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  1. This is a steal. $7,900.00. Never dropped or laid down. Includes 4 helmets, and 2 riding jackets.Only 3,763 miles!! Contact FNG (Patrick) 858-414-7528
  2. Still waiting for a taker! Weather is getting warm!
  3. So I finally splurged an got the Sonos 5.1 from Amazon!! If you have never heard it, you will be blown away!!!! It beats any Bose system hands down!
  4. FNG


    From the album: "1st GNC" 2006-04-07

  5. FNG


    From the album: "2009 GNC" 2009-05-01

  6. FNG


    From the album: "2009 GNC" 2009-05-01

  7. FNG


    From the album: "Freedom Invasion" 2008-11-07

    Girls group photo
  8. FNG

    Avengers Infinity War

    Is it me or did the Avengers just seriously get their asses kicked?
  9. Yes please!

  10. Max Grayson Glass I'm reserving mine right now!! Save me some space!

  11. She makes my truck look amazing!

  12. So cool to be able to go straight to my connecting flight without going outside to smoke a cigarette!! Rocking day 7 of quitting

  13. Today is day 5 of quitting smoking. I am so thankful I was able to finally kick this nasty habit once and for all. I have to give a special thank you to my wonderful girlfriend back in San Diego for putting up with my mood swings and general unpleasantness during the past week. Thank you baby!!!

  14. Happy Birthday

  15. What's the problem?????

  16. Put a ✈️ by the places flown to and a

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