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  1. We bought a new Kenworth T370 in November with the Allison and Paccar engine. Air ride, air brakes, 33,000 GVWR. Seems like a nice little truck. I can't attest to the reliability because it's not on the road yet because we've been too busy to finish it but it's supposed to be a decent little Rig. Might wanna check them out. You couldn't give me an International as a gift I can tell you that.
  2. You're not happy with the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 3/4 impact? Something must be wrong with it. We've got well in excess of 100 battery tools with probably 2/3rds of them being Milwaukee. I think the Milwaukee stuff takes a beating better than most everything else. We do have some of the new high end Makita stuff that we are digging on. One of them being a big dual battery grinder. That thing is a metal remover for sure.
  3. Nice boat!! I can attest to the stereo. I was at my shop working one weekend and I thought somebody was having a party with a DJ goin to town...after I located the party it turned out to be Evan washing his boat!! It's definitely a clean boat! Now I'm going to sign off before I type something that gets me in trouble and consumes more shop space!!
  4. I strive to be like you. One day if I keep working at it.
  5. Guys, I'm sorry, I can't contribute. Y'all will think I'm crazy. I will say thus far, I have about 300% more lights than ALL the lights in this thread combined. I have serious issues.
  6. What kind of rock is that? I'm guessing it's over 100,000lbs.
  7. Definitely not a professional. I would have used a 6" holesaw!
  8. Where are you located??
  9. This is all assuming that you have the weights proper and every tire set to the proper psi...
  10. Historically short wheelbase trucks don't tow as good as long wheelbase trucks. Point in case, a crew cab Raptor tows 8000lbs while my super cab Raptor is rated for 6000lbs. Despite the truck being lighter it is rated for 25% less strictly due to the wheelbase. 25% is a pretty significant difference. What does that trailer weigh empty with no water or fuel in it? Can you get a good up close pic of the hitch system? Is your truck lifted? If so, that can compound your issues with a short wheelbase truck. Is your truck a solid axle in front or A arm? I'm not saying that you may not have mechanical issues or that different tires might make it better but.... I think the big culprit here is your truck. Let's see that hitch system though. Lots can be changed-fixed in that department.
  11. Can you post a side profile pic of your truck please
  12. I'm very sorry to hear about this. RIP brother.
  13. I have 6, brand new in the box Zapco's that I've been trying to figure out what to do with them. 5 amps and 1 dash mounted processor that ties in to all the amps. It would be waaaay too much for my super cab Raptor. Dunno.....quality problems I suppose!
  14. Yes you are correct. I also believe they put in a quick 34 years in the business just so they could fukk us all. Makes perfect sense to me too. This is scary....I didn't realize how much alike we thought.
  15. I get the whole idea behind them not selling the business. Probably not worth the headache...
  16. I have had to try quite a few of the newer stuff. Hertz is pretty good. Audison is a bit better. I think I like my Phoenix Gold Elite.5 the best of my newer stuff. It's analog on all the voice channels and digital on the subs. It's got a lot of horsepower and headroom, it's very clean and very tuneable. She's power hungry though so depending what your installing in??? I like analog power for the voice better than digital but that's just me.
  17. Been in my shop for a week!
  18. Well said John! That hitachi btw would of dug your pond 26' deep!!! Your fish would have needed little mini oxygen tanks!! LMFAO!!!!

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