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  1. If you don't want to spend Skat level money, then the best of the more budget friendly ones are the 32" CST Sandblast.
  2. sinverguenza, I've been using a 20 lb CO2 tank for 10 years or so. For what you want to do, you'd be able to get 2 trips out of a tank. mellen_mpz says his lasts a half a season. I'm not sure how that's possible unless he has a massive tank. If I aired down my truck and trailer to 20 lbs, I could get 2 trips on a bottle. It is by far the fastest way to go. As WLD-OTZ states, the small molecules cause it to leak easily, even through the sidewall of your tires. If I air up my truck with CO2, I have to top off the tires with air a few weeks later. I also have a Porter Cable compressor that has worked very well, just slower.
  3. I think that roof started white. It looks like an EPDM roof that has had all of the white finish weather off of it.
  4. SOLD This was originally purchased as the following parts: Reese part #66075, Strait-Line Weight Distribution w Sway Control - Trunnion Bar - 17,000 lbs GTW, 1,700 lbs TW (link here) Reese part #54972, Titan Weight Dist Shank - 1-1/4" Drop, 5-1/4" Rise - 1,700 lbs TW (link here) I DO NOT HAVE THE PARTS THAT ATTACH TO THE TRAILER. You are only getting what you see in the pics. This would be great for somebody replacing some existing parts, or you can probably locate the parts to make it complete. It can also be used without the Dual-Cam Sway Control feature and just connected to regular weight distribution chains. The bars are rated for up to 1,700 lb tongue weight. the overall hitch and shank are both rated for 1,700 lb tongue weight and 17,000 lb overall weight. THE SHANK REQUIRES A 2-1/2" RECEIVER. This is a big-boy setup SOLD
  5. Better yet, use Tom Morris He does great work.
  6. My local Big O Tires got mine for me. I think they were around $150-160 a piece. Unless your flatbed is massive, these would probably be overkill. They are a G rated (110 psi) tire with a load rating of 4400 lbs.
  7. I've been running these for the past 4 years and have been happy with them.
  8. I'm guessing these spares aren't going to be real useful...unless you get a flat near a tire shop.
  9. Any pics of the car? Man, that looks like a blast.
  10. Yes, I have used mine (hydraulic) to lift the whole trailer off the ground and pull the wheels off to service the bearings.
  11. My 2013 Raptor 5th wheel (big triple axle 42 footer) has the 6 point hydraulic system. It has been reliable and convenient for me. A few times I've been far enough out of level that the system didn't want to work. In those cases I've had to park in a better spot or manually dig out one side a little. This has only happened twice in the past 6 seasons in Glamis.
  12. That's amazing. Those goggles are pretty tough, so that thing must have had some serious velocity on it.

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