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  1. We had iron security doors on our French doors in master bedroom (not behind any fencing and open). I hated them. Felt like being in jail laying in bed. So we got security screens with deadbolts and locks top and bottom. Looks almost like a regular screen door, but they have videos of people bashing with baseball bats and other things. No problem sleeping with doors wide open all night! California screen door in Pasadena. About $1800 3 years ago. Sorry, not a great pic of screens, just before and after.
  2. Some killer hillclimbs back there too.
  3. There and Windy Point. The undeveloped area of Canyon Lake. Lots of fun back then.
  4. When the banks start offering loans to illegals and anyone else with no proof because the homes are just going up and up and up like in 2006 0r so. Then we need to worry. Oh wait, the banks are doing that now....
  5. Here is a shot from the hills of North San Bernardino. IMG_4301.mov
  6. Disappointed in that launch. It never got into the sunlight.
  7. They need logging and forest thinning to help keep these fires in check.
  8. The good news is I'm sure they will kick out the vagrants living in the forest. Ha ha ha ha.
  9. I used to off road this area in the early 80s. Love this area.
  10. Best of luck. I always stress out on these fires, living in a fire zone. The smoke reached the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains by 4pm.
  11. The older folk may remember this place. Macho Combo egg burrito. It was so good.
  12. We needed to get the hell out of there. We needed to cover our tail way better than this. The people that live there need to choose their path. I would think Trump would have had an offensive push before we ran.

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