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  1. I am in the market. Saw $29850 Otd at mountain. Waiting on a buddy that is sponsored by Polaris to see what he can do. I checked out can am 4 seater RR and they wanted $4500 additional dealer markup plus tax and fees.
  2. Kicking around the idea of buying 1 also. I keep looking at the 2 door posted but my Nieces and Nephews are growing like weeds and 3 of them in the back would be tight fit. I checked out the new ones at auto show and both the ones in liked were $54K sticker.
  3. I have bought a few things there always overpaid trying to support my local dealer. New banshee new 450 new Rhino. They must bank on the customers from the Hill that just sign on the dotted line. I would think at MSRP plus tax they would be making money no need to try and sneak in $1800 in fees to make a profit.
  4. Some dealerships just don't get it. Our local Pacific Yamaha is a joke. I was in there recently and they claimed MSRP plus tax no extra fees. I tried buying a Polaris and the price was $1800 more than MSRP plus tax. Stupid salesman must of thought I would not do the math. Surprised there still in business even with the booming economy. Even after I explained how I helped catch the guy who beat up the owner and purse snatched his girlfriend they showed me no love. I was the only customer there and they could of made a easy sale.
  5. I have 2 different black dishwashers from kitchen remodels I am doing if someone buys these you can have 1 or both the dishwashers pick up in torrance.
  6. I think he used to have a place by me at the river. He had a purple magic. Short little guy with a temper.
  7. My cousin daughter works at the Pike location. Have not been by there in a while and just found out she works there. Need to stop by and have her bring her crew out next summer for some River trips.
  8. I went to the auto show. Had many issues with my old fords and own 4 newer Chevys now instead of 4 fords like I used to. Checked out every truck. The new Ford was hard to knock that's for sure. This was only truck I saw I would of considered buying but I need more guys to justify buying it.
  9. In Person only thing I really don't like is the step in front of bed. Never liked stepside trucks. The dually is rated at 40k GCWR. Can tow 26k pounds when loaded to the 14k GVWR.
  10. My 15 Duramax was free DEF fill up and oil changes first 2 years. Since only filled up twice with the Blue. Was told it has a shelf life and buy where they sell alot of it.
  11. 100% Agree! I went back and forth on buying 1. Ended up with a new 18 1500. Have 2 Duramax already in my work trucks. But think the 2019 will be like my old 06 LBZ and hold its value very well as not a fan of the 2020 HD.
  12. Less than a 2020 gasser. The best deal I saw was $57K for a 2019 4x4 LTZ. Blowing them out as new 2020s in. I would take the 2019 .
  13. Yes diesel is smog every other year.

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