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  1. Well they do have Dear White People....
  2. 14' walls minimum. 16'+ ceiling. I've been told roll up doors need at least 2' of clear clearnace for it to roll up.
  3. Here is group on Facebook my brother n law and his buddy started. It helps by sending funds to FoOD in the fight to keep Oceano opened. I got the ok to post this here. If anyone is interested in it, join their page to play the games they have. I've seen some pretty cool prizes. RV, camping, riding gear. They are working with other dealers for prizes. It looks to be a closed group. If there are any questions, I'll try my best to answer. I myself am not involved with the group. Just trying to get more people involved. And what better way is here with thousands of members. Here is the pinned post from he group for *Offroaders Anonymous* https://www.facebook.com/groups/224657361423402/ Welcome to the new offroaders anonymous page alot of these games we are working on will be directly affecting our helping efforts to keep our public beach open for generations, please bear with us as we get things settled in and started up. Please take the time and head over to the Friends of Oceano Dunes, with every closed raffle we will have a continuous tally of all the money donated www.oceanodunes.org Thank you in advanced, Larry To the admins & mods, if anything needs to be modified to comply with the rule , please let me know.
  4. If anyone follows Friends of Oceano Dunes on Facebook, they will find all the dates, location, and times. It would nice to see many more Socal off road shops get involved.
  5. Whatever it is that you posted from doesn't coincide with the meetings that have been going on. Like I said, reports are. Of course tall trees are removed if they pose a hazard. But, what's is currently going on in the Mesa is that they've been removed over the past few years for development.
  6. And I'm saying, that SLO county allowed a developer to remove the trees that were there for a reason. Not sure what crawled up you legging. I wasn't even responding to your comment to begin with.
  7. There are reports saying that SLO county approved illegally removing trees that were put in place decades ago so the Nipoma Mesa area could be developed. The trees were put there for dust control. The home builders want a view of the ocean.
  8. Something in the neighborhood of $243 million a year in outsider spending there.
  9. I put 2 n 2 together. After reading through 2 pages.
  10. Why did you have to call another dealer (epic) if you purchased from Cactus?
  11. Help me out. It's animal cruelty to keep chickens in coops for mass egg production. Calfs in tiny pins to keep their muscles from bulking up. But it's ok to keep huge snakes in tiny bins?

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