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  1. How about now? Anything from the pharmacy? And hopefully you aren't dead yet and can respond 😉
  2. Interesting - wonder how backed up "their" pharmacy is? Just an FYI - I did decide to look up prices locally for the meds, so I have an idea what the difference is when they call. Costco - Zpack is 6.99 and Hydroxychloroquine is 9.99 Can't get the ivermectin at Costco but it is 48.xx on Amazon Of course, no idea if local has in stock, etc
  3. And have you heard from the pharmacy yet? You know, since you actually ARE a spreader right now? Oh, one last question (I think) did he offer you all three things also?
  4. I wonder if it is "better" for some number of patients to "be sick" and you just happened to be the 57,782 caller that day...lol Did you note those symptoms in your request for the appt? Just wondering if your appt was faster than mine (I signed up last Friday, so the 10th)
  5. It's actually $90 for the tele-med appointment. Haven't seen the charge yet for the meds. Don't really care - I have FSA $$$ to spend and this seemed to be the easiest way to get what I wanted. They called last night - quick, easy and the doctor was great to talk to. Told him I just want to have the meds on hand to be prepared - though I do technically have some symptoms. Prescribed 30 days of Hydroxychloroquine (enough for 3 rounds), ivermectin and a Z-pack. Didn't take the zinc - he stated it is so much cheaper to get elsewhere and not really worth doing through the pharmacy. Thank you for posting the info, Basketcase
  6. Oh no 😞 RIP Papa Perry!
  7. I thought 15 months ago it would be by now...not seeing it yet. I have seen lots of posts from people that bought a unit to rent stating "that's the only way I could afford it" Uh, chances are that's not going to work well for you long term buddy...lol
  8. Interesting. Will have to try that next time we're out at the trailer.
  9. Thanks for the explanation, Lincster. Knew what delam was but had never heard of wall sag. All 3 axles?
  10. Yes, but Vitamin D supplementation is even better. Many people, even here in the West, have low vitamin D levels and don't even know it. I went for years feeling like crap, test after test after test through specialists, and no one ever tested my level of Vitamin D When a new doctor finally did, it turned out my level was less than 10 (it was either 6 or 7). It should be over 50. Doc put me on a script of 50,000 IUD 3 times weekly to elevate it (which is a huge amount) and I did so much better health wise.
  11. What is "wall sag"? Different from delamination?
  12. Still looking Nikal - we have gone through both our amazon and ebay accounts and can't find the purchases 😞 Will let you know if I figure out where we bought them from!
  13. For me, I just go through and find some with LOTS of reviews - both good and bad - and then start reading both. Some will have 12 reviews - 11 glowing and 1 that the person listing hasn't scrubbed yet...lol I stay away from those 🙂 Is it the 5500? This is the genny I have: https://apelectric.com/cummins-onan-5-5hgjab-7103-qg-5500w-evap-gasoline-rv-generator/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIybmf4u388gIVyB6tBh0IYg_EEAQYAiABEgKW3PD_BwE If yours is the same, I'll look up which I purchased.
  14. Yep - like I said, I just bought a couple extra.

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