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  1. Mr. Pickle

    2016 YXZ1000R - $17,500

    2016 Yamaha YXZ1000R- 95hrs, 2033miles- IMG cage with roof and LED light bar- IMG bed surround - Fox Shock revalve kit with dual rate Eibach springs and shock covers - Alba Racing ECU reflash and full exhaust system- 5 new 30x10x14 Airsun Aftershock tires on Method wheels- 28” CST Sandblaster paddles tires on RaceLine wheels- Rugged radio intercom and car to car radio- Weller air injection block off plates - Weller metal CV guards - Alba HD driveshaft coupler (new in box not yet installed)- External LCD coolant temp gauge- Alba heavy flywheel- Alba light weight flywheel- Stock flywheel - PRP 5 point harnesses - GYTR secondary intake filter - Horn kit
  2. Mr. Pickle


    Updated info and price.
  3. Mr. Pickle

    5 - 30x10x14 Bighorns $100

    I have 5 Bighorns with roughly 400 mikes on them. 3 have a plug in them and all hold air. Still plenty of life left in them. Available for pickup in Huntington Beach. Send me a PM. Thanks for looking.
  4. Mr. Pickle

    sold please delete

    No thanks, already have a sxs. I woud be open to 200, 250 or 300cc four stroke quads to be able to ride with my daughter. Plus cash.
  5. Mr. Pickle

    sold please delete

    Maybe. What do you have in mind?
  6. Mr. Pickle

    sold please delete

    Updated price
  7. Mr. Pickle

    Yxz1000 rear bumper - IMG

    Yes, it should fit just fine.
  8. Mr. Pickle

    Yxz1000 rear bumper - IMG

    First edition IMG Motorsports Yamaha YXZ 1000 rear bumper. Will fit up to a 32" tire in the bed. Added a bottle opener as an essential tool for the trail.Adds a nice line around the rear of the car and finishes it off. Has a few scratches but powder coat is in good condition. Easy bolt on installation. Located in Orange County. $100 pickup or $120 shipped.
  9. Sand Shark, lights look great! I have the same paddle setup and noticed you have the fronts on “backwards” from what is on the sidewall. How does the car feel different with them like that? Just curious, thanks!
  10. Mr. Pickle

    Good Non Paddle For Sand And Desert

    I would go with the 4+3, had them on my Rzr and loved them, call James @ IMG Motorsports for great pricing. I just had this same internal struggle about tires and decided on the 30x10x14 Bighorns for my new YXZ. I ride 80% Glamis and loved how they handled and the traction on my Rzr 1000. Some of our group run the Aftersocks but I didn't like how they made the car feel really squirrelly. Just my take, to each is their own. It's all about having fun with friends and family.
  11. Mr. Pickle

    Need New Exhaust For 15 Xp1000

    Could you PM me where you got it for that price?

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