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  1. Just read sndsamplr’s post and turned on moto! Gonna get my kids fishing gear out so he can go camping with grandpa and grandpa this week. Take the TH to get fuel’d up and ready to go tomorrow. Trying to go camping at the lake next weekend !
  2. Finished putting my scooter back together. I painted it (red) and lowered it, got rid of the reflectors on the fork tubes and fender and took it for test ride. Started repair on the hydraulic clutch on my pit bike. Cleaned the shop to get ready to put the sand car in so I can have the trans gone thru. Getting ready for kids graduations next week.
  3. Wife and I painted our bedroom, then I did some maintenance on the Toyota Corolla I just bought for my girls. Chillin’ with the wife wactching some TV.
  4. I put bags on mine this year and it is a lot nicer to pull the trailer. I pull a 33.5 gearbox, I run 50psi so far...
  5. I use my HJC from when I was racing and I also have a BILT helmet that I added a comm kit to it. Way better than goggles IMO.
  6. Thanks, thinking about building an a arm car, but we’ll see 😁
  7. I finished mine up last year. Here is s before and after...
  8. I converted my kids gas powered rc truck to electric, works bitchin now!! Changed out a front tire on my uncles tractor. Then helped my brother work on his new to him rzr. Getting things ready to go to Dumont for my birthday next weekend.
  9. Spent the day fixing the road to my house. I live a mile down a dirt road and the last 1/4 got all messed up during the rain. It finally dried out enough to borrow my uncles tractor and get it looking good again. Should be good during the next round of storms....hopefully!
  10. Went to Glamis! Had a blast, met some new friends and had a great time!! Tried out some smaller paddles on my car and really liked the way they performed!!
  11. Put the hitch in the truck, so I can get the trailer out tomorrow to start getting it ready for Glamis next week!!! Chilled with the wife the rest of the day. 😁
  12. I put some D-rings in the floor of the TH and got a 3500 HF winch, that I mounted all the parts to a piece of wood. My buddy owned a tow business and had some jumper cables that plug into the metal box on my winch board that I can run to the TH batteries. Then I got some axles straps that I used to hook it to the car and the D-rings. Best thing I did, cause my first trip to Glamis my car broke and it was easy to get it in the trailer. My car weighs around 2200lbs if I remember correctly and it pulls it in no problem.
  13. Drove to Bakersfield to get some of my sons stuff, he’s moving back in with me to finish out high school. Then put some exhaust hangers on the 5er generator exhaust. Pulled the front of the sand car apart and inspected for cracks bent parts etc. then repacked the bearings and put it all back together!! Getting ready for Glamis in a couple weeks.!!!! Probably more of the same tomorrow!!
  14. I wanted to go but work got in the way!! I hope to make it next year!

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