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  1. This is cool...lol...but I don't think it's close to commercial. 100 pounds is only 5 costco bags!
  2. Started with a little ($300) last month and up quite a bit ($850 this AM). Really just in it for the long term - whatever it is - after missing out on BTC years back. Never did anything then because I didn't "understand" it....I still don't but figured I don't really care anymore and it was past time to at least throw a little bit of money in "something". My GME is my "real" investment...lol
  3. And I know someone was talking about how great her unit is and blah blah blah - there isn't one manufacturer I don't see mentioned in the "oh crap, never even got to camp once and my unit is totaled" category...
  4. Did spell check really change smart ASS to smart bottom?
  5. Oh. Wait. 25% OF STICKER?? Buy that bad boy! For 75% OFF, you can fix an awful lot! 😉
  6. Though lots of people are, and HeadInjury will probably say I'm wrong...lol, I would not buy one manufactured during the last 18 months since this all started. Too many horror stories online about very poorly built units literally coming apart at the seams. If it's a "2021" though, it may have been built in 2019 🙂

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