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  1. Roman empire, Persian empire, etc said the same thing? Open a history book.. not being a smart ass. We are not going g anything new. History repeats itself. Just different times with the tech we have
  2. WW2, Civil War, etc.... thats just 2 recent events here in the US. History is full of war, tyrants and empires falling
  3. The sky is falling........ The sky is falling....... calm down everyone..... every generation goes through something where the world is coming to an end...
  4. My favorite hike was canyon overlook. We also found a side trail off the road which led to a water fall.
  5. I'm speechless. Great guy and will be deeply missed. I remember our last conversation hanging outside tbe beach store.. 😥
  6. We are looking at Super C's now. i just gotta come to terms with myself to do the $1600 monthly payment 🤢
  7. i have salt and haven't had to add chlorine but 2 times. once you get the balance right the only thing you add regularly is acid and algicide.

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