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  1. Great flag raising ceremony E8E0A442-EA07-4519-B2A8-82E91E202251.MOV
  2. From the sky. Courtesy of duneflyer
  3. Thanks for all the replies, installing PCI and parker system.
  4. Temecula motorsports has some 18’s but don’t known if they have 4s. Ask for Jon Christy and tell him mark jones refered you Worth a call.
  5. I know lots of people run the pci/rugged radios with wired helmuts (and a pumper system as well). So some weird reason I don't like cables and hoses attached to my helmut, anyone have success with the blue tooth insert-into-helmut kits? I have a senna unit for my street/adventure riding but I've heard they don't hold out well in Glamis and Oct due to the dust and sand. The 10R looks like the best sandy option. Senna makes a helmut but the reviews say venting is non-existent. The 10-u for the Shoei GT-Air looks like it may be a good combo. Just want to listen to tunes, phone, gps and inside the car with 1-4 riders. Anyone try them and found a good setup? On the pumpers, I've never used them in the Funco, but everyone tells me you need them for razors - comments anyone?
  6. Looks great, where did you get them at, and what are the small 5wt lights for?
  7. Very long time no see, Happy Birthday! -mark
  8. Hmm, someone must have special privileges, mine says: Upload failed. Please ask the administrator to ensure the uploads directory is writeable
  9. You could buy the store and retire there. Nice to seem some familiar names on this thread! Missed everyone, will be making trips out there again next month. :>) -mark
  10. Here is the good, and the bad from the last trip. This isn't my bike, it one of the four others that went down, we hit some stuff that was like grease, it took four guys to pick up a bike it was so slippery. I totaled mine, got airlifted out (chopper then king air), broke T6 in my spine and crushed my left wrist. But other than that the trip was great. :>)
  11. Well I checked my contract and it is in there, first page of rental agreement "Platinum Member - refer to price sheet for services and service discounts" I've attached the price sheet provided when I signed up for my 12 month, renewable contract, the only change allowed is the price, which has more than doubled since 12/15/2007. GDS_Contract2.pdf
  12. As some may know I went to the Arctic a few years ago, and had a little problem on the return trip. Well not being a quitter I had to go back, which we did this year. Here is about a 25 minute video from our trip, you'll need Quicktime to view it: Arctic Adventure

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