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  1. I’ll take one... you ever passing through riverside area?
  2. Only tip I was given was don’t let female hygiene products go down the drain. This is our first new to us septic system, and going on 11years of no pumping. Never had an issue. I’d like to pump it for piece of mind, but the original owner poured part of the driveway over it. I do flush some treatment every couple of months (usually do it when I know we’ll be gone for a few days to make sure it gets to do its job).
  3. Good chance rates dip one more time when things fall apart either later this year or next, but it will be a short lived dip, and then rates are going to the moon.
  4. Gotcha! I'll be in touch soon to service these things. yeah I know that tatum... it's my neighbors new to him car... ouch!
  5. gear one use the same seals as tatum?
  6. definitely have the CV's serviced every season, just never knew what the interval service should be for hubs... but sounds like it's on the list this summer. Do the bearings usually always get replaced? or is it more often just the seals? Thanks for the info.
  7. Does gear one use the same seals / bearings? Was considering servicing my hubs this off season, and mine are gear one mid boards. do you recommend servicing the hubs? Or is this one of those, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it type of scenarios.
  8. It's not that the housing market is going up.... the value of our dollars is just going down the drain.
  9. I've never tried it... but I know with my BFD (fairly large car) down below, I was barely able to fit my daughters RZR 170 on the top platform with maybe 5 inches to spare. I know for sure if I went full size SxS, I would need a belly lift. This is probably not an issue if you have a small / short height rail... or funco w/ bags.
  10. I run about 18-20 in the rears, and 9 in the front. 36 blasters w/ 12.5 fronts. I like to slide. Still has plenty of traction.
  11. was at Glamis this passed weekend... and gecko rd was packed. did not look like an "off" weekend. Fuel prices definitely sting when getting 6 mpg average in the moho... but won't cut my season short. Hoping to get in one final trip in April if the weather dips.
  12. Well it hasn’t slowed down here on gecko rd. In late last night, and it is pretty packed for an off / random weekend.
  13. Haven't made it out to Dumont once this season! Hoping the weather cooperates in April to sneak in one trip.
  14. Kenny had these sort of issues way before Covid.
  15. Gonna feel the sting heading to Glamis this weekend. 150 gal moho diesel tank 50 gal fuel station w/ premium and a few 5gal/ 10 gal cans #FJB
  16. pretty awesome that they're hitting these speeds... but I think it's time to get back to racing from a stop. Too many variables with the roll in starts, and it's not like anyone is gonna hit 160 at the drags... The argument used to be about breaking transaxles... but most of these guys chasing the top MPH GPS # all have multiple cars, and spare transaxles... so I don't think you can use that argument anymore. Also the dubai guys are running Funcos, on sand drag strips from a stop. Albins can handle some abuse. At least racing from a stop brings back some driver talent into the equation (not saying that what they're doing doesn't still require talent)
  17. Winch up front for pulling the car in. Winch in rear for ramp door (ditch the springs / cables) all together. only thing I never like about the triple axles, is depending on you buggy wheelbase... the front or rear tires of the buggy will have to stay up on fender wells. This may not be a problem @ 106 wide depending on the buggy... or if you load buggy on lift, and SxS below... won’t be an issue. But if I were going 22’, I’d just go 2 axles spread / split. small sink on workbench. Long hose for fuel station (mounted passenger side)
  18. Last year we finished it off mid April. It was a hot trip, but we did morning and evening rides. Cranked the AC during the day and took naps. Nobody out there.
  19. so funny update... still waiting on my new DEF head to arrive... so over the weekend, I siphoned out about 3-4 gallons of DEF. Unplugged the sensor... disconnected the chassis batteries etc. Turned key in the on position, and noticed it only had 1 fault code in the memory instead of 3. Fired it up and a few seconds later all codes went away. Def gauge is reading 3 out of 4 bars. I cycled it a few time, and issues haven't came back yet. Might take it around the block a few times to see if anything acts up. If not, I'll just hold on to the new DEF head and replace it if issues come back.
  20. Sounds like it has been used well... which is usually a good thing, depending on how they were about maintenance. A bit on the high side considering its age. Depends on if you plan to keep it a longgg time, or if you are worried about resale.... because once they start getting into the 150's, resale starts to decline pretty quickly.
  21. One of the few good things left in Cali LOL. But they’ll hit you with a 9% sales tax.
  22. Height not an issue? No way I could fit my car and a sxs with my platform lift. Maybe I had a funco and dumped the bags

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