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  1. You know they floated this idea a few weeks back? Of course, not for the working people but those already on benefits - to the tune of $300 a month.
  2. MDE Gary Drayton drives me crazy. Matty drives me crazy. The gaslighting drives me crazy. For example, repeating over and over and over about the huge amounts of gold and silver found when they tested the water in the one hole when it was trace amounts. Reddit already has a drinking game for it on Tuesday nights - it's the only thing that keeps me sane while the BF has it on
  3. This is cool...lol...but I don't think it's close to commercial. 100 pounds is only 5 costco bags!
  4. Like 1200 on a phone every year....
  5. In case anyone missed it - https://www.giveinkind.com/inkinds/T9S2G5Z/meal-train-for-the-hester-family?fbclid=IwAR0TfEqEmS6heP_EBM8D65NuQ-9M9_O6jDdBy2rg3aBVKtHGidXFC-vMHPc
  6. Raewyn, Nic's niece, has started a "meal train" for Ray & Jake. Anyone who knows Nic knows she would be so happy to know we are helping keep them fed - even if you aren't right in the area to bring something homemade, there is an option to send a gift card. https://www.giveinkind.com/inkinds/T9S2G5Z/meal-train-for-the-hester-family?fbclid=IwAR0TfEqEmS6heP_EBM8D65NuQ-9M9_O6jDdBy2rg3aBVKtHGidXFC-vMHPc
  7. Nic was definitely one of a kind - and one the very best people you could ever meet! My heartfelt prayers go out to Ray, Jake and the rest of her family <3
  8. Rhabdomylyosis can happen in days - and even then can be permanent. I took one dose of Crestor , horrible shoulder pain, and even though I only took one dose it took 10 days for the pain to subside. Never again.
  9. Not just cancer but overall aging brain health!
  10. If you only knew how full of chit your answer is - just like your original comment
  11. Bought a big 5th wheel Oct 2020 to haul around here in Utah on the weekends to camp. Long term (haha - 2 years) was to cash in on the house, go someplace cheap, and be 6-9 months on the road traveling. Nov. 2020 came and realized we were effed on our weekends - knew from the get go we were going to be in this position sooner or later. Trailer now sits on property about 100 miles south. Went last March and has stayed there the whole time. We camped until late Dec( winterized in late October) went out once at the beginning of January, and will start our weekly trips again next month (weather permitting). Right off the Paiute Trail, so lots for us to ride and explore. If we're going further, we have the vehicle driven from home to take off to other areas. A change in plans doesn't have to be a bad thing. Go have fun and make the best of it! Lots of boondocking areas once you get out of the cities and if you plan for it you don't even need to pay for a camp spot 🙂
  12. What a bunch of BS. EDIT - see you've already been there w/LOTD
  13. Still under $4 here in Utah - but creeping up daily ($3.60 - $3.80 here in town yesterday). BF stopped at Smiths to use the $.20 fuel rewards yesterday. Regular was $3.69 - and jumped to $3.79 on the sign about 30 seconds after he started pumping. Diesel - $4.18 - $4.88 Both our diesels sit 90% of the time right now (F350 and a Jeep Liberty). We run them periodically as "maintenance" lol
  14. First house in '86 was at 10% - and that was great compared to the (older) neighbors who had purchased earlier at 13-14%!

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