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  1. I have used ticket clinic 3 times and they got me out of 2 of the 3.
  2. Mario @ Neri 714-497-9378 he's in Bell Gardens
  3. This what I tell my kids after they eff* up- “I already know what you did why don’t you tell me what your going to do about it” Glad to hear you got your health under control John.
  4. Looking like it, but every time I drive it I start to second guess myself.
  5. Thanks, I’ll probably buy a power wagon and do either Carli of AEV lift. The idea of 40’s with 3” lift is pretty cool but I need to do a little research.
  6. I probably won’t drive it much more than the ford on the road. I’m hoping to hear it’s good on the trails and maybe it’ll get a little use there.
  7. Already did that, running 37’s and stock rear leaf springs. It’s SBA but I’m ready for a smoother ride and don’t really need a diesel anymore.
  8. So I'm thinking of moving from my 2017 F250 diesel to a new 2019 Ram Power Wagon 6.4 gas. The main reasons are I never use the F250, 3 years and only 19K miles and I tow with the motorhome mostly. I figure the Power Wagon can still tow a box trailer or flat bed when needed and the ride should be a whole lot better. On top of all that they look like they are trail friendly too, might be fun to follow my buddies in jeeps around on the easy trails. Looking to see if anyone has any experience towing and/or trail driving the Power Wagon......
  9. My buddy has 10 years on SandPro II running a 550HP Redline LS2 and 2D. Its all how you drive it and maybe a little luck.
  10. I tried to buy this car too, similar experience.

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