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  1. Heather 13 now how time flys. Happy B-day girly...
  2. Anyone have some black sheets they may want to donate to the haunted trailer? We just may be adding another trailer to ours for a bigger haunted house...
  3. I talked to Mark the other day and he said it was snowing there. To cold for this guy, stay warm buddy...
  4. I've got stuck in the sand and 4x4 got me out no problem I don't think it would have worked if I had slicks up front, slicks make having four wheel drive worthless why would you want to do that...
  5. Get rid of the curfew and open the hill back up. If BLM does there job then there should not be a problem...
  6. I say open up the hill and put in pinch points and if you don't want to man pinch points get a dozer in there and make a 10ft high berm stretching across the entrance to keep the none duners out. With all the Rhinos and 4x4's in camp I'm sure we could get everybody out to the hill...
  7. Don't get me wrong 13.5 is safe as we can make it but there is always that asshat that gets lost and runs through camp. Halloween weekend will be at the pound for the kids but Thanksgiving will probably stay at 13.5. We haven't given up on 13.5 it's still a great place to camp...
  8. You know with all the stock exhausts I've removed I've never seen the #4 part in any of them, the #2 yes and you can get that at Dr atv but never the #4 part. Even the new aftermarket exhaust don't come with that gasket wonder why...
  9. Please tell me this fatal shooting was the one in the wash, because that is a super stretch using it in this piece about comp hill! And if I am correct wouldnt you agree that a shooting that took place in the washes over a dispute in a camp is like comparing apples to oranges by using in this article? Correct me if I am wrong. What fatal shooting took place at Comp? Or even near Comp? Or had anything to do with Comp and all of its issues? ??????????????What the F people? Fact. The asa folks HATE comp and its very public location. Some of us will never forget ALL the moves made by them, and comp is just one of those moves. Stonie, I think you are correct with the location of the shooting. If I recall the shooting was at wash 10 and shouldn't be lumped in with the Comp Hill problems...
  10. Sorry hunny, but it looks like we are the ONLY ones that think decorating is cool. We like to have fun with the kid this time of year, but looks like no one else wants to join in our kind of fun. OH WELL, we will have more fun then the rest. I know there are a few that will join in but I'd like to see the whole camp get in the sprit as it were.... :dance:
  11. Happy B-day you two... I'll have one for each ...
  12. Looks like we are running short on people to dress up there moho's and trailers. It would be nice to see more people participating. It don't take much just some carved pumpkins spider webs and a little lighting to make one ghoulish camp. Remember when you were kids the one house down the street that would go all out for Halloween. The head stones in the front yard the eerie noises and the guy dressed up like a headless hours man. All the kids would run away screaming and laughing. That would be cool to do that for the kids this year...
  13. that big kid Wayno should be camping at the pound also. We miss both of those moofers...
  14. If you're going to party then 13.5 is a good place but if you want to party and keep the kids safe then the pound is the only safe place to be on a big weekend. This weekend is all about the kids... :perry:
  15. The back nets are a nice add on who makes them?

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