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  1. Ya could be. Just looks fishy to me from the lifted Gray Ford ( not your standard impound tow vehicle) to the way they parked and took a picture. Could be totally wrong but just an observation.
  2. I'm calling B.S. I know I know there are pictures to prove it. My opinion is it looks a little fishy. To me it looks like they staged it. They just posted this picture on there Facebook.... bedroom slide in and not then living room one? "Hey these trailers need to get towed but let's park our cars really close to them first and take a picture for our Facebook. "? Just doesn't add up to me but 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. DuneRDR


    bump for a new price
  4. So how does one become a "camp host"? next time i'm looking for a spot i will be sure to move his cones and use up the nice real estate.
  5. I did it to mine. Wasn't hard at all but not sure what your lift looks like now. I made 4 new cables in case I ever wanted to switch it back.
  6. Looking to get some beard seats redone. Anyone have any experience with an upholstery shop in SoCal that has experience on off road seats. Thanks in advance!
  7. I have one that i would be willing to part with. Have him Text me. 858-864-3560
  8. It doesn't but i put some rubber mud flaps on there so its not metal to metal. Maybe i over strap it but i would rather that then have it move while going down the road.
  9. It's not that I dislike the stacker it is just a pain in the ass sometimes. Only way to make everything fit is to put the sand car up top and 1 quad. Not the end of the world but to make sure the car doesn't move you have to crisscross straps front and rear and then a couple more so it doesn't rock back and forth. Mean while all my buddies pull there cars in and throw 4 straps and are on there way. Maybe the problem is I have to much sh&$. lol. I will say that it's really nice to have a workshop in the dunes. I have pulled multiple engines out there using the lift. Other thing that kinda sucks is that let's say I wanted to just take my trailer to the desert. Is it doable yes. Does it suck to tow behind anything other than a dually yes. I've even towed the split axle stackers and they don't tow much better than mine behind a normal truck.
  10. My .02.... I currently have a aluminum 27ft v nose stacker. 24ft box. I can put 4 full size quads, 2 seat rzr and a long travel car. The minute I'm not responsible for getting the kids quads out to the desert I will be ditching the stacker. (Hopefully when there are 16-18 yrs old..) Is it doable sure but is a process and a pain. I would rather have a 30ft normal enclosed. Or what I can fit a 4 seat car and a 2 seat rzr in.
  11. I have a set of front and rear 15's that I will be selling in a couple weeks. They are powder coated black. Wheels only
  12. Hi DuneRDr. Thanks for reaching out, but I bought a Suzuki 250 a few weeks ago.

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