laveen we had litterally hundreds of gophers on the property. Ive spent the last year killing them and getting them gone. Last count we have killed far more than a hundred. We tried everything. The smoke bombs (dont work), the poisons (dont work well), exploding the tunnels with oxy/acyeline (dont work, but fun), and the folk remedies (dont work). Only thing that works reliably is learning about how the live and getting good at using traps. In my experince some traps are better than other but most all work. And yes, you do sometimes run into some smart ones that are trap savy. You just have to be really persistant. Its taken me a year and a half but we are gopher free.
  6. Im in Vegas and me and some buddies have decided that the trip wont be complete without hitting at least one cool topless bar. So my question is which one? Prefer reasonable pricing (we aint rich) lol. Thanks in advance!
  7. Myspace is so 2005, but still add me lol. www.myspace.com/ericeamadio The question ought to be do you Facebook? www.facebook.com Search for Eric Amadio, there are two of us, one is me here in the Zona, the other is the rumpranger movie director in Cali. Pisses me off, you'd think with a obscure name like Amadio that there wouldnt be some other jack hole with the same name.
  8. How about: We cant beat you in the marketplace (radio) or arena of logic, so what weve decided is to resort to placing a giant sign in the town where you live to call you childish names.
  9. Actually I wont see anything with Sean Penn, Tim Robbins or Susan Sarandon because of thier political activities. Im sure im not the only one that feels this way. We all vote with out pocket book.
  10. It is a shame for California, but im afraid the state has gone too far for someone like Joe to be able to survive any amount of time in CA politics. Its almost too late here too, someday they will get Joe. Im actually surprised hes lasted as long as he has. On a subject change, has you ever read Edmud Morris's Biography of TR? Amazing man, amazing books.
  11. Go Joe! Notice that these guys had to have people fly in from out of state to even get a couple thousand. The great thing about Joe is that he handles things in a old school Arizona way. Far too few of us old timers in positions of power. Hate to say it but the influx of you Californians has just about ruined our once great state. Not all of you but most bring your effed up liberal way of thinking with you when you move here. And sadly ive watched Arizona slow melt into California lite. Its a real shame.

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