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  1. Heartbreaking, so sorry for you guys. They are the best friends ever; never question what you do, always happy to see you, tail always wagging.
  2. 32007 I just got some from O'reilly's. $50 each, swiss made My bad, I just saw that you have mid boards
  3. My Odyssey just died last year, it was 9 years old, and was around $160 if I remember. I don't use a battery tender, but do throw a regular charger on it before a trip.
  4. All is good, we all want everyone to be safe and drive the buggy back on the trailer at the end of the week. I do a walk around at every stop to look for obvious things, on my buggy and others. I added submarine belts after seeing a young girl just about exit a buggy during a hard nose in. I added wrist restraints after seeing pictures here (nasty). I just want this site to provide that type of help and education in helping others fix problems. It always amazes me what details some of the members here can pick out of a picture of a buggy and know it's wrong. I might have over re-acted..... NAH. 😊 I just don't want to discourage the do it yourself folks. Carry on, keep the beer cold, and we can discuss this around the fire with a beer, cheers!
  5. Wow, I didn’t know about the fuel press gauge, I have one on my fuel rail. I guess I’ll put a plug in there, thanks. Nothing worse than fire
  6. Are the bearings bad or does the spindle nut just need to be tightened? Most all bearings and seals will have the number on them when you pull them. Also out front has a nice billet fuel pressure regulator that will use AN fittings and attach to the fuel rail.
  7. Drove it for 10 years, rolled once, never cracked a weld. My buddy drove it for 5 years after that. No, they were not perfect welds. But I think the spirit of any off road vehicle project is "dream it, build it, do it yourself". Or that is the way it used to be, how I grew up. I have nearly as much fun building them as driving, almost. Don't take the fun out it. Just help em out.
  8. You know we all have to learn sometime, get the F#ck over it! Do you not want people to post on here anymore? I have built several rails, starting with VW beam rails, I had no idea what I was doing. I took some pictures of a VW rail, bought a Johnny's tack kit, never had welded before, and I had a f#cking blast. Maybe there are other sites that are more friendly, less put down and will answer your questions in a professional and polite way. I like a little ribbing once in a while for fun, that is all good, but your just being an ahole! Man, this thread is really pissing me off! rant over
  9. Sounds like you are just about to get it fixed, don't give up yet! Take a small triangle file and first make sure the axle splines don't have any burrs. Then work the file on the splines inside the star. It won't take too much, but they should slide freely on the axle.
  10. Thanks Jason for the info. I'll order some undersized balls and get some finer grit to polish them smoother. My next car will have 934's!
  11. The stars on my 930 CV's were getting fairly pitted, so I got some new new 300M stars from Kartek. When I first assembled them, they were extremely tight where you couldn't hardly move the star. After a little race prep sanding, they are better but still bind up. I measured across the ball track and the new ones are about 0.005 bigger. Do I just keep sanding (using a fine 3/4" sanding drum) until they work smoothly, or I saw some smaller balls that Kartek sells, but I don't want anyone to know that I have smaller balls. thanks
  12. What Alper said. Use something like this: https://www.metrorestyling.com/Metro-Carbon-Fiber-Upholstery-Fabric-Vinyl-p/blkcffabric.htm, then attach it with a GOOD spray adhesive like "3M Hi-Strength 90 contact adhesive". I used a "Permatex heavy duty headliner and carpet" last time, it all peeled off.
  13. very clean build, love the sheet metal work, and the shop too!
  14. Cool stuff JD. That is some serious engineering for them to do that, congrats to them!

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