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  1. Never had that problem... but maybe try some heat? torch it. or slide a long ass bolt into the top hole (not going into the threads of the cup) and then hit that with a hammer..... the longer leverage and angle might be enough to pry an edge loose.
  2. Cool! I’m waiting for some deals!
  3. My wife is a dental hygienist... works in peoples mouths all day... probably at the most risk due to the nature of the job. Worked through the whole pandemic, caught Covid from her office end of December 2020 (everyone got it). But now due to the state order of healthcare workers being mandate to get vaccinated, it’s putting pressure on her “private employer” to also force the vaccination. She’s naturally immune.... but hey, just shut up and jab it up.... or just quit your job / office of 10 years... which also gave you Covid, because the boss begged them to all work and said they’d be safe during the pandemic. Sure that sounds reasonable. I am a business owner with employees and will not be requiring any of my employees to be vaccinated. It would be very irresponsible to of to require that of anyone at this given time. The vaccine is readily available for anyone who personally chooses that they need it, and I’m not against anyone making that personal choice. I have a few friend with businesses with well over hundreds of employees and they will not be requiring anyone to vaccinate. IMO, that is an example of a “conservative ideology”.
  4. Well now, if the vaccine actually prevented people from Catching or spreading Covid, then that argument might hold weight.
  5. just quit your jobs https://www.bitchute.com/video/mcvFCXV8OHox/
  6. Employers are on the hook if an employee gets injured at work.... if an employee is required to drive for their job, the employer carries commercial auto coverage etc. so if an employer is gonna mandate that a person inject themselves with an experimental vaccine that has zero liability, then the employer should be on the hook as well.
  7. Unless someone is willing to accept liability for the vaccine (whether it be Pfizer or the private employer requiring it) It is pretty wild to mandate it on people. So if an employer (private or public) is going to mandate it...... hopefully they have done their research, to believe in it so much, that they will accept liability for adverse reactions to the vaccine. at this time, there is still ZERO liability....... so any sort of "mandate" is very irresponsible.
  8. Term life is a no brainer once you're married / have kids.
  9. Info from a 2008 presidential election differs significantly from a 2021 California election. CA has a large Hispanic population compared to most states, and with that comes a higher level of illegal/undocumented/dreamer...... whatever you want to call it.
  10. Cool spot to watch the sun set, and have a beer without being having to worry about BLM (for the most part) definitely getting a little too busy lately.
  11. With no ID required to vote.... how can you be so sure? With all the tech we have these days... it is a joke that we still vote with scantrons and no ID requirement. You need an ID card to get a damn library card.
  12. agreed! we're gonna streamline our plan to GTFO of here.

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