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  1. If you have to worry about the price of two more batteries you have the wrong hobby lol
  2. You get free gas to run a gen non stop? That's awesome! Your neighbors would love you lol!
  3. Nice bike! Back in 95 I had two ktm 440's. one was box stock, the other was trick to the hilt. Bored, stroked, ported, polished, every aftermarket go fast goodie you could bolt on etc. even had a cali plate and turn signals etc. I remember I was at glamis one year right after the aluminum frame honda's came out. Dude was running the hill and wanted to race lol. 10 scoop paddle should've been his first clue lol. Bike was putting 68 HP to the rear wheel. Monster power for sure!
  4. How much is the current price?
  5. That's a good looking trailer! What dealer carries those? How long is it?
  6. That looks to be right at the start of sand hwy by vendors row if I had to guess
  7. Kenworth is here!! We also added a new XL Specialized RGN too. This truck is a bad mo fo!!!
  8. Just got our new Kenworth W990 Heavy Haul in yesterday!! She's a bad mo fo! Our new Trail King heavy haul goes on the assembly line December 22nd! Can't wait!
  9. Might be a 2019. I'll have to look
  10. I have a 2018 X3 XRS two seater triple black w/ 51 miles on it

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