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  1. Really nice work. I also like how the rear cage is built. It looks much stronger at the engine mount having it part of the fixed frame, and not the part of the removable frame.
  2. I agree with all the above, but to me the best leader puts a huge smile on my face when following. I just start laughing sometimes, it's just so friggin fun. Several years ago we had 3 buggys running 3rd and 4th gear in Idaho. When we stopped, the last guy in line said if he died today, he would be happy!
  3. I had a turbo bomb type of muffler on mine, but it was still pretty loud when the loud pedal was mashed. It did have a support that you can see on the far left. I just a run a turbo exhaust now with ear plugs or head phones.
  4. Have you seen "Into the dust" on you tube? Also a great watch
  5. I use to hire liaison engineers for aircraft manufacturing. One of the two biggest items I looked for from a new grad was practical experience like the heavy engine rebuilds that you do Romans, or any "hands on" experience such as working on a farm a fixing a John Deere tractor. That may sound funny but there are lots of engineering grads who know every formula in the book, but don't know which way to turn a wrench to tighten a bolt. They can design anything on the computer, but you can't always build it. The other was an engineering internship during their junior or senior year.
  6. I bought a 20' used Pace enclosed trailer that had the grease zerks on the axle. I never used them but did want to go thru the bearings before heading to Idaho one year. Yep, someone before me had completely filled the cavity, blew out the inside seal and then soaked the brake shoes and drums with grease. The bearings were ok, but it stops much better now. Good write up TJ!
  7. Eternabond tape works great after you get all the bad caulk repaired. https://www.amazon.com/EternaBond-RSW-2-50-RoofSeal-Sealant-White/dp/B01JRKPJ0E
  8. Sorry to hear. It is always so great when your dog likes going on all the camping, dune runs and adventures with you. Makes for a special bond. RIP
  9. You might have a small leak hidden somewhere, or the check valve in the pump is going out
  10. I have a good friend put one in his rail, he says it sucks every last drop of the fuel out, no issues so far
  11. budlight69


    Man, the dunes behind you are virgin except for one set of tracks and few foot prints, and the car is nice too! That's some wallpaper material there
  12. I've been prepping for it for sure: you gotta have the staples for life, like taco shells, beer, race fuel, beer, etc....
  13. Thanks to all that replied. I see there are many schools of thought on how to connect it. I have installed the audio filter as @Flip-Flop suggested. I am going to wire it after the disconnect, and directly after a breaker so it fused. I always like the idea of rolling the buggy in the trailer at night, turning off the battery and fuel, then cracking a cold one. No worries mate
  14. I'm installing a new rugged radio. Their instructions say that the positive and negative must be hooked to the battery, noise issue I suppose? I really want to hook up the positive After the battery disconnect switch, I really like the idea of ALL systems shut off when not in use. How have you guys wired this in, tied to the battery or after the disconnect? thanks
  15. I use a 1/8" NPT sintered filter

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