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  1. Yes diesel is smog every other year.
  2. Dealership the diesel is $8-11K if fuel pump fails. To replace the 6.0 in the gas truck with new Crate engine $5500.
  3. I have a 2016 2500HD gas rig. And a 2015 Duramax 3500HD. The 2500 handles up to 10k all right and rated to tow 14,500 which is not a problem until you hit a steep grade. New Chevy 2500 you can get the 6.6 gas engine I have not test drove one yet. The Ford 7.3 has engine is not out yet. If you need a Chevy dealer Jason Holley at Selman Chevy in Orange.
  4. Bullet proof shit more like RPG proof. There could be a drive by out front and with the windows closed you would not hear it. Had Hanson truss make the roof trusses and used r30 insulation and new reflector series composition shingles it . New code R38 insulation. Had to leave the roof clear for future solar installation now code is solar system installed with new construction.
  5. No pictures on my phone. They are foam blocks that clip together. You build the walls with rebar inside then fill with concrete. Similar to pour in place but the foam forms stay and are the insulation. Great for basement construction. Here in So Cal the benefits are not as good as the freezing areas or super hot AZ weather. The basement is 8" thick concrete inside the forms so it would be like a bomb shelter.
  6. The Fox blocks were very fast and easy to assemble. Issues I had were with the Engineer and the city inspectors. Neither had seen it before. It is pre engineered but our engineer added more steel than it called for. City inspectors did not know anything about it and were skeptical of the foam being the form. The hardest part of the build was the plumbing.
  7. If you need some kindling to get those logs started. I have 2 pallets of framing and form lumber at a job in Torrance. Bring a truck and I can load with fork.
  8. I built 2 ICF houses with FOXX blocks and sold them 3 story 1 below grade.. On the same street I live on. Like mentioned the basement portion was where it saved money sq ft wise. I stamped the concrete with a tile stamp I have. The 3rd story 2nd above ground is framing. Should of framed everything except the basement. We subdivide the lot so went down to gain sq ft. Being So Cal the weather does not justify the use of ICF like AZ would. The previous ICF project I did the basement was only ICF used framed the top. Used ARRX blocks on that 1. Any questions ask. If I was in your area I would help you out. It's not hard and it is one solid house when complete.
  9. My SDR cage saved my life. Quality aftermarket cage is a must for a side by side.
  10. They are smart enough not to fall in a pool. They like to root so if you have a nice lawn it will look like someone ran over it with a rototiller. Friends is so big now not sure how they transport it. They use to lay treats across the ramp and it would use the ramp to get in the back of the SUV. Probably need a horse trailer with a ramp.
  11. They will keep growing if you feed them to much. Friend has 1 it was supposed to be 30-40 lbs. It is over 150 now and its brother is 30 lbs. It will eat there dogs food and anything else it can get a hold of.
  12. Looks great. I get customers all the time that want them painted. All the local spots want crazy prices. That kitchen I bid one similar at $18k and they thought I was crazy. My cost was 16k.
  13. Have heard a lot of negative comments about Robby over the years. Met him in Glamis and he went out of his way to make us shots and cocktails. My buddy doesn't drink but is a Robby fan. Looked over and he took a shot with us also.
  14. Looks like a wakeboarder. Perfect River weather this weekend.

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