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  1. Same everything. You get all the usual Rubicon stuff.
  2. These things have great torque. Lots of fun to drive. The turbo 4 banger does ok too without the battery backup. Don't know actual miles per charge.
  3. It is nice to NOT have to pay those sewer fees every month!
  4. Septic works best with sandy soil. Not good with clayey soils or bedrock. Maybe check nearby areas and see if you find clay soils at surface. The more clay in soil, the less perk rate you get. We do these perk tests for new homes.
  5. Housing prices will come down as interest rates go up. Of course, it will depend on just how high the rates go. We should be at the top of the pricing right now.
  6. I used more than I generated. At the 12th month you will pay or get a small refund for the year. I was supposed to have a ZERO bill and it's not even close.
  7. I paid Solar Max $27,000 for 26 panels ($18,000 after credits) to have a zero bill. 7,800 watt system making about 50 KWH a day (sunny day). I liked the fact that panels were made here. It took Edison 9 months to switch me over, so I had to pay the bill like normal. Solar Max was NO help there. When Edison figured out I had solar I find out I owe them over $1,000. I now average $200 a month. Again Solar Max was NO help. Not happy with Solar Max OR Edison. I had 18 panels on my last house and loved them then.
  8. you are lucky tf you can get it when you want it. Order way ahead.
  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you are still getting some.
  10. Happy Birthday! I would have posted a Happy Birthday to you on Facebook, but I'm still in jail....
  11. By looking at their leader.
  12. The leaders of the old group took off with the $$$ and now live in mansions. There is no accountability so they take that and run.
  13. 1895. My dad (Jack Johnson) showed me the dunes in 1980 (I never knew him until I was 18). We used to go night riding (far from other camps) and he would yell LIGHTS OUT. First one to turn on a light is a pussy! I had my new 1985 ATC 250SX and was amazed what it could do. One time during a lights out ride, we were climbing a dune. No idea how tall (you had to tap your foot on the sand to see if you were still going forward). Well, I hit the top and had nothing but air for what seemed like forever! I thought I was going to die but I landed perfect on the downside and thanked God. Always was a little more careful of the night rides. Also remember the follow the leader rides. You had to stay within the leaders tracks. We would do technical stuff by the trees and always loose someone in the trees. Fun times I wish we could go back to.

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