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  1. Nope. Most addicts carry it on them. One of the guys that used to work for me hangs out at a zombie warehouse. He has saved a lot of them he told me and brought them back from dead. Said they will OD and be slamming the same bad batch they died from the day before instead of throwing it away. Said he has revived some more than once. It's a straight heroin epidemic not a homeless issue. I lost one of my best friends to that shit.
  2. Going to the river tomorrow with my buddy that unloads new cars trucks and SUVs at the port. It might only have a few miles on it when you get it but they also might be the hardest miles it ever sees.
  3. Home depot has some for $25 they are much better than the $10 folding cheap ones. Just bought 2.
  4. Check out Anaheim kitchen and Bath same building as Best Cheer Stone. They have a nice white raised panel all wood construction cabinet I have used many times much better than home depot and better price. Tariffs have brought up price though. I got a wholesale account there.
  5. Hard to say. Days I get in there and shovel with the Guys. Let them see you being Lazy they will follow suit.
  6. I run the Samson from Simple tire pretty much the same as that 1. Beefy for sure. I have ordered 3 sets from Simple Tire since someone posted the thread on here years ago. Great prices and service. They are heavy tires but with a DP or diesel should not notice. I had some 10 ply on 1 trailer and these on the other before I switched to all these on my trailers. With a gas truck I could feel the drag when towing one after the other of same dump trailer empty. Worth it as these resist nails much better at the dump as they are thick.
  7. Your in Torrance right? Lots of Chevron employees living local. My Brother is a operator there got a lot friends there as well.
  8. This is a good kit I recently bought for river pad. Not brushless but with 10% off only $500
  9. Dewalt 20V for majority at least 30 tools. Milwaukee Fuel in M18 and M12. Both make great products. I would go all Dewalt if they made the specialty tools for plumbing like Milwaukee does.
  10. Hope all is Good Jason good luck with the sale. Nick from Echo.
  11. Yes overkill. I put 12" of base down for paver drive way if they have a diesel pusher going over it. Depending on soil 3-4" base. With pets base not DG. Base is a lot cheaper. "Compaction is Key" just like pavers. If super soft fill dirt or Adobe that expands and contracts then you might want more than 4" compacted base. If you grade is low you can just use base to get correct grade.
  12. With pets I would dig it deeper. Start with 4" of 3/4 " rock then compact 3-4" of base over. That will give you more drainage to wash through. The nails are supposed to rust to lock in place. If you are local to Torrance I have the Stihl power broom much more effective than just a push broom.
  13. Check Etrailer.com I bought 2 long shanks from them for my F550 dump. They sell the 20k balls to go with.

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