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  1. Ocotillo Boy

    Schwinn Here...i Am Alive...cancer Sucks.

    Very sorry to hear this. Prayers sent. He's a good dude.
  2. It should....I never used it lol!
  3. 20' X 102" Solar Panel & MPT Controller & Batterey Ramsey Winch w/ Synthetic Rope Work Bench Upper Cabinets Whip Holders Interior LED Light Strips All LED Exterior Lights Tool Box Spare Tire Beautiful Trailer, Like New, Current Pics! $8900.00 951-522-3626 SOLD SOLD SOLD!! Thanks, OB
  4. Man, that was the good old days!!!
  5. Ocotillo Boy

    Cannondale Scalpel Team 100mm XC weapon

    Never seen a bike with a one sided front fork. Crazy! I love the color!
  6. Ocotillo Boy

    Happy New Years!!

    Happy New Years y'all!!!!!!
  7. Ocotillo Boy

    What did you get yourself for Christmas?

    This bike is bad azz! I'm trying to make time to ride. I've got almost 60 miles of single track and two track on it thus far. It's a phenomenal machine.
  8. Ocotillo Boy

    What did you get yourself for Christmas?

    I got me er uh santa got me a new 2019 Beta 390 RR-S dual sport for Christmas. Was also my birthday present lol seen as my birthday is 3 days before Christmas!
  9. Ocotillo Boy

    brake bleeding on my BFD revo

    I had a revo and had the same issue. The fix was a different master cylinder if I recall. Let me ponder on this as it's fuzzy. Can you post a pic of the linkage cylinder mess bfd designed to help jog my memory please. But yes, brakes were a joke.
  10. Ocotillo Boy

    Want the wall built?

    Nobody noticed this dude and his wife and kids are receiving death threats?
  11. Ocotillo Boy

    Want the wall built?

    Apparently this guy is getting death threats over this deal. Not cool.
  12. Ocotillo Boy

    Noisy suspension

    Someone say noisy car???
  13. Ocotillo Boy

    It's Saturday 12/22/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    Damm, very nice!

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