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  1. I have a pair of 25.5 on the shelf I could turn down and re groove if you need some ASAP
  2. I could have them knocked out in less than 2 weeks.
  3. My problem is my engine builder , quoted me 4 weeks to tear apart inspect and rebuild engine with new cam. It took 12 weeks... Then I dropped the engine in the car and bought a Holley terminator from them and paid him to install the terminator and tune the car. he quoted me 2 weeks, it took 6 weeks for me to realize I had to pick up the car figure out the terminator myself and find a different tuner. I am at the point where I need to find a new engine guy or figure it out myself. Just trying to find the best way to get another 200 hp out of this engine.
  4. Should I throw some dish style pistons in there to lower the compression, Lowering the compression should allow me to turn the boost up safely. by the way I am already tuned and set up for e85 and there is e85 on the pump 2 miles from my shop (tests at e80 - e90) $3-$4 a gallon
  5. I like to cruise at around 3k but on fast runs it definitely sees limiter more than once, usually runs from 4-7 k kicking the clutch and all. my driving style is exactly what keeps the transaxle builders in business.
  6. maybe sandwich this intercooler in my hi ram and throw some turbos on it with low boost like 6-8 psi https://www.tickperformance.com/tick-1400hp-low-profile-billet-air-to-water-intercooler-for-all-holley-ram-intakes/
  7. Interested, is it listed somewhere? Also they car has an albins just gone through by Kevin McMullen, so I'm not to worried about the trans. Engine runs awesome and makes 552 on the hub dyno, feels like I want another 200 hp these db.com cars are awesome but heavy.
  8. So I completely rebuilt my new to me dunebuggy.com car last summer. And I had my engine gone through by a shop here in phoenix but it is a rebuilt LS7 with stock bottom end with heads cam and intake. I know this engine isn't the best to boost just wondering what my options are. depending on my options might just put it on a bottle 🤪
  9. Have him email or call me, parker@gear-one.com 623-934-6913. May be rebuildable depending on amount of damage.
  10. Ron Davis in Glendale is building me a new one right now, I paid an expedite fee and it should be done the week after new years.
  11. Its my favorite rack for the sand because its sealed. Might make the switch next season...
  12. How has it been so far @r3meyer? Honestly thinking about going to electric. Had a steel braided line arc out on the battery and leak fluid all over the floor of my car. Talk about a mess.
  13. I have Hydraulic power steering on my car, but electronic power steering has come along way. I guarantee that wont leak...
  14. Tyler on the podium (3rd pace ) is a friend of mine, he signed up for sportsman and this was his 4th time ever being in the dunes... I am not sure about the other two.

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