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  1. Take offs from a RZR 900, Hiper Beadlocks with sand tires. The rears are pretty trashed but the fronts are in great shape. You could put a tube in one of the rear sand run it some more (one has a new tube from the last trip) Tires: Front 27-12 Rear 26-12 $350 located in Yorba Linda Alex 714-420-4331
  2. I found this company when I was looking http://www.hitechledproducts.com/index.php?cPath=27_47&osCsid=0b269d611bf2d2a2c4c2ec90dc98c689
  3. I found this one online and put it on the outside
  4. 14.50 -15 seem like they’d be a good option https://www.kartek.com/parts/sport-tires-of-america-dune-sport-sand-tires-1450-x-15-series-cut-2.html my kids have them on their 2-seater and it’s slides like crazy.
  5. At least you got to stop at my house on the way, that's priceless
  6. The LED’s are taken The HID’s are still available.
  7. Got a text just before your post, I’ll let you know if it falls though.
  8. Brand New IMS 3.8 gallon tank for 04-13 YFZ 450 (not the R model) retail is $275 asking $150 text me 714-420-4331 Alex
  9. Not 100% sure but I think they all work (2) Acro HID (2) 3” wide (2) 8” wide text me 714-420-4331 Alex
  10. Midwest Mini’s LT-80 Dune gear, Chain & Tensioner $50 http://www.midwestmini.com/lt80_parts.htm

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