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  1. Wow, looks like a lot of hard work, car looks really good !
  2. X2, rolling my 2013 3500hd into the fleet with 227,000 and going strong, waiting for my my new one next week.
  3. I just bought an rm 60 to replace my vertex 2200 in my dash. Do you have a face plate to use to make the switch between the to radios and mount the rm 60 in the same hole in the dash?
  4. I had bilsteins on my last one, liked them. I Have Rancho 9000's now (hate them), Jr. Has fox's, his truck really rides nice. I just order a set of fox's, waiting for them to show up
  5. Made some mor progress today, one side almost done. .
  6. Some hot days in the shop but making progress on new car, hd Jr.'s car basically done need to make a couple of changes. Trying to complete upgrades on mine. So we are busy
  7. 2nd question how much power will a 2D hold
  8. yep in over my head.....
  9. X3 don't do the leveling kit, go with the lift or stay stock. Been there. Leveling rides like crap, lift was way better than stock. And still pulled my fiver, no problems.
  10. I just traded from an lbz. I would run stock intake and filter. Add a finger stick, blocker plate. Straight pipe, add an edge evolution and egt probe. Set it on number 2, and drive it. Number 2 is the tow tune iirc, truck will have tons of power, and you should get better mileage when you open up the exhaust. In mine there was 4mpg difference from stock exhaust to straight pipe with no cat. I swapped the exhaust from factory to straight pipe a couple of times, so I knew what the mpg difference was.
  11. What do you all like, flat or convex??
  12. Just made the switch from 8.50 to 10.75. It was worth it. Yes night and day difference.

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