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  1. pennywise

    Rzr frame mods ?

    I was thinking of something similar, running a tube under the dash that ties the stock cage mounting points together and then going thru the headlight hole from the bumper and connecting to the stock cage mounting points. Then doing a solid door the ties all of that to the back. If there is room run a triangulated tube from the new bar under the dash down to the floor (after adding some reinforcements to the floor).
  2. pennywise

    Rzr frame mods ?

    That is nice, I’ll call them too. I just put a new ProShop cage on it
  3. pennywise

    Rzr frame mods ?

    I talked to Alan (Allen ) @ Extreme and I’m going to take it to him after the season and do something. It’ll be one off and probably not cheap but then again it might end up being priceless.
  4. Super cool, whats the co-pay for that flight 😃
  5. pennywise

    Switch Pro

    Getting ready to hook one up on a new build, bought it at SSSS (sorry Alper I’ll get the next one for my truck from you). Any tips on making it function for the ignition switch? I have an idea on wiring it up but not 100% sure it’s correct.
  6. pennywise

    More, Fun with epoxy

    You are really close, embalming room. I had no idea they just poured everything down the drain. Measuring the room with 2 bodies in it was a first for me, I like new things but not this one so much.
  7. pennywise

    More, Fun with epoxy

    It all looks easy until you try it. Anyone know what the sink is for in this pic? I wish I didn’t 🙂 We did the floor in urethane cement and then poly top coat.
  8. pennywise

    Rzr frame mods ?

    After looking at the rzr involved in the buggy vs rzr accident at olds I can’t stop thinking I need to do something to my daughters rzr to protect her more. Looking at the pics below there is clearly something missing from the factory design. Any good front impact and the rzr becomes a taco. Has anyone done anything to tie the upper front frame to the the rear? Short of building a full chassis there has to be something to help prevent the stock chassis from crushing the occupants.
  9. 2018 F150 20 wheels and tires, around 500 miles on them $500 firm Alex 714-420-4331
  10. pennywise

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    So sad, probably the most dangerous part on the hill to come down. Shocking how little damage there is to the buggy vs the rzr.
  11. pennywise

    Tires for my F250 6.7L 4x4...can't decide?

    It’s just Carli’s 2.5” leveling kit. I started with 35” but they looked too small. I have ran 37x12.50 on most of my 250’s from 05-17, a lot of times on the stock wheel, with minor rubbing. On my 2012 I ran 4.5” lift and 38x14.50. If I did it again I think I’d leave the front stock, drop the rear with a set of soft deaver springs and run 35” (I’m getting old).
  12. pennywise

    Tires for my F250 6.7L 4x4...can't decide?

    I had 37/12.5/18 Nitto G2 and they were great but I wanted a more aggressive look so I switch to the Ridge Grappler 37/13.5/17 and really like them. I have been running Nitto AT for a long time and never had any issues
  13. pennywise

    Suspensions Unlimited V6, $24.5K

    I was thinking the same thing, it has some typical SU looking stuff and then some strange stuff.
  14. pennywise

    Lets see those SCU's

    Car was built byDon at SCU for Nic, member on here. I bought it and sold it to Quinn the current owner. This car is bada$$ and out of all the cars I have owned one of my favorite. If I were you i’d call Don at SCU and see what he says the upgrades cost. If I wasn’t building a SCU right now I’d be buying the one Nic currently has for sale on here.
  15. https://www.dcshockservices.com/ he just did a little job for me, fast, knowledgeable & fair prices

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