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  1. Saturday, Sunday and today.....cleaned all 48,000’ of our facility. Fawk, it was a wreck. Worst it’s ever been. Still ain’t done. Roughly 8-900,000lbs of scrap machinery to get to the scrap yard and at least 30 surplus machines to sell still.
  2. Oh yes perfect machine for that.
  3. Just curious, what are you going to use it for?
  4. Had to look up northstar. Pretty bad ass.
  5. Which part of the sba? The advance part or the actual 30 year loan itself?
  6. Awesome, thank you for the timeline. This is the one that will really help us do some good. PPP helps the guys. This one will help the company do some consolidation to help assure future survival.
  7. We got our PPP funds about a couple hours ago. Will definitely help. I hope those who didn’t get it yet do as well.
  8. From getting the 10K to the first email to start the actual loan process, how long was that? Trying to determine when I might hear from them?
  9. Question for you.... On the disaster loan, the one where you got 10K advance. Has anybody contacted you yet regarding said loan and moving forward with the actual loan part? We got the advance, (5K) but have not yet been contacted to discuss the actual loan that goes beyond the 5K advance. We have not yet funded for the PPP. Kinda starting to get a bit nervous about this. We signed docs on Friday and emailed them to the bank as well as sent them the originals per their request. Still, nothing in the bankola. Gulp....
  10. That photograph is nowhere near Arizona
  11. BMM is signing loan docs now
  12. What kind of percentage less than applied for? Did you factor in only payroll or did you factor in the building payment stuff too?

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