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  1. pennywise

    Honda Talon

    Magnuson made them for Toyota & TRD licensed them for a few years. You can still get one it’s exactly the same just not TRD. I think Honda knows the need is there but wants to skirt any liability.
  2. pennywise

    2019 SCU CBM 440 S4D

    Some new pictures
  3. pennywise

    Honda Talon

    I got a little inside info yesterday about a turbo system for these. There is a factory approved aftermarket turbo system that won’t void your warranty. Honda has been working directly with the kit manufacture to get it 100% right. From what I understand Honda is not going to offer a factory turbo but this system is basically a bolt on factory turbo system.
  4. pennywise

    Do you guys like pics?

    A little windy on Saturday but it was still a great weekend 0FA31B76-282B-484C-960B-73B67BAA9FE0.mov
  5. pennywise

    2019 SCU CBM 440 S4D

    Hell I’ll just throw in the trailer with the deal new Universal 24’ 100” rear door
  6. pennywise

    2019 SCU CBM 440 S4D

    OB forgot to drop off his meds for me. I have an idea for a new car, if this sell or not I'll probably start it.
  7. pennywise

    2019 SCU CBM 440 S4D

    2019 Sand Cars Unlimited SCU SCU VIN# & MSO Brand new car built by SCU, 650HP CBM 440 motor with flat top pistons & fast intake manifold, Rancho built S4D sequential 4 speed trans with GM bell housing, King Shocks, front bypass 2.5 3-tube & rear bypass 3.5 5-tube, 25 gallon fuel cell with sending unit, Howe power rack & power steering pump, Baja Design XL 80 pro, Baja Design ONX curved light bar, titanium headers & collector, 36” Sand Blaster II rear, 12.5-17 Razor Master fronts, OMF bead locks with inner rings, Jet Trim XHC seats with heaters, Black Crow Seat Belts with pads, AEM digital dash with CBM programming, fuel gauge, shift light indicator, Switch Pros 9100 with Bluetooth (control all switches with phone), lockable glove box, MPI Steering wheel, Tilt Steering column, all panels fully powder coated and lined, dash & center console wrapped. The car is brand new, been shaken down, all loose ends tied up, car has been inspected by CBM, SCU & Rancho after shakedown run. $135,000 usd Car can have doors added by SCU and can be sold less motor too. As it is this car is super easy to get in & out of & you feel 100% safe while in the car. Lots of thought went into the design to ensure it’s as safe as any car Don builds. CALL ME if interested for actual price. Only selling because I want to start another build not desperate but willing to take a reasonable offers & possible trade + cash 714-420-4331
  8. New never mounted Mastercraft Pro seats retail is $450 each $600 for the pair Alex 714-420-4331
  9. pennywise

    Wanted - Generator

    text me if you want the super good guy price 😏
  10. pennywise

    Westinghouse Generator

    looks like $950
  11. Sat in on a marketing seminar last week and the guy starts with "I know 10,000 things about you" he went on to explain that all digital devices record, track & report everything about you. They then sell that info to 3rd parties who in turn package info from multiple sources into a profile of information specifically about you and sell that info to marketing companies. He said he not only knows how many TV's you have he knows what rooms of your house they are in, what you watch, how much you watch, when you watch, who watches with you and so on and so on. Crazy world with live in........
  12. Installing this guy on my new 24' from universal https://www.campingworld.com/olympian-wave-3-catalytic-safety-heater
  13. pennywise

    2001 F150 PreRunner project. $7500

    What V8, Cali smog legal?
  14. pennywise

    Patriots owner Robert Kraft

    After watching the girls get trafficked 25+ times.
  15. pennywise

    Patriots owner Robert Kraft

    Yeah it’s fukn crazy, the idea was to stop human trafficking but they decided to watch the girls get exploited sexually for weeks so they can make 25 misdemeanor solicitation arrests WTF I think the PD should be facing human trafficking charges bunch of assclowns.

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