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  1. That's pretty bad ass! Got any more videos of this machine?
  2. https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/forums/topic/275273-2006-yamaha-rhino-lt-4-seater-sba-rhino/
  3. Naw, you guys are married! You don't wanna see this video lol!
  4. I can tell you right now that the crane you need for a 50,000lb tree that is 25' in diameter is going to be significantly north of $350 bucks per hour. I'm going to venture to say you'll have 2K in portal to portal travel time alone.
  5. Ragged Point Inn off HWY 1 is awesome! Get a cliff side room for sure! It's about 20 miles north of Hearst Castle and it's just beautiful. Me and Wifey's favorite place to stay.
  6. That ain't happening lol. OB is committed. Move along....nothing to see here! Lol!!
  7. I can name a few that I really have fun with. Scotty is always a great and safe time. I always felt comfortable behind him. Scotty showed me stuff in glamis I didn't know existed. Squatcher & Hotr'nhell is always a hoot as well. Love duning with those guys as well. Used to really love spanking squatcher w/ my CARB LS1. Always good for a few tears from him lol! HD Wrench I really miss. Me and him had some great times. Fukk, the good ole days! always had a great time with Sandcommander. Some epic dune rides with him too. Socal DMax and me have shredded the dunes. He led a very fast, hard dune ride just me and him that was very memorable. He makes that car of his get up and dance for sure! theres more but I'm tired and senile. I think I miss the compound the most! Always a great dune leader to go on a ride with!!

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