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  1. Sounds like an awesome trip! We went up to Utah about a month a d a half ago and had a blast. Rode sand hollow, coral pink, and moab. Great riding and scenery in Utah, it's a very offroad friendly state.
  2. I'm looking at my options for sand tires. Of course I like stu's, but too much money for me. That being said, my second best option is skat traks. Anybody running smooth buff fronts, how do they turn?
  3. I like the Irishman, but he is out of his element. He is going against a Very good boxer, edge to the undefeated champion boxer.
  4. We just hot back from a trip to zion, sand hollow, coral pink sand dunes, bryce, and moab. Great trip everyone should take. Have a blast!
  5. Wow those lights look great
  6. Just picked up one of these, crazy fun
  7. I was on this forum for years, moved away and lost touch. Good to be back! I still see some of the same peeps are still here, nice. Man, did I miss riding the dunes,felt great to get out there this week. I am mainly a quad rider, but that just may have changed because I recently picked up a Yamaha YXZ 1000 sxs. Pretty fun, I went out this week to try it out and was surprised how capable it is in the dunes. Definitely an adjustment period after riding quads for years. I'm looking forward to next season! Duneatv, Formally Dunesurfer
  8. Good day on the dunes. The new yamaha utv worked great, can't believe how far these have come in the last year or two.
  9. Thanks headed out now from San marcos
  10. Do you need a glamis pass in the summer? Went online and it says pass required Sept through April pass required. Am I understanding this right?
  11. We are headed out today, wed.
  12. Weather looks good this week, thinking about heading out for the day in my new Yamaha yxz side by side. Anyone interested?
  13. Somehow I broke the wires entering the Trottle position sensor right at the plug where they enter the carb. My quad is running like crap. Missing and popping badly. I tried looking online for the part, but it is listed as the throttle position sessor assembly which cost $200 bones. All I need is the wire that plugs into the TPS. It is just a plug with a six inch lead that plugs into a wiring harness. Am I screwed? Do I have to buy the whole assembly? I can get a used carb for under $200. Help a brother out.

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