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  1. one_bad_toy_factory - The dude that makes sure the "one bad family" toys are all nice and ready. I respect any type of hard work and this guy is always making sure everything is top notch, think his wife works with him also and kills it. Fun to see all the money,energy, and time that goes on behind the scenes. eschmid86 - Builds trophy trucks and the parts for them. Crazy welding skills, pretty sure half the big dogs out there are running a rear end that he built. Works for ID Design, Cool stuff and killer welds. steellifemetal - cool metal art stuff. Just a couple I enjoy seeing
  2. Following anyone with crazy skills making/doing stuff? Someone that blows you away with what they do.
  3. I trust and have seen Robby's ability to drive/ design/ and build desert toys. No doubt he is one of the best. With that being said hopefully Robby's team isn't involved with the delivery part.
  4. 5k dealer markup. Just put a deposit down on Saturday.
  5. Found my pictures on my profile. Glad GD.com saves very old profiles.
  6. Looking for my full body, bright ass orange(when I owned it) with almost every option they had at the time. Car 50 something. Would love to have the opportunity to buy it back. If someone knows anything about it and I get it back I will gladly throw some cash and beers your way full body disc breaks all around roof rack with 3 HID's attached sold with dirt & sand tires Had mike330r from here swap all the heims backcut gears from heads up Think it was car 53 but having trouble finding my build sheets when I purchased it new. Any info on it would be great. thanks
  7. Hi GLAMISDUNES.COM. Its been some time but finally ready to get back into the off road community and have some real fun again. Sold my orange KSC like 5ish years ago. Before I start looking at anything else was wondering if that car is still around and possibly for sell. I will post some pictures of it when I get to my other computer. Full body all orange king car I think car 52 or 53, cant remember Will update when I get to my other computer, looked like this one.
  8. Might be better off turning them back into stock flatbeds. If you cant sell them as is send me a pm. Edit: Just wanted to say Ill give you numbers to some local owners of small trucking companies that would probably offer you something for them, not trying to profit off u. Maybe a beer😎
  9. Sweet work truck man. I want one.
  10. Good pick, I like Speith, he's got a great game. Im going with K.J. Choi or Hunter. But always keep an eye on Cabrera, guy sucks all year every year and gets to the Masters and kills it.
  11. Would love to own a tire shop in that area.
  12. Chiefs, Saints, Chargers, Niners
  13. So after seeing this I looked into the micros and found the Hubsan X4 on amazon for about $40 shipped. Its essentially the exact same thing, just a diff manufacturer. Sent an email to my wife since she's always asking what I want for my birthday and I never give her any ideas. Well, birthday is today and of the two things I got from her this was one....what a perfect wife...gets me exactly what I want! It's been a busy day but I've still managed to run about 4-5 batts through it and its a complete blast! Well worth the $40 she spent (well, I spent since she's a stay at home momma and I have the paying job!) and she's done nothing but roll her eyes at me every time I fire it up! She's still wondering if I turned 10 instead of 40 today. Of course now I have visions of a Phantom down the road. As long as I tell her it was only a few bucks more than the first one everything should be fine Damn you guys. Never seen these things, just bought the traxxas qr1 with spare blades. Merry Christmas to me, lol.

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