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  1. and yes , you guys got the tickets for illegaly holding space , and the ranger told me take as much time as you need to move stuff around and make space to fit in and be 10 feet off the road . the ranger told me if I felt like camping in the middle of your spot , I had every right to do so , I was vey cordial with him just like I have been on these posts , it seems like its you and mike are the only ones that mistreat women and officers with vulgar language . its really a shame I respect and get along with all law enforcement , guys like mike cause the men in blue to get a bad name ... there is always 1 bad apple I guess
  2. fake news cop calling mike , fyi I am a immgrant ... lol and while you are at it, please explain to them how you repeatedly yelled profanity at a woman, called the law enforcement female unrepeatable names not to mention called BLM degrading names, threatened me and my girlfriend, as well as harassed me over a spot of sand that is PUBLIC PROPERTY. Maybe they didn't teach you about respect for law enforcement in the police academy because you obviously have no respect for anyone other than yourself. I have never treated law enforcement the way you treated the rangers( which you called by the way). I told them and you I'd be happy to back up and accommodate you in any way which you refused. The fact that I have spoken about this incident (that I forgot about within an hour) as much as I have is a sheer waste of time. You are a very unhappy person. I suggest emotional counseling or maybe a self-help retreat for your obvious hatred for those who have offended you in your sad, bitter and vindictive life.
  3. the other side in red is a steep hill and soft sand can't park on it . like I have said I was waiting for some stuff to get moved around . as you can see by the overhead everyone was right on top of each other and trying to accommodate . the only person out of all these people there that was a ahole was COP CALLING Miguel . even his buddy in his camp said he has had a bad attitude and has generally been a ahole all his life , he's mad at the world . the rest of us all had a amazing week together , there is always 1 party pooper
  4. you can define the character of a man by the way he treats and talks to women !!! COP CALLER MIKE is on the record here 2 times calling a female officer a lying pos and a doctor and mother of 2 he told to her face to shut her eff*ing mouth you tweeker bitch ... the COP CALLER really has some anger issues , just read the anger and tone of all his posts and that tells you everything you need to know . he needs some anger management therapy or some better meds ... god help his poor wife that has to live with him
  5. lets be very clear , you didn't ask me to move , you told me to move because you don't want to have to deal with big mike ... thats what you said , I said who is big mike ? and you said someone you don't want to deal with . a hour later I asked you where is big mike and you said he's still on a dune ride , so when big mike showed up , he yelled and screamed and threaten a fight and how uncomfortable he was going to make my stay was going to be ... my girl said to him why are you being such a ahole ? his response to her was I am a 25 year ahole and shut your eff*ing mouth you tweaker bitch . thats when I said to COP CALLING mike don't talk to her that way and I'm not moving now ... so what happened next after all the tuff guy talk from MR 6.5 400LB about what he was going to do ... he called the COPS . his new name is COP CALLING MIKE . YOU SAY MAN UP AND ADMIT I'M WRONG , IS BEING A MAN TALKING TO A WOMAN LIKE THAT ???? I AM WILLING TO BET THAT BIG MIKE IS THE ONLY GUY ON THIS FORUM THAT THREATENS TO FIGHT A GUY 1/2 HIS SIZE, DOES NOTHING AND THEN CALLS THE COPS ... AND THEN GETS A TICKETED FOR IT ...
  6. ahhhhh it would die if crying cop calling mike would stop crying about it all over social media sites ... I was waiting for Jeff to get there cuz he said they would move some things around and get me next to him , and thats exactly what happened . I was parked there for what 3h max ? the moment the 25 year crying cop calling mike started barking orders like he is some drill sargent and he owns the land . my response was nope , I am not moving cuz he was being a ahole ... as for my parking pass blm office was closed when I got there , got my yearly pass in the morn . so the reality is I moved once a space was opened up for me and all of big mike's tuff guy talk is all just that TALK... he's a COP CALLER ... A REAL TUFF GUY ... and a FYI the blm told me I could move over closer to the COP CALLER to be 10 feet off the road or if I wanted to park inside the 50 yards of space he had inside his camp I had every right to do so . you would think a 25 year ahole cop would know the rules ...
  7. loooool it is totally hilarious that a 6foot 5 400lb 25 year ahole gets on forums and cries like a child ... you were barking orders like a ahole to me and the blm officer and thats what got you a citation from the blm , for being a unreasonable loudmouth jerk ...face it 25 year ahole , you act a tuff guy but your a known cop caller . you did the same thing to another group on pad 5 a year ago over parking space . as for you calling my girl a tweeker bitch , she graduated from Pepperdine and is a doctor in sports medicine . 1 of the guys you were camping with was cool as hell and even said he was sorry for the way you act , you have always been a ahole ...
  8. i chose street sports in chandler az , very professional clean shop . i don't impress easily
  9. a backfire under load causes a huge expolsion inside the motor . could have pushed a rod bearing out and spun it . if you run it more it could turn a small problem into a huge one
  10. This is true Charlie car is the real deal I bet he has the most h/p out there. ....I believed dAnzio is the shop that TT it. ...talk about baller the guy has been blessed if you see him in glamis he's usually wearing some Levis and a button up work shirt looking like he's just got off a d-8 tractor..... if I had his money I would burn mine ....on a side note he probably one of the nicest person in all of glamis. ..he's more into duneing then racing. ....I've always wanted to drive it ..... That's the truth, Charlie and his brother Earl each have two cars , well because one is not enough! They are both two of the most honest, nicest guys you could meet. You know Aaron I have always wanted to see you run that car down the horsepower wars or the drags! I bet it would be a shocker to alot of people!!! Tim 2 of the nicest guys you will ever meet in your life !!! if you ever needed something in the dunes they would go out of their way to help
  11. talk to cody at wicked hp , hes out at the speedway
  12. dirty white boy is pretty tuff , who is SA ??????

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