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  1. We keep our music on really loud throughout the whole night, and have fireworks set on timers going off every 20 minutes. It really deters any shady types from coming though our camp.
  2. I sometimes pull the steering wheel off, and take out the key. I’ll put it in the trailer sometimes if it’s easy access, or if weather looks questionable when is the last time a Sandcar or even side x side was stolen from an attended camp?
  3. Yeah those are way better deals. The push health consult is $70, and they will write they prescription. Some peoples local pharmacy’s will fill them, but I used honeybee... and it was $250 for 50 pills. But it is legit, Iv shipped to your door.
  4. Pushhealth.com this is an online Dr Consultation. They will prescribe ivermectin. If you have been exposed / infected or taking for prevention. not cheap, but it’s legit. Honeybeehealth is an online pharmacy they recommend, and they ship it to you.
  5. Bummer!! I've hated cats forever.... My daughter has begged and begged forever... and I finally gave in less than a year ago, and now we have Oreo... our outside cat (still wouldn't let her have an indoor cat) we rescued him from a nursery down the street, they were wild kittens living in this nursery and they said if you can catch one, you can have it.... well she caught one. This little effer has grown on me, and I like having him around.... and like you, would be totally sad if he wasn't any longer 😞
  6. Previously you had said, you are okay with employer vaccine mandates. I know the healthcare worker mandate was upheld... and obviously some people in healthcare are losing / leaving their jobs.... which contributes to the staff shortages.
  7. Does your wife and her fellow nurses support the firing of their other fellow nurses that chose not to get the vaccine?
  8. But mine also has filtration on top! That has to help LOL 😉
  9. I'll try a little less oil next time around. I can't imagine these filters are too small for this setup... it is stock stroke LS2 on 9lbs of boost. Most of the crazy motor cars aren't running filters any bigger, and have 3x the boost and HP.
  10. Mine does more of a woosh sound when I let off. Not the cool Turkey gobler... so I assume it’s working okay.
  11. That was my theory... well it’s good to know that it isn’t anything to worry about. Not sure if my BOV is adjustable or not. I can hear it venting when I lift, but who knows if some is through the filters.
  12. IATS? I've seen some cars with their filters all sucked in, which made me think the filters were definitely too small... My filters still look look good.
  13. not sure what type of paint the rebuilder used... but it was a nice grey when I got them back, and within 1-2 trips they faded to this pinkish color.
  14. Its' weird because the filters themselves aren't really that dirty after a 3-4 day trip... just the outerwears

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