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  1. Updates look good! If it's within the budget... I'd just go with a new fuel cell while you're into the remodel.
  2. Looks like they're taking some styling from the new corvette interior.... not sure if it's structural at all.
  3. Most peoples dogs are dumb and bark at anything these days... so not really any sort of decent "alert" system.
  4. bump! trade for front smoothies that will fit an LT80
  5. Douglas wheels with ITP paddles. Were used on a RZR 170. Not sure of the bolt pattern, the RZR DID have wheels spacers, so not sure if is factory bolt pattern or not. Not sure what else they can fit. Been sitting in the garage for years, definitely need to be cleaned off lol $100 located in riverside
  6. Just wanted to give a shoutout to gearone! cool to have a company actively involved in the sand community. They posted up a discount code over the 4th... ordered some parts, received it quickly with a bunch of goodies. have had them rebuild my steering rack, next up will be my hubs... happy to have a bunch of gearone products on my car with this kind of support / service @parker@gearone
  7. @Justgetnby Did this trailer ever get finished up? any updated pics? How was the build experience with the new company?
  8. Thank you for the info! gonna order some CV's... I have your midboards on my car, and plan on servicing them soon (fingers crossed that bearings are all good) but what seals do I need to order for a best case scenario service?
  9. Awesome! Will the 934 CV's on your site fit the gear-one midboards? also, are the super CV's much stronger / more recommended than the empi's?
  10. Guy has a house on the sand in Newport beach prob worth 15-20million, thanks to sub par wanna be punk music... and he's gonna say efff America??
  11. My first car was a twisted tin… great car, handled really well. Like everyone else mentioned, factor in the trans swap into the purchase price. I’d also pay extra attention to the rear torsion tube… I had mine sheet off right next to the rear trailing arm mounts. I had mine completely remodeled after that with a new body etc.
  12. Problem is, most people who spend recklessly to begin with, never throttle back until it's too late. tough times are coming, plan accordingly. Also lots of opportunity ahead for those who have planned accordingly I've always watched our spending to begin with, was never a fan of debt.... so we are still living life the way we have, but definitely paying attention to a it a little closer. Less zipping around town for errands on a whim, and try to group it all into one trip. Our girls play club soccer, so we usually have to eat out a lot during tournaments, but thankfully our go to spot is in n out... which is still the best value out there. Used to stop at Habit a lot, but that place has gone up in price, and down in quality so fast. Hoping fuel prices taper down before desert season... but if not, still plan on doing the same number of trips, but will try to extend them all by a few days... since the RV will burn the same amount whether its a 3 day trip or 5 day trip.
  13. Love having a windshield, wouldn't go without it. only downside is car will run hotter.... mostly noticeable on a long run such as a ride to duners diner
  14. So weird that most industries haven't been able to get these issues sorted out by now car manufacturers still dealing with chip shortage issues... yet there is no shortage of iphones or big screen TV's
  15. Just like everything else... insurance rates are unfortunately going up! a little warning from an industry insider.... Auto insurance specifically going way up next year.

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