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  1. Wow, looks like a lot of hard work, car looks really good !
  2. X2, rolling my 2013 3500hd into the fleet with 227,000 and going strong, waiting for my my new one next week.
  3. I just bought an rm 60 to replace my vertex 2200 in my dash. Do you have a face plate to use to make the switch between the to radios and mount the rm 60 in the same hole in the dash?
  4. We had a bad hail storm in Safford about a week ago, needless to say the roof and one side of my enclosed is trashed. I need a good place to get a repair estimate. Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. I had bilsteins on my last one, liked them. I Have Rancho 9000's now (hate them), Jr. Has fox's, his truck really rides nice. I just order a set of fox's, waiting for them to show up
  6. Made some mor progress today, one side almost done. .
  7. Some hot days in the shop but making progress on new car, hd Jr.'s car basically done need to make a couple of changes. Trying to complete upgrades on mine. So we are busy
  8. http://urbanlivestockvet.com you can make an appointment or they will come to you.
  9. 2nd question how much power will a 2D hold
  10. yep in over my head.....

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