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  1. Very nice! Couldn't have happened to a nicer group of people. Hard work has it's rewards. Drink it in!
  2. @sandypriapism is a friend of mine and was the original owner of this car. He took great care of it and it was not abused at all. The ladies in camp used to call this car a "panty dropper". LOL
  3. I have a pair of the Bose over the ear noise canceling headphones. They are excellent. You can have a crying baby in the next row and not even hear it. You would be able to sit in the same room with your GF and not hear the TV show that she is watching. They are about 3 bills though. Might be money well spent in your situation.
  4. Gents, I’m an orthodontist. We do full mouth digital scans all day long for patients that we will be treating with Invisalign. We also scan our “braces cases” for study models/diagnostic models. Done correctly, digital scans can be way more accurate than impressions. There are many different types of impression materials. Once removed from the mouth, some are more stable than others. Some materials start to distort soon after removal from the mouth and need to be poured up with the dental stone to make a model of the teeth ASAP. Polyvinyl solaxane materials, which are used for crown and bridge impressions, are very stable and have served the profession well for many years. It is still used by many practitioners. This material does not need to be poured up immediately. Digital scanners are also used by many and are extremely accurate. Almost every orthodontist has a digital scanner now days. All of our appliances fit very well. Much better than when we were using PVS impressions. Remakes are a thing of the past for us. The appliances that we get back from our lab fit perfectly. The scanner that we use is the itero element 2. Check it out online. It’s pretty cool. We can perform a full mouth scan in approximately 5 minutes. It is received by the lab instantly once we hit the send button. Many patients are very apprehensive about having impressions taken thinking that it will make them gag, or worse throw up. Patients love the scanner vs. having to have an impression taken. Digital scanners are here to stay and the technology is getting better and better. I can’t imagine having to practice without a scanner.
  5. Take a look at Smart Whips. They are excellent. Extremely strong. You program them from an app on your phone. You have multiple color options all in the same whip. When you put your car in reverse, the whips light up in white. When you apply the brakes, they light up in red. They are pretty cool.
  6. Who is who in the pic? I always like to put a face with a name. You two have great posts!
  7. I thought you only needed a pass for camping? Isn’t Gecko Road a public road that anyone can use?
  8. Congrats! That coach is nice! That’s all you need. You’re going to love traveling it.
  9. Well done WLD-OTZ. Most people don’t know the name of the little punching bag shaped tissue hanging from the back of the soft palate. You in the biz?
  10. This is right on the money. I couldn't agree more!
  11. We have a couple of the zero gravity type chairs from Sportsman's Warehouse( around $100/chair). They are very comfortable and we always look forward to kicking back in them. They are big and heavy though.
  12. There you go again dbart.......making me laugh out loud while sitting at my computer at work!
  13. Exactly! Try to build a nice name brand car with a 2d and an LS motor in it. You are hardpressed to get it done for under 40k when you add all the stuff that you want on it.
  14. Check out Smartwhips. They are incredible.They have gone to a new style base which is much larger than their original base. The whip itself is very sturdy so that you can run a large flag on them if you wish. They are programmable from your smart phone. Kinda cool!

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