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  1. On a side note. This is actually my first hard top Jeep. The thing I missed the most was folding the top back. It can quickly fold without putting the whole top down. The Bestop Sunrider solved that. Kinda expensive, but it folds back at a red light if you want and closes just as fast. Love this set up.
  2. With the V-6 or 4 cyl turbo, 37s will be a pull and would be best to regear. With the diesel (or 392 V-8) however, you don't notice. I can still bark the tires easily.
  3. I would love to see more ideas too. I only have a BBQ and Pellet grill out back, and it's not at the pool. I don't know what to do there.
  4. I would stay away from any body lift. I wanted something that rode close to stock. 4West recommended Icon. I went with the Icon stage 2 (2.5") and added a Terraflex trackbar. Rides great, not too stiff and fits the 37" tires fine.
  5. Take the top off! Lol
  6. That's how all these homeless fires are starting!
  7. Makes great sandwiches with the leftovers too.
  8. I also had Pete with Islands in the Sun build one for my last house. Also plumbed into natural gas. Liked the whole set up. Have not yet built a built in at the new house. Here are a couple from the old house....
  9. Right between the power lines!
  10. We built our first pool after we bought this house in 2018. Started in Nov. swam in April. Salt system and love it. Total cost was $77,000 for the backyard (pool and hardscape). Also bought a stand alone spa (A good Master Spa at about $10,000). These are way more comfortable and I use it all year long. We designed a special spot just for the spa. Happy with the whole set up.
  11. Jeeze! After that last pool I didn't want to post.... Anyway, Had peeps over for the 4th. Great fireworks from all the illegal fireworks down below. We had a nacho bar. Was pretty good.
  12. Fun times! Pool party came out great. For food, instead of BBQ (so I could swim more), we did a nacho bar. Only thing I BBQ'ed was Carne Asada and 72 Jalapeño poppers.

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