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  1. 2006 Suzuki LTR450 View Advert Priced for quick sale. Runs great never abused, never drag raced up Old, Drags. Price is $3000 Firm, Located in SoCal. Call or text for more info. Clean title in hand. This quad is ready for the dunes! I will be in Glamis Wash 16 Thanksgiving weekend arriving Friday early morning. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/chino-suzuki-ltr-450/7017468980.html Advertiser jbl Date 11/21/2019 Price $3,000.00 Category Bikes, Quads, and Various Toys for Sale  
  2. Driver error and it looked like a teenager driving, possibly not enough seat time in a SXS. However the wrist restraints!!! I gasped watching his arms flailing around and thought the worst.....Damn it I started using mine and stopped cause 99% of the SXS i see out there and nobody is using them including the 10 or so guys I ride with. 5 years in my SXS and never a roll over and im leading 90% of the time. However after watching this Im gonna start wearing them again.
  3. Image does nothing without a mention of the HP gained or cost...very interesting for sure but I'd rather wait for an OEM offering.
  4. Not a problem with budget. Just see them ripping and screeming in the dunes and thought that would be a sweet toy. But the more I think about it, I could just buy a Yamaha if I really wanted to shift. Then again I test drove one in the dunes at UT and the shifting got old pretty fast as your always shifting lol.
  5. Thanks Gents!! All very good points, but what maybe the biggest deal breaker is the lack of suspension as mentioned. I do have a bad back which is why I went from a Quad to my Cat and with the upgraded shocks, I float on cloud 9. No rush into buying one unless its the right car and I can bring one or the other out to play. But will keep checking back.
  6. Thinking of buying a Busa rail and would like to know what to look for and stay away from. I’ve been duning quads for years and also a turbo wildcat for years and want to just keep the Cat for desert stuff. Never been in one, only see a few ripping the dunes and they look fun. So please share thoughts thanks....or just stick to a sxs?
  7. We were at the drags Sat March 12 on the East side cause the West was too packed. But we saw a yellow YXZ keep up with 2 sandrails! Anyone else see that? He only did one pass but damn that thing was FAST!!! Granted the rails were not the super cars we typically see doing 130mph but these rails were not slow by anymeans and that YXZ was right there. Freakin bad ass.
  8. So I've always used full face just in case my boys want to switch riding their 450's and jump in my Buggy but they don't seem to want to and prefer riding the quads. So Id like your feedback on which lid you guys use and why and prices please. I can find some lids starting at $50 but don't need to go cheap lol.
  9. Thanks guys I will order an O ring chain for the quad!
  10. Ride mostly at Glamis and 2-3 times in the desert. Does my trx450 need an Oring chain or will a non ring work fine?
  11. Sounds good gents I'll give it a try.
  12. So I ran 2 seasons on my Wildcat with 8 paddles SKAT Extremes 26" and did everything I wanted. Now I've thrown an MCX Turbo for real fun!! I refuse to pay for STU. I have the stock tires that came with the Wildcat so I was thinking of taking it to SKAT to have them buffed and done with either 10 or 12 paddle. What do you guys think would be better?
  13. Thanks gents I'll pass along the truck stop. Happy New Year
  14. I come from Salton Sea and fill at the Shell in Westmorland. My buddy is coming in form SD and will be taking Hwy 8 and does not want to haul 1000lbs through the mountains. Can you please let me know where you guys get water in the El Centro area. Thanks!
  15. I left Monday afternoon and had left a frying pan full of water out Sunday night. Woke the next morning and there was a 1/4" layer of ice on the pan. It was damn cold and went through serious amounts of fire wood and even then it was cold! Good luck whoever is still out there!

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