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  1. Nice boat!! I can attest to the stereo. I was at my shop working one weekend and I thought somebody was having a party with a DJ goin to town...after I located the party it turned out to be Evan washing his boat!! It's definitely a clean boat! Now I'm going to sign off before I type something that gets me in trouble and consumes more shop space!!
  2. Ocotillo Boy

    Flashlights 2..uh..

    I strive to be like you. One day if I keep working at it.
  3. Ocotillo Boy

    Flashlights 2..uh..

    Guys, I'm sorry, I can't contribute. Y'all will think I'm crazy. I will say thus far, I have about 300% more lights than ALL the lights in this thread combined. I have serious issues.
  4. Ocotillo Boy

    2006 Ford LCF 16' flatbed w/liftgate

    Nice truck. That thing will take some weight
  5. Ocotillo Boy

    want to buy an excavator, anyone have some pointers

    What kind of rock is that? I'm guessing it's over 100,000lbs.
  6. Ocotillo Boy

    eF me running

    Definitely not a professional. I would have used a 6" holesaw!
  7. Ocotillo Boy


    Where are you located??
  8. Ocotillo Boy

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    Amen brother
  9. Ocotillo Boy

    Trailer Issues

    This is all assuming that you have the weights proper and every tire set to the proper psi...
  10. Ocotillo Boy

    Trailer Issues

    Historically short wheelbase trucks don't tow as good as long wheelbase trucks. Point in case, a crew cab Raptor tows 8000lbs while my super cab Raptor is rated for 6000lbs. Despite the truck being lighter it is rated for 25% less strictly due to the wheelbase. 25% is a pretty significant difference. What does that trailer weigh empty with no water or fuel in it? Can you get a good up close pic of the hitch system? Is your truck lifted? If so, that can compound your issues with a short wheelbase truck. Is your truck a solid axle in front or A arm? I'm not saying that you may not have mechanical issues or that different tires might make it better but.... I think the big culprit here is your truck. Let's see that hitch system though. Lots can be changed-fixed in that department.
  11. Ocotillo Boy

    Graphic Warning! Seat belt injury

  12. Ocotillo Boy

    Trailer Issues

    Can you post a side profile pic of your truck please
  13. Ocotillo Boy

    What is her car worth?

    That's crazy cool!
  14. Damm, over width, over height and over length!
  15. Ocotillo Boy

    RIP Schwinn

    I'm very sorry to hear about this. RIP brother.

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