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    Ads in Chandler did my LS very happy, never an issue
  2. It's says $95,000 on race dezert
  3. in my opinion it is worth the hassle, I'm just not dealing with it, it's up to him, I did my fair share of calls and emails. see what happens, not going to blast the car until it's over, 2016 2 seater with ls7 and s4 sequential, new one is over $100,000
  4. yes Robin is gone, I spoke and emailed Amber, she pretty much said I was going to have lots of problems without legit paperwork and info
  5. Yes new owner at BFD, they do not have documentation on the car. They did offer to re-title it as a new car. BFD has been very helpful I am 99.9% it's not stolen, he has all the build info from BFD and CBM. We are trying to figure something out. Owner seems like a legit guy and I think he is realizing he is going to have problems with me or anyone else he sells it to.
  6. I have spoken to BFD, the MSO he has is from a different owner. The MSO he has is a typed paper with no signatures, dates, notororized stamps or anything its blank. BFD has been very helpful but still I am a 3rd party to all of this I can't do squat.
  7. That's what I have been feeling throughout this whole ordeal. Supposedly he is getting an off-road title, we shall see. my biggest concern is being legit with officer friendly.
  8. I dont have any of that information, I am a 3rd party to all this. Owner is trying to figure it out. Its really his problem. Im going to wait and see what he comes up with. Makes no sense why you would pay a ton of money for a rail and never have any type of legit paper work showing you are the legal owner. Owner keeps insisting I dont need it.
  9. it seems to me that the mso needs some type of signature on it, motorized or something. I will follow up with bfd in the morning
  10. I am assuming there is going to be a sales tax issue
  11. BFD, sent them an email with the MSO, waiting for a reply
  12. I want to pull the trigger on a car purchase. Only thing holding up the deal is he has no title, a MSO only. MSO has owners name and address on it, builders name and address is on it, its not signed by him or the builder. MSO has a car description and an off road serial number. Car was built in California, I am in Arizona. Owners address on it is Nevada, Would like to get a title and registration. I have no idea what I'm getting into if I purchase this car. I have purchased many different types of vehicles, always had a title. Gut saying dont do it. Any input would be appreciated
  13. I have been checking into FMCA, can save over $200.00 per tire with a direct quote from Michelin. I have good Sam now, just had a coach blowout with them, tire service was $250.00 more than a call directly to a tire shop. Seems completely useless to me. I am thinking of switching to FMCA, like the medical coverage anytime farther than 100 miles from UR home. Anyone have FMCA or input?
  14. Going with michelins, going to check Fmca. heard I can get a good prices through them also. thanks. will post findings
  15. time for new tires, had Michelin's never had any problems, what's good and any idea where to get tires. thanks

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