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  1. Looking good dude! What part of the world do you live in? Neighborhood looks familiar.
  2. Use up the payroll loan money. If things are still grim, I'm sure they will be doing more loans. Are you guys not in a pretty controlled environment when you are working? I think your guys have a better chance of getting the bug buying groceries than in the engine room of a boat. Just food for thought...
  3. Actually John you are correct. I was thinking of something different. Too much on the mind. Yes, this is a forgivable loan so yes, it would get used up for sure.
  4. The way I understand it, and as said above, it's still a moving target but, you take payroll total from this first quarter, divide by 3 for your average monthly payroll, times that number by 2.5 and that is the loan amount you qualify for. Not my payroll just an example: January payroll $123,468.00 feburary payroll $106,632.00 march payroll $76,543.00 $306,643.00 first quarter payroll average monthly payroll $102,214.00 loan amount $255,535.00 This is how I understand it and how my controller is going to submit. Again, to be re-evaluated Monday morning to make sure this moving target is in our sights properly. That said, it would be a great help, but this is not going to keep a lot of companies from going under. Employee payroll becomes free more or less, awesome, but for some it just won't be enough nor get to them quick enough. One of my concerns is the bulk of our clientele is on Net 30, 60 & 90 days upon project completion. It's 5 months before we get paid on some of our stuff by the time the job is done, paperwork submitted, clears the 90 days and then they process, approve, mail a check etc. Am I going to take a handout if we can? Absolutely. If we end up not needing it, we'll give it back. Simple enough sounding to me. I will not let a false sense of pride be the nail in the BMM coffin.
  5. This idea may work for some but for others who have VERY specialized workers that we can't just pull newbies from a school, millions invested in equipment and a clientele list that will drop us like a bad habit and never use us again regardless what name we start up as later, no way man, not possible. It would cost us upwards of a 1/2 Mil to go BK and 6 months to do it. We have upwards of 30 year histories with our insurance companies and we'd have to start over with them at some very fugly rates as a new company, back to state fund at $26.85 per $100.00 for workers comp etc. Talk about bleeding! Nope, BMM is going to just have to gut out whatever comes our way.
  6. Pretty certain we can't apply yet
  7. We could do this but we would probably suck all the profit
  8. I think what he means by 40% off is the cost to build a new one at the 243K quote from Brenthal. Not 40% off the advertised price. If it's 40% off the 110K advertised price I'll buy it.
  9. Ok got it. Beautiful car. This used to be a flat roof car then. Alumicraft did the conversion?
  10. Was this car built turn key by Alumicraft? What year is this car?
  11. Aw crap I'm sorry Steve. She was a good girl. I know your pain all too well. RIP Jazmin.
  12. Ok bummer. Nice RZR bro.
  13. Would you happen to be coming out this way for anything?
  14. You are far more politically correct than me!

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