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  1. bad ass Jeep. Good luck with the sale
  2. I will be there on Feb 3rd
  3. I'm guessing the only reason they gave him a new bike was because he brought it back the morning after he bought it. What's the latest news on your quad?
  4. Can never see enough of these lovely ladies.
  5. Vato? What reason would you be saying that to me. orale, vato!!!
  6. Ceramic coating the only way to go. I had some headers wrapped on an old race car and the wrap rusted the pipe out in about 7-8 months.
  7. My buddy had an issue with a YFZ450 that he bought from LA Cycle. He picked it up on Friday night and on Saturday morning the throttle wouldnt work. He took it back and they gave him a new bike. They told him they were having issues with workers that do the prep.

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