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  1. Subaru after cooler $400
  2. I went with saturn vue eps, still looking for the 3/4 x 23 spline to 3/4 round u joints.
  3. Just ordered the Saturn p/s unit, so I have to install the controler in order for the p/s to work?
  4. Thanks fullthrottleguy, good info. Was just looking at the Saturn cue power steering for $140 on eBay, just wondering if that's going to work with just get coupe yokes.
  5. thanks for the replies, there are exemptions i found out but they're mainly for truck tractors as HonEx mentioned. somehow dot revised the rule for motorhome trailer combinations.
  6. What about your air filter? The one on my coach is over $200 by itself! the air indicator should tell you when to change the air filter, they're pricey. i get it for $100 for my isl 400
  7. global power in lakeside, talk to Mike
  8. any one got pulled over for being over 65' in California, heard its okay up to 75' on interstate hwys. does city cop pull you over the being over length?
  9. got mine painted under 10k here is cali
  10. you're not comparing with the same weight, the fleetwood most likely 10k heavier than the v10 model. just got a 40' alfa 04 syg with an isl cummins 400, good torque and just got back from so carolina to los angeles average of 8.5 mpg not towing. good luck
  11. I tried the 6000 cfm from summit racing on my 03 dmax, went from los angeles to vegas last summer on 95-103F temp, the edge attitude temp indicated 134F on the big hill. only pulling 2 watercraft, had to turn the ac off for the engine not to over heat. tried different settings, no luck. returned the electric fan to summit racing when I got back, they're not too thrill about giving my money back. had to speak with the manager to settle. actually the diesel runs couple hundred degree cooler than a gasser, on the exhaust side if it's the same configurations.
  12. hey double duty, where about you at quinn? Im at psa its nice to know that cat is hiring but is there sand dunes down there?
  13. service vehicle provided? sent you pm
  14. would like to test this tazer ammo on bad guys snooping around my neighborhood

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