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  1. Thought the PTO through the Feds was done as of Jan 1? https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/pandemic/ffcra-employee-paid-leave IIRC, there were some companies voluntarily covering it until March 31? And may be some still doing it now but I thought the mandates were over. Fed at least - if you're in CA it may never end...lol and more clarification - yes, under 500 can continue and get a tax break but it is voluntary. https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/ffcra-extended-through-september-30-4872934/ My company of course decided not to - we had a lot of people take a lot of time off.
  2. Anytime someone in my dept had an elevated temp my boss would just say "Well, we know these things aren't very accurate"
  3. Don't forget like I did! I realized today only about 1/3 of my purchases sent any money to Glamis Veteran's 😞 Anyone interested in sponsorships or opportunities can contact brian@glamisveterans.org Anyone interested in making a tax deductible donation can do so at https://glamisveterans.org/donate/ Also, if you want to help make a difference while you shop on the Amazon, at no extra cost to you? Simply follow the instructions below to select "Glamis Veterans" as your charity and activate AmazonSmile in the app. They'll donate a portion of your eligible purchases (their profit,
  4. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/court-upholds-houston-hospitals-mandatory-covid-19-vaccination-policy-workers-can-refuse-vaccine-but-will-simply-need-to-work-somewhere-else-11623600540?mod=home-page Crazy - the same people who could (and did) put their own life and safety on the line for the last 12 months + with NO vaccine and just wearing a mask are now to much of a danger to be at work with NO vaccine and wearing a mask 🙄 Way to show appreciation for those brave, courageous front line workers who did whatever it took to keep those hospitals running for the last year and
  5. Was actually 5% January 20th - hit 15% Feb 28th
  6. You're making a pretty big assumption there - as evidenced by the 2 people on the fully vaccinated cruise ship that have now tested positive also and are in quarantine. There have been plenty of "breakthrough" cases (i.e. vaccine failures) reported.
  7. They aren't - less than 50%. OOPS - editing to add that as of June 8th, CDC reports 51.7% have at least one shot. The goal is 70%
  8. You lost hours due to their medical issues? Two people on the "fully vaccinated" cruise ship now in quarantine - wonder how long this ship will need to sit with passengers on it in some port somewhere?
  9. No mammograms either for a while after. Was 4 weeks - I think they're TOPping 6 or 8 weeks now? Don't remember, all I know is it changed.
  10. Well, bless your heart....a full grown adult who thinks China doesn't yet have his SS number...lol 😄
  11. I'm laughing because Tuesday an email was sent by the HR manager here giving dates vaxxed and unvaxxed people could go maskless. It was quickly (30 seconds or less) recalled. Two minutes later, we received another email - again giving dates vaxxed and unvaxxed could go maskless. That one took about 90 seconds to recall so I was at least able to write the dates down - June 21 for vaxxed and July 19 for unvaxxed. No email since then - guess we're not sTOPping the masks for awhile...lol
  12. Back in the day, we ended up with a conversion exactly for this reason.
  13. No more than this should!
  14. I was praying someone had posted pics of the Patriot car being stuck but these are almost as good! 😄

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