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  1. kazuaki

    Handheld radio question

    The speaker wires (both red and black) go from the speaker, which is mounted under the circuit board, to a board connector. You can see it in the red circle in my picture above. I cut the red wire and soldered it back together with my own wire added, essentially tapping into it without losing it's original connection. That way the speaker still works too. If I didn't want the speaker to work any longer, I could have just disconnected that plug from the board and connected straight to the board pin.
  2. kazuaki

    Handheld radio question

    Excellent point. While I'm happy with the approach I took, that's because I'm the kind of guy that like projects and this was a fun one. If you can deal with having the cable plugged into the mic port, then that's probably the safest route.
  3. kazuaki

    Handheld radio question

    1) It was either 18 or 20 gauge, but you could use thinner if you wanted. It's not carrying any measurable current or anything. 2) Yes, I had initially done everything through the connector, based on a guide I found elsewhere on the net. That setup had issues and didn't work properly, which is why I removed it from my post earlier in this thread. The mic did not work at all and the audio was way too quiet. I guess the audio on the connector is a much lower level than the audio on the speaker wire. Don't forget, the final setup is exactly the way Rugged does it. There's obviously a reason they go through that trouble versus just a plug and play connector 3) Here's my thoughts...the PTT is on the board connector. If you are going to the trouble to do the board connector, you might as well pick up the ground there (pin 1). That ground will work as a ground connector and also as the negative speaker connector. At that point, you only have the speaker positive and mic left to do. The mic is the hard one, not gonna lie. The speaker + is pretty easy since it is a short wire you are cutting and soldering, not a board connection. All that said, if you are worried about soldering, you could just buy the harness that plugs into the speaker outlet AND the mic port on the front of the radio. Then it would be totally plug and play. It just won't look quite as clean since you have the visible wire plugged into the mic port on front. It would be a lot easier though and would be sure to work. Here's the cable I'm referring to: https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=53_48&products_id=2437 With that there's no opening up the radio or anything.
  4. kazuaki

    Handheld radio question

    So far it's worked perfectly. Let me know if you run into any issues or have questions.
  5. kazuaki

    Glamis Off-Weekend Pics

    Yep, I like that one. Of course, after seeing the photos he received a lecture for laying down on the tracks to get the shot.
  6. kazuaki

    Glamis Off-Weekend Pics

    Yeah, he did that one in portrait configuration so it's perfect for a phone homescreen
  7. kazuaki

    Glamis Off-Weekend Pics

    And a few night shots...he used a long exposure and a flashlight to paint some light onto the Can Am while the shutter was open.
  8. kazuaki

    Glamis Off-Weekend Pics

    As some of you know, my 15 year old son (@j.nuibe.photography) is an aspiring photographer with a passion for Glamis. We just spent 3/29 - 4/2 in Glamis. The off-peak trip was a nice opportunity for him to experiment and show his artistic side. Usually, he gets so caught up in taking pics at the hill and drags. I think he came up with a few good shots, some of things we take for granted in Glamis.
  9. kazuaki

    Do you guys like pics?

    Such a good lens. My son loves his, although the 70-200 F2.8L is a close second.
  10. kazuaki

    Do you guys like pics?

    Great pics Carl! What lens are you using these days?
  11. kazuaki

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    I'm guessing these spares aren't going to be real useful...unless you get a flat near a tire shop.
  12. kazuaki

    Action Shots

    A selection of shots that my son (@j.nuibe.photography) has taken...
  13. I forgot to update this thread. I took the truck to "The Truck Shop" in Temecula. The leak was coming from the oil cooler, which is at the rear-driver corner of the engine where the oil filter attaches. They replaced all the gaskets and seals in the oil cooler, changed the oil and filter, and changed the coolant. Surprisingly, it was a relatively inexpensive fix (about $430 total). I've been on two Glamis trips since the repair and everything seems good.
  14. kazuaki

    Wanna give a huge shoutout to Chevy5150

    Andrew has also helped out my family more than once. Great service and easy to deal with.

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