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  1. Dune Doc

    On Any Sunday

    There you go again dbart.......making me laugh out loud while sitting at my computer at work!
  2. Dune Doc

    I cant believe the flood of sandrail sales!

    Exactly! Try to build a nice name brand car with a 2d and an LS motor in it. You are hardpressed to get it done for under 40k when you add all the stuff that you want on it.
  3. Dune Doc

    Let’s discuss Quick Release whip mounts

    Check out Smartwhips. They are incredible.They have gone to a new style base which is much larger than their original base. The whip itself is very sturdy so that you can run a large flag on them if you wish. They are programmable from your smart phone. Kinda cool!
  4. Dune Doc

    2d to S4 -Gen 4 Funco build thread

    Always looking for a project aren’t you?
  5. Dune Doc

    2d to S4 -Gen 4 Funco build thread

    Great job on the conversion. I’m thinking about doing the same thing on my Gen 4 Hustler 4. Are you thinking about running the 17 inch wheels in the rear?
  6. Dune Doc

    Guess the story

    dbart..........you are one funny mofo!!!
  7. Dune Doc

    Guess the story

    Loaned your front wheel out so someone else could make it back to camp. Then,they will run it back out to you.
  8. Dune Doc

    Seat mounts

    Thanks sandpsycho,that is exactly what I was thinking. With the weight of the person sitting in the seat distributed on the four tabs,I thought it would be fine. I just wanted some opinions from you experts. Thanks!
  9. Dune Doc

    Seat mounts

    I came across some seats that I want to purchase for my car. The only problem is that the mounts on the seats are 16” on center in width and my seat tabs on the car are 18” on center. Is there a SAFE way to mount them without retabbing the seat mounts?
  10. Dune Doc

    Used RV from Dealer

    I agree with Richard and Rockwood. That is a nice 5th wheel and your price seems reasonable. Be patient.
  11. Dune Doc

    Gen 4 or 5 Funco wanted

    Pm sent.
  12. Dune Doc

    Wanted- Funco on the cheap

    pm sent
  13. Dune Doc

    Towing service in the south dunes

    Thanks for all of the replies. We ended up calling Dicks Towing and Jimbos towing. I think they are affiliated or are friends. Although we went through Jimbo,they both came out together. They each had those huge 10 wheel tow trucks with the 25k lb wenches on them. Pulled us out no problem! And we were deep deep deep!!! I’m quite sure we found the Bermuda Triangle. It’s super deep over there. Anyway,thanks for the replies. The two guys that helped us were awesome and I would highly recommend them. They charge an hourly rate of $270/hr. Well worth it when your DP is buried in the sand. Thanks again, Dune Doc
  14. Hey guys. We are camping about 200 yards south of the end of plank road towards the border fence. We have camped here many,many times,but this time there seems to be a lot of really deep areas of sand that did not exist before. We got a couple of diesel pushers stuck and need a hand yanking them out. Does anyone have a recommendation for a towing company down in this area? Thanks in advance.
  15. Dune Doc

    Maverick XRS suspension help..

    John, I'm glad that you asked this question. I have the exact same question. Like you,I have a buggy for the sand ,but would like a SXS for the desert/mountains. Some people feel like the RS is too wide for some mountain trails. I measured the width of my stock 2013 Jeep rubicon and it is 72 inches wide. I haven't run into any situation yet that I was too wide to get down the trail. I like the width of the RS especially for running through the desert. I think that is the direction I would go unless there are compelling reasons not to. But,I am curious to see what those with experience have to say.

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