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  1. We had a storm cell come in and dump on us about 6pm Sunday. Anyone else get this storm? It headed west to Cucamonga and beyond. Wind and heavy rain and lightning for 1 hour and we got 3 3/4" of rain in that time. Homeless (drug addicts) all got a free bath and had to be rescued from creeks. Lots of stalled out cars. Here are a few vids at the house and the old railroad trail... IMG_7158.mov IMG_7164.mov IMG_7166.mov
  2. Love taking them to work. I smoke a whole meatloaf and make sandwiches out of it all. One on left has a BBQ glaze (*Not Ketchup). One on right has Golden Mushroom soup on top and mushrooms inside.
  3. I have solar and they say I have to be on time of use. My last house was the old way. It works way better for solar to take away tier 4, 3, 2, and only pay tier one. Not like that anymore. I make electricity all day with no-one home and when I turn on something after 4pm it costs me.
  4. I say run the AC, do laundry, charge that much needed electric car. It will look bad for him as he tries to run for president.
  5. Even with the fire scares, I love it up here!
  6. The house did great with the tough fire codes. No exposed wood on the house except the front door. I also replanted the slope with ice plant and less combustable plants.
  7. I still have State Farm. I'm really glad they haven't dropped me yet. They don't cover on the mountain anymore (used to live in Running Springs until my home burned in '07). I pay just over $2000 a year and am grateful. Had a fire at my new home on a very windy Halloween, 2019 (2am, no less) that surrounded my home and burned up to it. I didn't file a claim and repaired the landscaping and sprinklers without them to a tune of $14.000. House was fine. When this house does burn, I want State Farm again. Here are a few shots of what we found when we snuck back to the house. Small fires all over the place.
  8. Robertsons isn't known for hiring quality peeps. Don't know if he caused it.
  9. I think I saw some sand in there....
  10. And here is a shot of the old buildings that are being demo'ed. The new playfields will be here. IMG_6853.mov
  11. Been working at Chino High School for the last 2 1/2 years. They started new buildings in the field areas while the kids went to the old classrooms. Now school starts Monday. We have been working late every weekday and Saturdays for the last 2 months. The campus looks like a college. Way better than the old brick classrooms. Here are a few pics I got yesterday and today.
  12. Sold for $125 to an electrician on the job site!
  13. I got $20, do I have $30? Best offer.lol

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