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  1. Really nothing here that I wouldn't be interested in. Anybody got pics? Any of these would work.
  2. Looking to buy a car under 10K and don't want to get hosed on a Craigslist nightmare. Would prefer to buy from my GD family.
  3. I think she could be a real threat based on what I saw tonight. They did in fact keep going back to her. She seems very sharp and even more passionate about all this. Trump has his work cut out for him this go around. I don't think the demonkrouts will make the same mistakes as last time. They will not have someone with baggage like Hilary and they will also put a huge focus on middle America. I don't have a good feeling about this guys.
  4. Yep lol! The good ole days lol!
  5. Chop, cut and grind. Two seater, but do a 120" wheelbase. Super happy I am your friend. I can't wait to go duning with you! And please, don't forget OB's cooler full of chips and crack.
  6. We bought a new Kenworth T370 in November with the Allison and Paccar engine. Air ride, air brakes, 33,000 GVWR. Seems like a nice little truck. I can't attest to the reliability because it's not on the road yet because we've been too busy to finish it but it's supposed to be a decent little Rig. Might wanna check them out. You couldn't give me an International as a gift I can tell you that.
  7. You're not happy with the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 3/4 impact? Something must be wrong with it. We've got well in excess of 100 battery tools with probably 2/3rds of them being Milwaukee. I think the Milwaukee stuff takes a beating better than most everything else. We do have some of the new high end Makita stuff that we are digging on. One of them being a big dual battery grinder. That thing is a metal remover for sure.
  8. I strive to be like you. One day if I keep working at it.
  9. Guys, I'm sorry, I can't contribute. Y'all will think I'm crazy. I will say thus far, I have about 300% more lights than ALL the lights in this thread combined. I have serious issues.
  10. What kind of rock is that? I'm guessing it's over 100,000lbs.
  11. Definitely not a professional. I would have used a 6" holesaw!

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