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  1. Damn, do people really dune like that? Side by side, passing each other, just straight-lining stuff? Looks like a disaster waiting to happen.
  2. You won't have an issue with the stator at that level. I'm running 3 XL80's and 4 Squadron Pros. They definitely pull a lot of power, but I haven't had any issues so far.
  3. GM, truck looks great. So, what is the best way to avoid this in the future? Will the ceramic coat keep it from happening? Wash the truck off ASAP?
  4. Dylan never made any passes close to us that day (we were about 1/3 of the way down on the left side), he was well out in the middle. Dylan and Paul Tracy both said the LEO specifically stated 100 MPH limit to them.
  5. So, I saw that rangers rolled up to pad 3 on Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving) and forced Pont to leave. The reason given was that his rigs had been there over 14 days. I guess they picked him out to make an example? I'm sure plenty of others were there over 14 days, but he's the most high-profile I guess. I wonder if this was an isolated incident, or if it will be enforced moving forward. I don't really care one way or the other about the rule, I just thought it was interesting that they actually made them leave. I don't recall hearing about that happening much, if at all, in the past.
  6. The car looked great out there. I REALLY like the look. Some pics my son took...
  7. So, between the new motor build, bigger injectors, and working boost controller, are you looking at significantly more power with the new setup?
  8. While I agree with the overall sentiment of the post, I think the numbers are BS. I'm pretty sure there's a lot more than 15 coal-burning power plants in the US.
  9. Looks like so much fun. I'd love to do this with my kid. Got some new seats and belts, huh? I thought you had stock ones when I saw you in Glamis last season. How are they?
  10. Yeah, the semi was broken down on the shoulder. Actually pretty far off the road. I wonder if the pickup driver lost control, or was distracted?
  11. I had a 30" extension (the largest available at the time) from toyhaulerextensions.com installed on my 2013 Raptor fifth wheel in October 2018. As J Alper stated, it looks like a box bolted to the back of the trailer. I just looked at their website and see that they have revised the design since last year and the new ones more closely meet the roof line and look quite a bit better. Regardless, the functionality is the same. Overall, I have mixed feelings about mine. It accomplished what I needed. I bought a Can Am X3 4 seater and needed to fit it into my trailer's 12 foot garage. It's worked perfectly for that. The kit seems very strong. The back wheels of my Can Am sit fully on the floor of the extensions and I haven't seen any issues with that. My issue (other than the boxy look) is that I spent the first few weeks after I got the trailer back chasing leaks. I drove from Murrieta all the way to Havasu and stayed the night at a hotel out there to have the install done. When I picked it up, there was some obvious daylight coming in around the ramp door. They stated that the original rubber seal on the ramp door was so flat and worn that it wasn't sealing. When I got home, I got a new seal and took care of that. Within a few days, we had a decent rain. I decided to check the inside of the garage and had a few large puddles in there. Once the rain stopped I did some troubleshooting and found a few places where they did not get a good seal between the extension and the trailer. They seal it with caulk, but I guess they got careless because there were a few spots where I could shine a light through. In addition there were leaks between the side panels and the top panel. The extension is made in 4 boxed sections (top bottom left and right). When they joined the sections together, they again got careless with the sealant. The final issue was that the ramp door still leaked a little with the new seal. The reason for this is that the back of the extension is totally flat above the door. Most toy haulers have a kick out that covers the top edge of the door, so rain is not puddling on top of the ramp door seal. With the extension, that feature was lost. I ended up making my own rain gutter out of a piece of aluminum and placing that right above the ramp door. That took care of the issue. I made about 8 trips to Glamis last season with the Can Am in the trailer and didn't have any additional issues. The product works for what I need, but I wish it looked a little better (seems the newer model does) and I really wish I didn't have to put so much work into it myself after paying over $6k for it (with install).
  12. If you don't want to spend Skat level money, then the best of the more budget friendly ones are the 32" CST Sandblast.
  13. sinverguenza, I've been using a 20 lb CO2 tank for 10 years or so. For what you want to do, you'd be able to get 2 trips out of a tank. mellen_mpz says his lasts a half a season. I'm not sure how that's possible unless he has a massive tank. If I aired down my truck and trailer to 20 lbs, I could get 2 trips on a bottle. It is by far the fastest way to go. As WLD-OTZ states, the small molecules cause it to leak easily, even through the sidewall of your tires. If I air up my truck with CO2, I have to top off the tires with air a few weeks later. I also have a Porter Cable compressor that has worked very well, just slower.

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