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  1. What's up with the HID lights?

  2. I don’t think you are crazy this is a great deal. This car gets it done. It dunes great, plenty of power, easy to drive for anyone, tons of room and it rips through the whoops. If I don’t sell it then I’m going to make some changes this summer to help with the ADHD of having a finished project 🤣
  3. Bump price drop $99K I found something I want and don't have the room for both.
  4. I’d sell the CBM 440 out of my car, sort of regret not going SC
  5. I used them once to do the reg on a buggy, waited 15min they did the vin verification (in the rain) and I was out in 30min. The biggest perk was they didn’t charge me the sales tax on $35k. When I was in AZ picking up the car I went to MVD and paid something silly like $7 to title it in my name so I think CA assumed I already owned it. Finally a dmv mistake in my favor.
  6. Soo nice, really good looking car. If it had 250HP and was a little cheaper I'd have it in my trailer and i'd have a happy kid. Good luck with the sale
  7. I've always been curious on how the DragonFire one is, I'd add a sub belt to it for sure.
  8. Beautiful car, anyone who has owned an SCU knows the value of owning one. Good luck with the sale!
  9. Looking for a Hustler 2 seater, let me know what you have best to text 714-420-4331 Alex
  10. I’m in wash 6 too, I sent out 3 text last night. Shoot me a text & if I get one coming out I’ll send them your way. Alex 714-420-4331
  11. I have one I might be selling, its 2012 with power steering, new pro shop cage, doors, radios, new Simpson seats & belts, new paddles on HiPer wheels & new methods with 28" Tensor tires. It has one trip on new factory clutch (primary and secondary) with spring kit all done by the proshop, springs and shock valved by Schmidty it has 2600 miles on it. I'm not really sure how to price it.
  12. Just sold my 2017 and waiting for them to show up, I think my sales guy is getting tired of my texts.
  13. Not to throw you under the bus but but how do you know "your epoxy is twice as thick as competitors" and that you use "twice as much chip" what top coat are you using that's UV resistant, scratch, stain, chemical & solvent resistant. The term "resistant" in the coatings industry means it won't be immediately impacted. You spill and clean it up no issues but you spill and leave it and the coating fails. Its like calling an inmate rape resistant

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