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  1. We are crazy busy too, I hope it lasts very thankful.
  2. So how would you rate the LS over the turbo honda?
  3. If they don’t sell he could braid them into his mullet.
  4. I have owned both SU & DD and since Jason brought up SCU & have had 2 of them I'll chime in about them too. All three of these are really great cars. Rather than go into all the things I liked I'll do the shorter list of things I didn't like and a few stand out things I did like. SU - the BAD (for me) the seating position, I feel like I'm sitting on the floor with my legs flat and with the low roof line there isn't much of an option to move the seat up. I owned one with a rack and one with a charlynn and I liked the charlynn better. The rack seemed to lag when turning back and forth in tight fast sections. The long wheel base is great for rough sections but not so great for turning, the car tends to push a little in the front. Low-mid speed whoops the car feels a little tight until you really get on it then it seems to settle in but lacks the feeling of control I feel in the DD & SCU. DD - the BAD (for me) Dave is the really the only bad thing I can say about the DD. But if you are buying used then that should never be an issue. I felt a little cramped in the DD too but again that more of a personal preference. I loved driving the car I had, it did push a very little when turning but not bad. A lot of the cars I see where people raise the front up, I'm not sure why. My car was set up by Dave and sat flat & low and worked really well ever where. The mid rail is higher than the SU so you feel a little more like you are in the car. SCU - the BAD the only bad thing I can say is I sold them both. SCU is by far the best overall car I have owned. I had a little bro with turbo honda and my only complaint was turbo lag. The car was like a quad with 4 seats. It was so much fun to drive. My next SCU was a big car and wow really next level as far as suspension and drivability. Although it was a big car it didn't feel big, it felt right in all situations I had it in. The seating in the big SCU was perfect for me, I sat up a little bit higher and it had a ton of room. If I have to put them in order of best to worst (none of them are bad) it would be 1. SCU 2. DD 3. SU but you can't go wrong with any of them.
  5. They are lucky boys 🙂 the subi in it is making just 275 rear wheel HP @ 9psi. on Johns dyno. It’s freaked me out they were going that fast so I’m building a new chassis right now with 120” wheel base and a lot stronger. Going to up the HP to keep it as fun. I’ll start a build thread as soon as the chassis is off the jig.
  6. My kids car is 108” wheel base 88” rear & 84” front with 1450 dune sport it’s super stable, slides great and has been 100 down the drags. It’s not a whoop eater but holds its own going up olds. Overall this car is a blast to drive, turns on a dime & dunes great.
  7. I bought this for a 2018 f150 never installed then and sold the truck. Airlift P/N 89284 5000# bag kit Airlift P/N 25870 wireless one compressor https://www.sdtrucksprings.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=50528 https://www.sdtrucksprings.com/air-lift-25870-wireless-one-air-compressor-system retail is $415 bags & $299 compressor looking to get $400 for all
  8. I bought this car as a temporary car and have taken it out 5 times. I love this car, it’s a blast to drive , has perfect dining manors. Flat out the best dining car I have owned. I already had the wheels in motion for a new build and it’s time to let this one go. New black powder coated a-arms, shocks rebuilt and all new front heim joints. 2010 Funco Gen 5 Subi/2d -Outfront closed deck motor built by Forced Air Tech in AZ and tuned by Outfront using E80 fuel. (done 2019) (On Outfronts Dyno it made 335 to the rear wheels on (his dyno conversion ratio X1.5=502.5 engine hp) @ 17 psi. It had 3.7 psi at 2000 rpm and 10 psi at 2500 rpm. It's a very quick car that comes on the boost fast and pulls hard.) -Refreshed 2d with entire new clutch & pressure plate (done 2019) -Turbo refreshed (2018) -New Axles (2017) -Car has new gray area 930s (done 2020, 5 short trips on them) -New Exhaust from C&G with heat shield and brace to prevent from cracking (2019) -Mid board hubs - Car to car radio and new blue tooth intercom system - Buffed baja pros and paddle tires have no plugs and hold air - 6 Vision X lights and the big daddy Baja Designs light bar (this car has amazing light) I replace the lower 4 they are brand new -Highly desirable wing trunk (perfect for snacks, jackets, goggles etc etc (@MellenMPZ compliments it all the time) -Odyssey Gel Battery (car has a spot for a 2nd battery) -New fuel pump Fresh fuel filters, air filter and outerwears 4/20/2020 -LED whip -LED tail lights -Dragonfire memory foam harnesses with breast clip (extremely comfy) -Garmin GPS -very cool see thru chrome floor I can send more pics and info for interested buyers. Clean Arizona Funco Title with Funco VIN This car is very fresh, runs awesome and need nothing Located in Yorba Linda NO TRADES, cash or wire only $42,000 Best to text/call 714-420-4331 Alex
  9. I think shipping to OC might push the price over a new one.
  10. Where are you located?
  11. Looking for a Subi bell housing for a 2D or S4 for a new project
  12. My kids sleep in the box trailer. Matt is right it’s cold, my last trailer I added an RV style heater and it worked great. My current trailer we use a Camco Wave heater. It works if you leave it on high all night. It seems to use about 1/4 bottle of propane. The next trailer I’ll go back to small RV heater with thermostat it worked great. I’ll also insulate walls & ceiling. Not sure what can be done on the floor.
  13. I have (2) Honda EU2000i one is the companion comes with the parallel cable. They work perfect I just decided to go bigger. $1450.00 for the pair Alex 714-420-4331
  14. The food guy is there, we had breakfast burritos at olds Sunday morning. He says he’s going to be there until May 1st We set up at Sweet Marie’s but Saturday afternoon they gave us the boot along with a few people at Cement Flats.

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