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  1. Ocotillo Boy

    It's Saturday 3/23/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Heading to the mountains to look at vacation-retirement cabins
  2. Ocotillo Boy

    WTB-Shipping Containers

    What do you get for these?
  3. Ocotillo Boy

    New manx long body w/1915

    Thank god it's not green!!!!!!!
  4. Ocotillo Boy

    WTB-Shipping Containers

  5. Ocotillo Boy

    2012 Polaris RzR XP 900 - Only 32 hours!

    Would you consider taking a generator as partial trade???
  6. Ocotillo Boy

    2019 SCU CBM 440 S4D

    OB is not just an evil genius.....he's diabolical!!!!! I absolutely did not forget to drop off my meds!!! Will it fit on the same trailer as the generator??
  7. Surprised to hear that Flow is not just handling this. Will a new pump resolve your issues? There really is no such thing as a lemon law lawyer for your type of machinery. Any good competent lawyer can draft a nasty gram letter and make Flow blink. That might be all it takes. Make sure to have said lawyer include a spreadsheet showing downtime losses etc. Make mention of things like you will start losing clients if this is not resolved quickly. Call me tomorrow to discuss.
  8. How many times has a technician been out to work on it? What's going on with your machine?
  9. Which machine Scott?
  10. Ocotillo Boy

    Electric Fat tire Bikes

    What's my cost on this 9K? How many amps does the 15K put out?
  11. Ocotillo Boy

    Electric Fat tire Bikes

    What's the biggest generator you have?
  12. Ocotillo Boy

    Sinister Sand Sports SXR frame kits for sale

    Yoshi!!!! How you been man! How's Miss Yoshi doing? Hopefully all is well with you guys!
  13. Ocotillo Boy

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440

    I'll buy it and share my meds with you!!
  14. Ocotillo Boy

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    Buy DTA's machine, then when you get in trouble with wifey, show her my garage sale thread. I could add the other 15 major items in there if you want. Not only will you no longer be in trouble....you might even get some extra lovin that night for being a good boy!! LMFAO!!!
  15. Ocotillo Boy

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    Agreed on DTA's machine. If the first number starts with a $2?,???.?? Then you need to snap that thing up!!!
  16. Ocotillo Boy

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    I have a triple black XRS 2018 w/ 51 miles on it...
  17. Ocotillo Boy

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440

    Came out super bad azz!
  18. Ocotillo Boy

    Super Bowl criticism here....

    Super Blow 53 sucks so far...
  19. Ocotillo Boy

    Any Peterbuilt cars for sale?

  20. Ocotillo Boy

    Any Peterbuilt cars for sale?

    If you have to ask...
  21. Ocotillo Boy

    Schwinn Here...i Am Alive...cancer Sucks.

    Very sorry to hear this. Prayers sent. He's a good dude.
  22. It should....I never used it lol!
  23. 20' X 102" Solar Panel & MPT Controller & Batterey Ramsey Winch w/ Synthetic Rope Work Bench Upper Cabinets Whip Holders Interior LED Light Strips All LED Exterior Lights Tool Box Spare Tire Beautiful Trailer, Like New, Current Pics! $8900.00 951-522-3626 SOLD SOLD SOLD!! Thanks, OB

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