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  1. put a truck body on the two seater...i've always wanted something like that
  2. Now on my second carson trailer. Bought my first one used, a 24' funrunner. Paid $5000. It was an older model (2000) front kitchen with the tiny bath/shower combo with the bunk that was fixed in place. The previous owner had cut down the bed so a rhino could fit. We used an air mattress for a time and then I ordered a bed kit from carson and installed it. Had to cut down the bed kit because the old trailers are skinnier than the new trailers. Also, had to open up the walls and put in some wood supports for the bed. The trailer had a few small problems while I owned it, but nothing structurally. The water tank developed a leak from a cracked fitting, but that was an easy fix. The bushing on the heater blower motor started squeaking something fierce, but I just removed it, drilled a hole by the bushing, saturated the felt inside with oil, sealed it with jb weld or silicone and it has been silent ever since. The brakes didn't work when I first got it, but they were just out of adjustment. Converter took a dump, but just bought a better one on ebay and installed myself. Sold that trailer to a family member after a couple of years, and bought a 2007 24' Carson Titan at some RV place in Arizona for $9500 with basically the same design, just newer, although the older carson has a flat roof that bumps up at the back for the bed, while the newer carson has a gradual slope that travels along the whole trailer. This makes for higher ceilings in the newer carson, and room above the cabinets for more storage. Also, the newer carson has dual electric bunks in the back. Price was so good, just drove from CA to AZ and picked it up. Trailer has been perfect for us. Only problem so far has been the refrigerator. It stopped working and gave me a funky code. A few minutes on the internet and a jumper wire and I reset the refrigerator and no more problems. I would buy another carson, but I think I would get a front bath. There are a lot of deals out there, just have to look for them.
  3. I like that. Pretty smart actually. Each key is a different color. Performance key is black, normal key is gray, and work key is orange. Now, by simply choosing a key color, you can get your Commander to simulate all of the competing manufacturers' side-by-sides. Black = Arctic Cat Gray = Rzr Orange = Rhino
  4. The version you buy from the store still carries over to the next year...if you save a copy of your filing on your hard drive (which you should probably do anyway). When the next year comes around, the program looks for previous filings and uses all the entered information and then you can make any changes that apply.
  5. I hate it when you order something that takes them a little longer to prepare. "Can you please pull forward and we'll bring it out to your car?" I know, I know, there's a timer and they'll get a bad rating or something if I wait there longer than 2 minutes and 17 seconds, but seriously...it's a drive thru, not a drive thru park wait twiddle thumbs, etc.
  6. Had that problem with an old funrunner...vinyl just kept coming off in little pieces. My bro-in-law is a auto body man and he hooked me up with a little rubber wheel that I put on an electric drill. Don't know what it's called, but it's made out of whitish rubber. I was skeptical, but it worked just like he said and didn't scratch the paint.
  7. This DMV page will help you calculate costs...I used it for my purchase and it was spot on. Vehicle Registration Fee Calculator
  8. When I bought a toyhauler in AZ and brought it back to CA, I only had to pay the DIFFERENCE in sales tax to the CA DMV. I just showed them the receipt for the tax that I already paid.
  9. We just got a VuQube from camping world for the toyhauler. Inlaws have dish network receiver and uncle has direct tv receiver (both are standard definition, NOT HD tv). Messed around with both and was only able to get the direct tv receiver to work. Apparently the dish network has to zone in on two satellites to get all the channels. The VuQube is set up to do that, it keeps the coordinates in memory after you set it, and switches automatically. Anyway, was not able to get dish network receiver to work and ended up using direct tv. It worked like a charm. I mounted the VuQube on a piece of wood on the roof rack on my Excursion and bungee corded it into place. Johnson Valley winds gusted at 35-40 and never noticed any problems. Remote let me aim the satellite from the comfort of toyhauler. Only downside is the cost...
  10. nada says low retail 28,690 and high retail 34,570...also says to add $1000 if it has the Imperial Options Package
  11. PM me the information for your concrete man...I need the same thing done in Hesperia!!

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